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I've had my gallbladder out. I had developed problems while pregnant which is normal. I had to watch the fat intake so I didn't have an attack.
My only issue is breaking down roughage - like salads and raw veges.
If I eat a fatty meal I can tell too.

The procedure is done laproscopically so its not 'too' bad
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I had mine out in 90(I was 19) at a military post hospital. No band-aid surgery for me. My scar is over 12 inches long. I had very bad gallstones though. The biggest one was bigger than the size of a half-dollar. They had to also remove them from where the gallstones had made their way to my liver. I started having the "pains" when I was 14. You can't slow a teenager down over a little pain though. Wish I'd been smart and had it checked out then. Gotta love what deep fried southern cooking can do for you. Never once in my house was anything baked when I was growing up. If it was not fried my mom did not cook it. I have to chuckle a little bit though. She had to pay the piper also. She had to have hers removed a few years later after I did. She was lucky though, she had the "easy" surgery.
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Hi everyone ! I can just squeeze this in before we switch to the February Yadda Yadda thread!

Dee-Thanks for the kind words, I am looking forward to lunch on Friday as well.

Tammy-Great to see you posting again, be strong.

Shannon-A June wedding! Fabulous!

Dawnyal-Not sure if you posted, but house is the house coming along?

I second Dee, my life is pretty boring compared with most I think. Though on Saturday I was out and about enjoying the most amazing weather we are getting in January. It is so abnormal that some people's crocuses are starting to poke through. I still think we are due for some more bad weather, but I will take this for now.

I am kind of going through a self evaluation at the moment. I admit I am struggling with the plan I am currently on, (I sometimes feel like such a fake posting here sometimes). I have come to the conclusion that my plan is too restrictive for me, so I am looking into different options. I have always had success with Jenny Craig, it was always the financial part that was the killer. I am in a better place financially now so I think I am going to go back to it. One thing I have realized is before when I struggled, I would just fall off the wagon completely, but this time around, I am still sticking to it and not lose control. I have everyone here at 3FC to thank for that. I will keep you posted.
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Carol--We are still waiting on it. They came out and readied the land and did some work to the driveway. I'm not sure what the status is on it yet. They had a meeting this morning, so hopefully we'll find out more.
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