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DaisyMaisy 06-10-2005 09:17 AM

PS the scar would also need to be treated gently since it is in the shaving area.

jillybean720 06-10-2005 09:55 AM

oi vei--I'm lovin' this thread! :lol:

When Jeff and I started dating, I didn't shave down yonder at all. Then one day, I just randomly shaved it ALL. I've kept it that way ever since. I'm not any itchier than I was when it was all there (fat tummy hangover creates some itchiness anyway, so I've always had to powder up!), and I only shave once a week (Friday morning, since I only see Jeff on the weekends). He'll be in for a bit of a surprise when we move in together :p As for positioning in the shower, I've become quite the contortionist--razor in one hand, stomach in the other, leg propped up--it's not a pretty picture, but it gets the job done! and I always use a moisturizing shaving cream--no need to dry out the skin with regular soap :dizzy:

howie6267 06-10-2005 10:12 AM

Well it's a done deal. No special doo for the doctor. I did try to do the vasectomy myself last night. Got a nice gash with the sisors. LOL

treefrogtoes 06-10-2005 12:08 PM

You used a siscors!?! Did we not teach you anything on this thread!?!

Oh well, as long as it's still functional...

DishyFishy 06-10-2005 02:32 PM


Originally Posted by Gardenwife
Seriously, now, surely you can trust me to shave down there at least; no one but you, me, the doctor and a roomful of med techs will ever see it.

Phew.... I'm kind of relieved I won't accidentally drop across it in the Progress Pics! thread!! :p


Originally Posted by lessofsarahtolove
I sit, I stand, I prop a leg up over my shoulder....when I'm doing it, I do it all. I also approach the thing from every imaginable angle. I count it as cardio. :yes:

:rofl: That's hilarious!

Inca's Momma 06-10-2005 03:02 PM

Geez Howie are you and Kimberley afraid of getting bit by the pregnancy bug around here?!?!?!? :lol:

barbygirl43 06-10-2005 04:30 PM

OMG Y'all have definitely made my day laughing.

Howie, it looks like it all went well with your procedure.

In my overzealousness to get the bikini area done, my grassy area ended up getting smaller and smaller so Now I have one small line and a few spragglies here and there. I finally talked Jeff into helping me trim it up and he's supposed to it tonight. We'll see how that goes. So far it only itched that first day. The powder has really helped and I'm going to pick up some moisturizing shaving cream. I used his and I think it had menthol in it or something, quite the cooling sensation. :D

howie6267 06-10-2005 04:31 PM

Yep no chance of that now. Or at least after 2 months.

Amanda Panda 06-10-2005 05:13 PM

Thanks Dawnyal for having the guts to post this thread - not only is it very informative, but also hilarious!!

LMAO @ Sarah - cardio! You crack me up!

HOWIE - Good luck with your 'snip'!

Love Amanda x

boiaby 06-10-2005 05:51 PM

Oh my goodness!! :o What a rowdy bunch! You guys crack me up! :lol3: I'm a good old electric clipper girl myself. No muss, no fuss, just a quick buzz and there you have it, no unsightly peek-a-boo. One problem I've encountered due to the excess skin though, (and I'm sorry if this is TMI but) I've found that the, um... area :D has become increasingly difficult to deal with. This, along with much of the rest of my poor, damaged body is quite droopy and saggy, thus requiring some interesting maneuvering to ensure the job gets completed. I also still have the belly issue. Although it is mostly deflated at this point, it does still get in the way. Ya know, I have to wonder what all those naturally thin people would think if they only knew the kind of stuff we have to go through just to accomplish normal, every day things. Ugh! :dz:


Sheila53 06-10-2005 06:35 PM

Well, up until now I haven't had anything to contribute to this thread (except a lot of laughter) because I don't do a darned thing down there. Never even thought about it until I started reading this. But I was at my eyebrow waxing appointment today, and I asked the waxer if she ever does bikini waxes. She said she's done them, but she doesn't like to because she's pretty modest. She said she doesn't mind just doing stray hairs, but when you get into designs (designs? DESIGNS?) and "the sphinx," (yes, I had to ask her what that meant) she's not too great.

She then told me that when she and her partner were starting their salon, they had two girls come in and ask for a bikini wax. Since the partners had never done one, they asked the girls if they would mind being practice models and they'd only be charged half price. So the partners started in and after a few minutes realized they made a big mistake. They forgot to trim the hair before putting on the wax so they had this gooey mess of hair and wax. It took them an hour to get all the hair and wax off. My waxer said she and her partner felt like Lucy and Ethel in a bad episode of I Love Lucy! :lol:

Frankly, it's all too much for me! :o

ekka 06-10-2005 07:44 PM


Well, I know what ya'll were doing last night. Great thread!

Jen 06-12-2005 01:35 AM

Howie and GW - it can take up to a year for you to be sterile. Fred from OneFatMan had it done recently and that's what he said on his site if I am remembering correctly. So don't toss the birth control just yet!!!

Okay I have to ask this question...when you go for a bikini wax what exactly do you wear? An actual bikini bottom, underwear or your bare bum?

artist 06-12-2005 07:27 AM

I'm with Sheila.....have never taken a razor/wax/hair remover to that part of my anatomy......now, of course, I'm a-cursing you all, because I am starting to think about it......well, there are plenty of handy tips on here to help me make a good job of it.....question is, what kind of job? I'm quite grabbed by the heart idea.....

Jillegal 06-12-2005 09:55 AM

Well Claire, in my case (not being exactly artistic or agile) the heart idea was a dismal failure. How do I know? After I "presented" myself to my bf he exclaimed "For heaven's sake! It looks like a pine cone!" No, it wasn't the most romantic of Valentine Days... :(

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