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Default OT: Over or Under

So it feels like the gazillionth time I've been the one to have to change the roll of TP at work and I was wondering if y'all are as anal-rentitive as I am about it and have a preference for which way it comes off the roll.

It has to be OVER and I've been known to switch it to over a time or two.
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Over and I'll switch it wherever I go!!!
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I'm a switcher too. From a common sense point of view, it makes no sense at all for it to hang UNDER, who the heck wants to reach all around back to pull off some TP? I don't care where I am , I'll switch it for my convenience by golly! :P
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Definitely OVER, and I'll always swap it around to make it so.
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I have to smile because I am the opposite of you guys I like it under so it hangs easily and rips off easily. See we can be different and get along hee hee Never realized how in the minority I am!
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As long as there IS paper on the darn roll, I couldn't care less!
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Always over! I'm a switcher too. My SIL always seems to have hers under, so I switch it every time I'm there. I bet it bugs the crap out of her too!! And you know what else I hate? When I'm in a public restroom and the little TP dispensers are the kind that lock, and I CAN'T change it! UGH! Yeah, I think anal may be an understatement in my case! :dizzy

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I prefer it over the roll because it looks better and it seems like better but really I don't care. Half the time, it's sitting on top of the holder anyway instead of on it.
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Don't sweat the small stuff ladies! It doesn't really matter to me and I've never been agitated enough about it to spent time switching it around!
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Over for me too

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Over, definitely, but my mum always does it under and it REALLY annoys me. I have switcher tendencies
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I'd like to think that I couldn't care less since I had to go check my bathrooms and see how I'd put them on. They were all under. I tried to switching it to over and, no, no, no, that just won't do! When it hangs from under there is not fumbling to find the end. I would probably be really anal about it too but I'm the only one who ever changes the darn things - everybody else leaves the cardboard on the roller and puts the new roll on the back of the toilet.

Of course, now I'll be obessesed with the TP when I'm away from home - THANKS A LOT! One more neurotic behaviour, yep, that is JUST what I needed!
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Thanks for the smile and diversion today. Over for me. I am a switcher too when it can be done (we have the kind Bev describes at work that you can't switch). I also share Jill's sentiments though ~ better an under roll than none at all.
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Over the roll for me, too. Ever since I was in the Army and it HAD to be that way, I'll change it if it's ever different...I even tell my kids to put it on that way . I DON'T fold the end into a point, though. We actually had to do that in basic training!
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I agree with Matt and Jill here - if there's paper, I'm a happy woman. When there is not, I rampage through the house yelling about drip drying!
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