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kykaree 06-16-2005 01:42 AM

I do like the replaceable cartridge ones for sharpness, but I do find the thingamys on the end that the razory bit clicks into go rusty quite quickly and you have to replace the base thingy anyway, which annoys me. I find I get a better shave and no cuts. I am quite lucky in that I get very light growth of hair on my legs so I don't have to shave often, and besides, no sees me pegs much anyway!!!!

taekwondomom 06-16-2005 01:59 AM

My favorite razor is the Schick Intuition. Triple blade razor and "skin conditioning solid" all-in-one. Makes shaving in the shower super easy and quick because you don't need shave gel, soap, ect.!
Love it-only problem is the replacement cartidges are $13 for 6, but it is worth it for me. I can usually shave legs and under arms twice with each cartrige so it averages out to a little over $1 per shave.

jillybean720 06-16-2005 06:24 AM

Twice per cartridge?! oi vei-I'd go broke! I use the same razor (I have a Venus with the replaceable cartridges) for at least a month at a time. I use a moisturizing shaving gel, and I very very rarely get any nicks (unless it's the first time with a new blade). Like I said, I only shave once a week, so for me, the shave gel isn't too time-consuming. I also like the Venus because of the pitoving head, which disposables don't tend to have. This makes it easier to shave my knees, ankles, armpits, and *down there.* :)

synger 06-16-2005 09:24 AM

I have been enjoying reading this thread, and have finally decided to take the plunge.

As to the OP's question -- now I usually just trim with scissors by feel when I get a bit... overgrown. I don't worry about anything showing around my bathing suit. It someone is looking that closely, they can deal with what they see. Hair is normal. When I was younger I had a BF who wanted me shaved, so I agreed, as long as he did it. So once a week we'd get out the towels and warm water and he'd lay me back on the bed and go to it. As long as he did it every week, the itch wasn't too bad. But I agree that once you stop shaving it, the itching is MIND-NUMBING. Powder definitely helps. And don't wear silk panties during the first bit of the growing-out. My short, wiry hair tore my silk panties up.

As to legs and underarms -- I have very fine, fair body hair, and a tendency toward breakouts of psoriasis, so I don't shave my legs very often. I have tried a lot of "women's razors" and always end up using a man's instead. I use the Mach 3. Then we got that Intuition razor free in the mail -- with the solid around the razor head. I figured it was free, might as well give it a try. Wow! It was SO easy to use, and so nice to be able to do it in the shower and not have to use separate gel and get my hands all slippery and.. well, needless to say, I think I've finally foudn a woman's razor that I can deal with. I might even start shaving more frequently, since it's not such a big production.

Betani 06-16-2005 09:56 AM

When I started using the Intuition, I never went back. I love not having to use gel! Plus, I think I nick myself less with it than any others. I use the one for sensitive skin, but I think I'd like to try that new cucumber one.

BethC 06-16-2005 10:00 AM

I use the Inituition too! Not for the Bikini, but for everything else. My company used to make it, then we sold off that part of the business. Once I tried it, I bought one for every female that I knew. :lol:

imsexydamnit 06-16-2005 10:21 AM

I like this thread. Hmm, when i shave the bikini area it's all gotta go. I just use a lady daisy and shaving gel. As far as reaching hard to reach place, i usually shave while taking a bath, being in a prone posistion makes things alot easier to reach. I'll do maintenance in the shower, but for the whole deal, it's definitely the bath. I've found that bikini zone works pretty well for any razor bumps and there's not much problem with itching so long as i keep up. Well, that's me.

barbygirl43 06-16-2005 12:03 PM

I've been using nair to take care of the shaving legs portion. So much easier to do. I have a gillette mach 3 razor I've been using since they came out. Jeff has one of the nitro or whatever that has the vibration in it. I just don't like the women's equivilant of the razors they come out with--too big and bulky.

SwimGirl 06-16-2005 04:05 PM

OMG Sandi, thats is literally the most funny things I've seen lately! No.. I'm not going to print that out... honest ;)

My bf tends to get razors for christmas, and since he has an electric razor that he always uses, I steal all of his and use them. I also use the shaving gel he gets for christmas. When I went to Seattle in the fall I bought my OWN shave gel as it was only 1.19!! Here the same stuff is 5.99, completely insane. I do prefer the venus shaver with replaceable razors, however it comes down to price again. I just can't cough up 10 bucks for 4 replacements!


Jennifer 3FC 06-16-2005 04:12 PM


Originally Posted by Betani
With all the acrobatics it took to keep my thighs and tummy from rubbing up against the applied area, I'm bushed!

Is that another pun? :lol:

Goddess Jessica 06-16-2005 05:47 PM

I thought the same thing Suzanne.

I use Gillette's Venus (which is te same as the Mach 3 - in fact when I run out of my own razors, I just steal the Cute Boyfriends). Man, couldn't they just dip me in wax up to my waist and rip it all out.

I used to work for a Laser Hair Removal clinic. In case you want to know, yes it hurts like ****. Yes, it's supposedly permanent but only after many, many treatment and if you're on hormones, they'll void the "permanent" part. It only works on dark hair and light skin (at least the model we used). I had three treatments on my arm pits and my chin and I still have a ton of hair. Although less on my left armpit than my right... weird.

DaisyMaisy 06-18-2005 08:28 AM

When I shave my legs I use disposible razors in the shower. No gel etc. If I do - I nick my legs all up, if I just keep the legs wet I am fine.

Still haven't tried the bikini area - I am fighting a case of heat rash. My dr. told me to use the stuff for athletes foot but I didn't start early enough to use as a prevention tool but it does clear it up pretty fast. DM

Jillegal 06-18-2005 11:02 AM


Originally Posted by Betani
I'm not the best hand with a razor, so that's out...With all the acrobatics it took to keep my thighs and tummy from rubbing up against the applied area, I'm bushed!

I'm relieved to know I'm not the only one who thought that comment was very punny. Seeing as you're not very good with the razor, I'll presume you've suffered from razor burn and I know there's nothing worse than a burning bush. :p

Gardenwife 06-18-2005 01:20 PM

Hey as long as no voices come out of it, you're okay (Old Testament joke there, LOL).

lessofsarahtolove 06-18-2005 05:29 PM

Ha! Kimberley!

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