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"Love Me Some Me"
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Default New Chick Checkin' In

HI. I just joined today. I have visited this site a few times for recipies. But, today I joined. I am Jenh-ai (27 yo - SAHM to 3yo Langston - WIFE to DH George almost 8 years). This is day 3 of my "Total Body Makeover" - thanks Bob Greene and Oprah. I have been consuming 1300 - 1400 kcal the last 3 days and doing intense cardio sessions since Friday. I was inspired to get off my duff last week. I am in the process of studing to be a RD . . . long and short I had to go to larger university and register for summer classes . . . I was sweating and out of breath walking accross the parking lot. Plus, my son is a cute boy that love and want to live for. Thirdly, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. Another motivator for me was that my best friend for 11y had WLS in April. She started at 240 lbs and now weighs 180 . . . I went shopping with her and started to remember what it was like to shop at all the stores in the mall . . . I remembered what it was like to try on clothes in all the cute styles . . . I think I had distanced myself from it so long that I just began to accept being a "big girl". So, today, I called my PCP to inquire about my weight changes . . .

May 17 2005 - 266
Oct 22 04 - 247
May 24 04 - 239
OCT 15 03 - 245
Feb 24 03 - 236
SEPT 24 02 - 219 (Breast feeding 7mo son)

So, before pregancy I weighed 232 lbs and 9 month preg I was 245. After breast feeding 10 months I was 219 (lowest weight)

When I married, I was about 180 lbs . . . and graduated HS in 1997 @ ABOUT 165 LBS.

Oh, I am also a culinary arts student, food lover (trying to reprioritize ) I am working use my cooking skills for good ! I didn't mention that B4 I met my DH he lost 170 l bs . . .after 8 years of marriage he has gained it back (eating with me).

Long and short . . . I can't physically afford to get any bigger . . . I am now for the first time ever, starting to have pain in my feet and being shorter and shorter of breath . . . But, I am encouraged to keep on with it. I want to take time to change my habits for the lifetime. I never want to be back here. Enough said, I would like to know if anyone else is doing the Total Body Make Over. Please respond with your thoughts . . . J

*If anyone needs a buddy . . .I am here!
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Not giving up!!
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Hello and Welcome!! My name is Sunshine I am 25 mommy to 3 beautiful children and wife to Brian!! Good Luck with your weight loss you can do it!!
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Welcome! You came to the right place for support. Keep up the good work.
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Hi Jenh-ai, my name is Linda. Have you ever found the right place!
You won't find a more supportive, wonderful group of people anywhere.
I'm a 27 yr SAHM Mom of two, married for almost nine years..together for ten and a half.

Make yourself at often and just jump right're welcomed with open arms

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Let me echo all the welcomes! Stick around and you're bound to lose weight and meet some pretty interesting characters!
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Interesting in a good way (most of the time!) of course. Welcome, welcome.

Jump in anywhere.
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Welcome! You can do it! I have three kiddos myself and wanted to say congrats on breastfeeding long term! That's a lucky baby you have there!
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Hi and welcome. You've found the right place
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Hello there and welcome! My name is Lany and I am 32 yrs old from Oregon. I have just recently joined myself and I think it is absolutey fab here! Best of luck to you on your journey.
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Wink Hi new Chick !!

I too just joined as Grandma juju and have too face the truth that I need to lose 100 pounds. I weep at how my life has spun so out of control and weight in at 282 at the doctors office yesterday. I passed my stress test (a true gift from God) and I know your pain at feeling that your huffing and puffing across the parking lot. You can do this....we can do it together....and pretty soon you'll be kicking a soccor ball around with your little me at anytime girlie and we can shore each other up. Judy
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Welcome, welcome, welcome to you both. Step up and post often, and you'll find yourself giving and receiving more support than you could imagine.
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"Love Me Some Me"
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I am so glad that someone understands . . .However, this being the 100+ board it seems that EVERYBODY has been there or is leaving there. You know . . . I play with my son in the yard and inside . . . but I find my self tired or quitting after 15 minutes of wrestling with him. I always kind say . . . wrestle with your daddy now . . . really I would love to continue but it always feels like he is overpowering me - not with strength but w/ his energy. It is shameful to admit . . . but I can no longer cheat my son (or myself for that matter)! Makes me teary to think that I should have more to offer him. I mean it is not that I am Moribidly Obese. . . but, maybe just strained . . . I have to admit that I have never felt this way before . . . 30 LBS ago, I felt that I still held my own in everything . . . but since I balloned up to 266 . . . I am starting to feel the tugg of my weight pulling me down. On a positive note, I am so blessed to feel like I have left the darkness and started to travel towards to beautiful light . . .
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Made in England!
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Welcome, Judy and Jenhai.

Is your hubby gonna be joining us too, Jenhai? Men are also welcome, you know.
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I justed join the site this week as well. I have found so far the posts keep me interested & motivated. Keeping my motivation is a major issue for me. You'd think as a lifeguard spending all my time in a bathing suit would be motivation enough but you kinda become immune to it.

Anyway, I live in Ontario. Married 3.5 years, 27 years old. 5'9" & currently 245lbs (depending on the time of day!). Want to get down to 170 but at 190 I get my tattoo!!! No kids - but any time now would be great.
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