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Jenaya 06-19-2005 12:45 AM

Oh goodness. I have read this thread and giggled at least five pounds off. My husband came to see what I was giggling about. He asked if I was on a joke list and I said "No, I am just reading about shaving my vaginal area with very sound advice from the three fat chicks site". Poor darling man - his eyes widened, his mouth dropped open and not a word fell out - he just turned and left the room. I'm still howling. What a great thread.

I waxed my chin a couple of weeks ago - decided that those few PCOS hairs had to go. Well - it was late at night. The carton said to start this activity when there was NO INTERRUPTIONS. Okay, the only time I have that is when the kids are asleep so this put me at 11:30 pm. I stumbled to the microwave, heated up the wax and applied. A little too warm but I can cope. Applied the strips and rrrippp. Hmmm - doesn't seem to work. I better apply a couple more applications. Rip, Rip, Rip . The next morning, I awoke to a face that looked like it had been dragged down pavement. So, bikini waxing - not really an option. I can't imagine traumatizing my precious petal petunia in that way!

Ah, Jill - I am too late in reading this thread. I see you already have a little nick name here...giggling outloud now!


Have a good one.

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