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Originally Posted by honey-dipped
1. I love the fact that anytime I go to the doctor, I'm not taken seriously. Surely the reason I have the flu is because I'm fat.

LMAO i soooo know what you mean. i was seeing this one doc who told me i needed to lose weight so i joined WW and started moving around more working in the yard and stuff...i hurt my back and what does he do? he tells me to stop working in the yard! EVERY TIME i went to see him he'd tell me whatever was wrong was because i was fat.

(and now to get off topic.....many on the board told me i needed to change docs and i'm happy to report that i did! my doc from when i was a kid is practicing again so i am seeing him and his PA (and i graduated from high school with her)....)
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I Love being the biggest person in my family.

I Love it when I see people I haven't seen in years say "Wow, you must've gotten married because you gaines some weight."

I Love it that when I go out to eat and sit in a booth, my boobs basically sit on the table.

I Love that my boobs are huge and saggy, I mean what 22 year old doesn't want boobs down to her waist?
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I too love being FAT! What a coicindence!
I also love sarcasm. LOL

(a)I love not taking invitations from co-workers to go to a movie, have coffee, go out for drinks, etc. after work seriously because, even though I have worked with them for over 2 years, I still think they are asking me just to be polite and/or because they feel sorry for the dorky fat girl.
(b)I love feeling like a fat cow in social situations.
(c)I ADORE! the fact I am reminded of the nursery rhyme "Jack Sprat could eat no fat, his wife could eat not lean, so betwix the both, they licked the platter clean." every time I see a photo of DH and myself. (I weigh 100 lbs more than he does! At least it isn't more than twice his weight anymore.)
(d)I love going to the county fair and not being able to go on the child/parent rides because I am TOO BIG.
(c)Also love not going on any rides at all while pretending like I'm not interested even though I really really really want to go on them all!
(d)I love it when strangers ask me when I'm due, when my "baby" is rapidly approaching 3 years old.
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This is a great thread!

I LOVE cringing everytime I look at a picture of myself.
I LOVE being ashamed whenever I run into some one I knew from high school
I LOVE the fact that I will most likely develop diabetes like the rest of my family
I LOVE having to special order my bras
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I just love how massive my stomach is. I love that its folds conceals sweat, creating a line of painful, irritating redness that only goes away with medicated powders (which I can't put on myself). But the part I absolutely love the most is when I'm lying on my bed and holding my stomach up, so that my husband can powder me. Yes, I sure bet that's a turn on.

Oh, and most overweight girls at least have big breasts ... not me! That is also something I dearly love. Especially when I used to shop for bras, and had to find a couple sizes bigger just to be able to clamp around me, while my breasts drowned in a sea of fabric.

And let's not forget my lack of energy and libido ... that has to be the best part!

I love that clothes designers haven't realized that short women can be fat too. Yes, these pants may fit me, but they're dragging the ground several inches behind my feet.

I love the pretty red color my face turns when I hike or walk for a while, and it's also very fun when the people I'm with have to slow down and give me that concerned look and ask me if I'm alright. It's not that I don't want them to be concerned. It's just that I'm fine. Even if I'm out of breath ... it does not mean I'm about to fall over, clutching my chest or anything. *rolls eyes*

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Originally Posted by Serval87 View Post
And let's not forget my lack of energy and libido ... that has to be the best part!

I love that clothes designers haven't realized that short women can be fat too. Yes, these pants may fit me, but they're dragging the ground several inches behind my feet.
Ah yes libido, I hope that returns when I lose weight!

I am also sitting here with cold ankles because of those damn clothes designers, I really ought to learn to sew so I can hem my pants and not have them dragging threw the rain lol
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Ha! I really love the one about buying the same shirt in 5 different colors, lol. Also glad I'm not the only one who's had issues with rashes (especially in the summer) due to having a big belly. Ugh.

A few more:

-I love having to PLAN for time to untag myself on Facebook after any social event involving a camera.
-I love how I've risked my health avoiding going to the doctor because I don't want to hear how fat I am (I am getting better about this now!)
-I love how I've actually *pretended* to be buckled up on an airplane once because the seatbelt didn't fit and I was too mortified to ask for an extender.
-I love how I've had to come up with clever excuses to avoid certain restaurants because I knew I wouldn't fit into the booths.
-I love how I haven't been bowling in probably 10 years because I don't want everyone staring at me (not to mention getting out of breath from BOWLING!)
-I love how I almost died from wearling 1 1/2 inch heels in a friend's wedding.
-I love seeking out the "lame" (family-oriented) beaches in the summer where I know there will be other fat people.

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just want to bump this...these are so funny!
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I love inviting only skinny friends to go to hockey games with me because I can't comfortably sit next to another fat person!
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I just love my love handles!

I think cellulite is sexy.......

Being the fat friend makes me stand out more! Yay!
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I love not being able to shop with anyone because I'm embarrassed of my size or share clothes! I know (and am related to) too many skinny people!
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