View Poll Results: Do you suck it in?
Nope 11 28.21%
Yes, but on purpose 19 48.72%
Yes, subconciously 9 23.08%
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Default Sucking it in?

I just wonder how many people suck their guts in anytime they go someplace. I do it all the time and the scary thing is I don't think about it at all. I just sub-conciously do it every time I stand up and don't even have to think about it, I guess because I've been doing it for so long. So I just wonder who else has experienced this phenomena?
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I've ticked the yes on purpose, but only because I do it as part of my abs excercises. Pulling your tummy in and holding it is good exercise, true!!!! I never suck it in out of shame or anything. Now my boobs stick further out than my tummy there is no need!!!!! LOL!!!
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I've never sucked my stomach in. It's too much hardwork. I have friends that do it all the time and I just don't get it. I have more important things to concentrate on.
There have been times where I wished I could be bothered with it... say to wear a certain outfit that looks better with my belly sucked in
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I won't vote but I don't... BUT I'm Pregnant AND I CAN'T

Seriously though, when not pregnant, I didn't unless I was being in a picture or something!
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I do it ALL the time, it's second nature to me after all these years! Hold in the tummy and squeeze the butt in... just makes me feel like I look better.
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I try to do it when I remember - it's good for your stomach muscles as Kykaree says. I am just at the stage of being able to feel my stomach muscles again which is a novelty!

Love Amanda x
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I can for a moment, but I'm still all stretched out from my pregnancy last year. I need to; it would help strenghten my abs and back muscles, but it is SOOOO HARD!!!! But when I do, boy my belly does go in, which tells me my muscles are really stretched out.
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I do it all the time, but subconsciously. I never did it on purpose--it's really more of a posture thing than an appearance thing. When I stand up straight, I automatically pull my stomach towards my back...keeps me standing tall (which is also a way to look thinner, but I always just did it cuz my mom yelled at me to stand up straight all the time! ). I could suck it in even more, but like I said, I don't do it on purpose, so I don't pay attention to how much I'm sucking in--does that all make any sense?
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I do it on purpose, whenever I think about it. Like Jill, my mam used to encourage me not to slouch, but my posture went all to pot after I left home and started piling on the weight. I think I hunched a little in the hope that it would hide my increasing size (like that works!), and it became a habit that is quite difficult to break. I can't keep sucking in for long periods because my stomach muscles are shot, but I keep practising in the hope that one day they'll return. Standing tall just feels--and looks--so much better.
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I too tend to do it subconsciously. I wonder why my belly hurts at the end of the day until I remember I've been sucking in.
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It's second-nature to me, too - I was admonished to stand up straight and take smaller steps. Shoot, mom, I have long legs!
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Yes I suck my belly in it just looks better. I have no boobs so if I'm not careful I could look like a popsicle
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I do it too, and I totally do it subconciously... and don't even notice, except occasionally when I fully relax and notice it looks much bigger
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Whenever I stand, I do it just as a matter of course. After 9 years of ballet and so much posture awareness, it's just part of standing up straight for me! The only time I think I just let it all hang out is when my tummy is bothering me.
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I used to be a sucker-inner, back in the old days. But now, after two babies and two c-sections - I'm constantly hauling two little kiddos around, it just all hangs out - I'm not sure I could suck it in if I tried!

I'm not good about standing up straight either - I'm tall (5'9") and I've always been a bit self-conscious, I never wanted to make myself look <gasp> TALLER!
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