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Shairing her ESH...
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Default Weigh-in for Week of 9/12-18

Since no one else started one, I thought I would give it a go!

I started the Jorge Cruise 3-Hour Diet last week, and I lost 6 pounds! I know it's water, but a pound is a pound no matter what (unless it's muscle!).

How did you all do last week?
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Happy to report a 4 pound loss and a couple inches already! Did really well!
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Downsizing Dee!
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Wow Jeanette & Gretchen! Between the both of you, you've lost 10 pounds this week. WTG!!!

I'm down 2 this week.

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I'm going to say a 3 lbs loss. I weighted in at 206 yesterday but was 209 today. Last week I was 212 so I'll go with a 3lbs loss. My weight has been all over. Maybe because I started adding weight training to my workouts.
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Great losses. I'm up again but I haven't really been working on my diet or exercise in a couple of weeks so it's no wonder.
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Wow Gretchen -- when you come come BACK!

Mez, weights will do that -- your muscles hold some water I believe -- particulary the day after. After 6 or so weeks, you will notice weight dropping quickly all of a sudden.

Which brings me to my weight....I dropped an average of 3.2 lbs. this past week. Now, I do the old Bob Greene method of weighing daily and taking a weekly average because my weight is tremendously influenced by hormones. If I go just by last Monday's weight versus today's weight, it is actually a loss of 4.7lbs. Does that make sense? Officially, I am using the average and saying it is a loss of 3.2 lbs.

My point is that, after 9 weeks of losing so slowly I wanted to scream, my 10th week was a winner. I am hoping this continues. I have heard that this can happen after 6 or more weeks of weights (I think the average is 8).

Anyone else have this experience? It could, of course, also be a fluke, but I didn't change anything last week.
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30lbs gone forever!!
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I'm not weighing this week, I'm going to try to stretch out the time between weigh-ins to two weeks instead of one. Next week I'll weigh myself and cross my fingers I lost those last 4lbs I need to get to onederland.
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one pound at a time
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I maintained this week. Going to really watch what I eat this week. Had a few bad days last week.
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Hi all!!

Congratulations to you all for doing so great! I gained a pound this week but that is because I ate total crap for the last 3 days, there was chinese food, birthday cake, party foods (bread bowl and dip, shrimp dip, stuffed mushrooms, etc etc) fetecini alfreado with scallops and shrimp, apple pie. I didn't just fall off the wagon I down right hurled myself to the ground and continued to bounce down the road. This week will be better though and I am still treadmilling! Congratulations to you all though!
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Want to feel better
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Sadly I went up this time ~ 2 pounds. Some stressful stuff at home. Still haven't gotten to a point where I have found some alternate way to deal with stress. Why do I do that to myself? I sort of do it without even thinking ~ such an old familiar way to cope. But then I don't feel good after ~ either physically or emotionally. But I'm not giving up ~ keeping on keeping on. I have to ~ I'd be in even worse a fix if I didn't try as much as I can.
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maintainer wannabe
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I'm only down a pound but it was a special one. This am my scale said 199.8!

Congrats to all the losers

Mez, my weight bounces around a lot too so I weigh almost daily and pick the lowest one. I tell myself not to worry about the little gains but I don't always listen lol

Catherine mom to 11
mabear's homepage
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Originally Posted by mabear
I'm only down a pound but it was a special one. This am my scale said 199.8!
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I only record my weight officially once a month on the 13th (my goal to be 145 is my 25th bday 4/13/07 so I use this past Bday as my official start date even though I didn't REALLY start until June 2nd sooo yea... I gave myself 2 years...) ANYHOO... From 08-13-05 to today I lost 4.8 pounds. I guess that's the healthy way...
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Born Loser
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We have some great loses here this week. And way to go Catherine, ONDERLAND is awesome.

For those who have gained just keep with it. That is the big secret, you can't give up.

It will be tough week for me we are going to be traveling starting tomorrow and it is so hard to be good on the road. I am really going to try though.
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Well, after five weeks of hovering between 277 and 278, I finally lost. I'm at 275.

If you haven't been a certain weight in over five years, does it count as VFT? Last time I tried to lose, which was two or three years ago, I got down to 277 and couln't break the plateau. So I gave up. I think my body has certain set-points -- places I've hovered for a long time in my journey "up", and so it feels comfortable there and doesn't want to lose more. Like notches on a belt. "Oh, this is a worn belt notch... I remember this one... it feels good, like coming home... I think I'll just stay here a while.."

Anyway, I'm delighted to be at 275, and more encouraged than ever to keep going.
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