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Unhappy Jennelle, are you safe??

I know you're in Mississippi, but not sure what part. You haven't posted for a few days now and I'm starting to worry you've been caught up in the Katrina disaster. Please check in!!
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Yes, Jennelle, I was wondering too ~ had thought you were from down that way and looked at your profile to see which state ~ like Jill said ~ don't know what area, but worrying if you are ok. Let us know.
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I was wondering if anyone was from there - it's so sad!

I hope you are safe!!!!! (((HUGS)))))
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while i don't know this person, i'm also terrified about a friend of mine. she lives in new orleans with her 2 year old baby and i've had no contact from her. i'm so terrified.
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My little brother has been in intensive care and there is no access to basically the outside world so I didn't know anything was happening out there in the wider world! I felt like that little family room was the worst place in the world and nobody could feel more scared and useless than us!
When he got moved to wards and I saw the news for the first time in weeks I saw a film of a guy holding his wifes hand and having to let go because he couldn't hold on! He said after that she said to let go and make sure the children were safe!

All of a sudden the world became a much larger place! People were suffering because of a natural disaster, families were torn apart and devastated! Although I am so happy my brother will be okay it suddenly pales into insignificance in the bigger picture! We still have each other! I don't think I will ever look at the world around me again without thinking of the bigger picture!
I am sorry that I felt like I did! I am sorry to all those families and all those people! I am sorry to all of you who knew somebody or are waiting for people to contact you! My thoughts are with you!

I am sure everyone will be okay and they will contact you in the near future! I hope so!
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I feel so helpless. My daughter and I gathered all kind so baby items. Good Start Milk, Asst. Stage of Baby Food, and such. I just hope it gets there in time! I seen one mother with a baby that needed water badly! She wasn't waking up!! I was crying so hard I couldn't stop for a long time. I want so bad to gather up all these thing and deliever them myself! I'm so mad that help hasn't gotten there sooner! I couldn't sleep lastnight the pictures kept running though my mind!

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Looks like the last time she was on was the 24th or 25th. When did all this mess start???

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The hurricane hit the 28th/29th.
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My company has an office in New Orleans and I finally heard from 3 of my reps this afternoon. One had to go all the way to Texas before he was able to get access to a phone that would work, one came all the way here (Georgia) before he could call and the other one is up in Baton Rouge and she still can't call - she was able to text message me. So, I'm going to hope and pray that Jennelle is ok but just doesn't have access to the computer.
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Oh man, I hope she'll be able to check in soon and that everything is ok. Does anyone know if we have others from the Gulf Coast who are MIA? What a helpless feeling!

New goal: staying binge free and losing those last few again, but for the last time!!
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