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Default weekly weigh in - Nov 7th - Nov 13th

Ok! For the past three weeks the scale has been staying the same. I couldn't really call it a plateau since I had been eating much more than normal. So in a sense, I was "lucky" that it stayed the same.

Last week some of the drama subsided and I was able to look at what I'd done to get through it. I'd kept excercising, kept writing things down, even when I went way over my points and mostly focused on maintaining all of the good momentum that I had.

The good news is that I started right back on my plan, and I lost pound this week! I've never been sooo happy about a pound in my life!!!!

Have a great week everyone!
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Way to go Beth! Good for you! Two months from now remember how happy you were to lose 1 lb

I lost 2 lbs this week. I was a little bit naughty yesterday - BUT I did journal everything I ate
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I weigh on saturdays but I gained this week. TOM I'm guessing.
My jeans and shirt I put on today look great so I know I'm doing good...just gained.
I've eliminated the bagels in the a.m.
I am going to eat oatmeal for breakfast and a piece of fruit. I've also switched any bread or pasta I eat to whole wheat. Hopefully this will help also!
Looked into joining a gym that is really close to my house. I think I am going to join this payday. I had told myself at 30 lbs I would do it but I realize the benefits of it will help me now. I want my total weightloss at 6 months to be 50 lbs...gotta get moving!!!
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Downsizing Dee!
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Good job on the losses Beth and Dana. Don't worry Liz, TOM can be a deceitful thing - next week will be better for you I'm sure.

I'm down 1 this week - it was a little dissapointing for me at first but then I realized it was better than the alternative

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Way to get back on track Beth.

After what seemed like a forever plateau (2 or 3 weeks), I am down 1.6 lbs. In NS news, I am now fitting nicely into a size smaller!
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for me, for them
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Thumbs up Woohoo!

Great job everyone! And great attitudes too! See, this is why I come here...

I'm down 7 pounds. I couldn't believe it either, but I'll happily take it . I must have reweighed 6 times. I'm fitting in some of my *ahem* sexier nightgowns *ahem* again too. Can't wait to buy new ones in an even smaller size. Sorry, just a little NSV Monday morning to motivate me through the week.
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Making myself proud.
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Congrats to everyone on their great weight losses, positive attitudes and taking every loss as a great accomplishment!

Today was my weigh in day from my first full week back and I lost 8 lbs. I'm very pleased with that. I've started and stopped my weight loss efforts 5 times (at least) this year so I'm more concerned with getting to the 2 weeks point than I am about my first weeks loss because I always lose 6-10 lbs the first week. Not to say that I'm not happy with the 8. lol.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that I make it through the next week because then I'm past my first hurdle.

Have a great and successful week everyone!
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Wow! You're all doing so well!

My WI is tomorrow. The scale hasn't moved for 3 weeks due to my unwillingness to stick within my kcal limit, but I've been much more vigilant the last few days, and intend to continue in this vein. If there's no loss showing by tomorrow morning, I'm sure there will be by next Tuesday.
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Hey y'all....that TOM is a B*stard! I am up 10 lbs!! Not to worry--it will be gone next week!
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Will work for yarn!
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I gained 2.5 pounds this week. Today is a brand new day, and the start of a brand new week and I'm right back on the wagon.
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one pound at a time
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Down 2lbs finally over the plateau...yeah....Got to move that belt over one more notch. that felt soo good. Congrats to all that lost and keep on moving to those who gained or maintained. we can all do this if we stick together.
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I'm up 2 this week
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Default I am so proud of myself

I have been on a 10 day vacation, that I enjoyed very much. I was at 251 when I stepped on the scale this morning. No gain at all.
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I lost 4 lbs this week. The 2 that I gained last week and 2 more to show them who's boss.
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Downsizing Dee!
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Originally Posted by howie6267
and 2 more to show them who's boss.
Hahahahahaaaaaa. I burst out laughing when I read this. One of those lines I'll smile at every time I think about it.

Good job Howie and all you other losers.

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