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Default Weekly weigh-in September 5- September 11

I'm BAAAAAAAACK... Hope you all don't mind me starting this... I am excited... Not to post my weight but to be back in the saddle.

I'm at 220 this week... OUCH... Only 11 months ago, I was 8 lbs from goal... I am on a mission now more than ever!
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Born Loser
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You can do it Gretchen. It's nice to see you back.
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Welcome back Gretchen! I look forward to your post they are ALWAYS so motivating!

Today I weight in at 212lbs Which was the same at lastweek But TOM is on it's way and I weight myself Saturday morning and I was 209. I know I didn't eat enought to gain 3lbs so I'm chalking it up to TOM. I know I shouldn't weight myself everyday but I want to get an est. of how much my weight can vary from day to day. I have found it's anywhere from 2 - 4 lbs. Since I'm on plan and working out everyday. I know it's water and not fat. So as long as I can handle seeing that scale read higher I'll keep doing it for awhile.
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30lbs gone forever!!
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Down 2 more pounds to 203lbs! Soooooo close to onederland!
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I am down 1.6 this week.

Don't kick yourself Gretchen. You made life!!!
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Well, I weighed today and I am down 5 more pounds. Still not due to the fact that I am eating healthy and exercising. I've gotten my appetite back but my stomach is not liking the food. I've been trying to eat small things and things that are light on the tummy but to no avail it is not working.

Good job to all you losers. I'm usually will post to every individual but I'm just not back up to it yet but please know I think you are all doing great.
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Downsizing Dee!
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Gretchen - great to see you back

Pookie - WTG!

Mez - don't worry, the scale will move for you next week

Krysi - You're soooo close now, keep at it. WTG

Paula - Great job!

Tammy - Good to hear that you're feeling a little better. Keep us posted.

For me, I'm down 2 pounds this week - getting closer and closer to ONEderland! I also wanted to say I hope everyone had a fun and safe labour day weekend.

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OMGoodness Dee.. I actually got excited looking at your post for you to get to onderland. You are so close! Way to go!
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one pound at a time
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Another pound down......slow steady...
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One pound at a time...
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Hi Everyone I am back from a very restful vacation! I took a leave from the diet last week (camping and major de-cluttering) around the house and when I weighed in last Thursday I lost 2.5 lbs! Back in the saddle this week! I working on hitting onederland by December!
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WTG everyone on their losses. I'm not weighing in this week. (I buried my scale under a mound of clothes while cleaning my bedroom.)

Tammy--Just knowing you are here posting is enough encouragement for me. Glad to see you are doing a bit better.
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Sub-4 marathon runner!
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After a couple of weeks hovering at 198-199 I've finally got things moving again and added to my loss from last week by going down another to to 194. I'm pretty much 2/3 of the way to goal now, it feels good to know that I've already lost what I've got left twice over, so I KNOW I can do it
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Well done YP1!!! And all the other losers. I lost three pound since last weigh in which was a fortnight ago. I am really struggling at the moment, I am doing everything right, but the weight does not want to come off. So be it. I'll stick at it!!!

I've decided to try weighing in once a month, and every weigh in night I am going to treat myself to a bath, a skin treatment and the nicest body lotion I can find, win, lose or draw. I'm trying to shake things up and I am playing with my food intake, and exercise routine, and lets hope another loss is mine next week. I still haven't given up on my end of september goal!!!!
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hey guys!!

Congratulations to everyone you are all doing so great! I am down another 2 pounds for a grand total of 4 pounds and I changed my signature thing to go by ten pounds at a time becuase I loved that one saying that one of you had up there that I can't lose 100 pounds but I can lose 10 pounds 10 times!! That is the best thing I have heard in a long time!! I have been using my treadmill as often as I can but I have been eating a piece of apple pie with ice cream everyday! OOPS! Imagine how much I would have lost if I hadn't done that huh!?!? Oh well, better then not losing a thing! Talk to you all soon!
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My plateau continues, with me still hovering at 277/278. *sighs* No gain. No loss. Still hanging in there.
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