I have a problem

  • I'm addicted to plastic surgery shows. I watch them even if there reruns. My husbands always asks "how can you watch that". And I say " If you can't watch it you can't have it done". I feel like a junkie cause when Dr. 90210 or Plastic Surgery Before And After comes on I'm glued to the T.V. I want a new body so bad I don't know what to do! I can't wait till I get this 90 or so lbs off so I can get some work done.
  • Hey, haven't seen you around in quite a while. Have you been MIA or have I just not been paying attention?

    I have to admit I enjoy watching Extreme Makeover. Being addicated to the shows is a lot better than being addicted to the surgery! I've seen a couple of talk shows where this blonde woman who is only 28 or so and has had major, major work done. She's a lot prettier in her before photos than her after photos, IMHO.
  • It's a fantasy-- all of the fun and none of the work/pain. It's similar to someone who reads romance novels (who me?) or is addicted to home renovation shows (who me, again?). It allows you to dream about the possibilities and of what could be, which is often a welcome escape from the grind of real life. If you find it motivating and just plain fun then have at it! If, on the other hand, it makes you feel bad about yourself or feel that in some way you won’t be good enough without similar surgery, then it’s a good time to turn off the “boob tube” (I couldn’t resist! ) and do something that builds self-esteem like exercise, reading a good book, spending time with good friends, etc.

    That said I find them fascinating myself—yet another guilty pleasure. Hey, I’m off doughnuts… a girl’s got to have some fun!
  • Hey Sheila
    Yes I have been MIA for a while but I just started back posting about 2 or 3 weeks ago. How have you been?

    I love renovation shows too. Just the thought of making some thing old look new. It (plastic surgery shows)dosen't make me feel bad about myself, I just like to see a otherwise unattractive person get their wings. I also think its amazing what you can do with the human body. I could live without it, but I do want it. Heck after all this hard work working out and eating right. And I still can't ware a belly shirt, not fair I tell ya not fair
  • I submitted an audition tape and application to Extreme Makeover about 2 months ago. They just recently added their new application deadline to their website. I'm not really counting on getting selected, but if it happens, I'll let everyone know
  • I alwasy watch them too. I hate to see the ones where they get cheek implant, nose job, eyebrow lift, all kinds of crazy stuff and they look so different. I would love to get all my flabby skin removed but I don't know if I would want it televised...
  • I love them, too.

    Trash Can of Skin was the best, though.
  • SAPF - I watched that one too. Loved it.. That woman traveled far to have that work done. She said " I've come too far, and failure is not an option". I would like to see how she looks now.

    Jennie- I know some of them do look odd after the cheek implants and eyebrow lifts. That's why I don't want to mess with my face either. That's the one thing I love about myself (my face).

    Lesnars - I hope they choose you that would be sooooo cool!

    Did you guys see the black lady who was on Plastic Surgery B And A, who had gastric bypass. She was on Oprah also. She was about 360 before the bypass, but before the surgery she weighed about 150. She had about 4 or 5 different surgeries, and by the time he was done she weighed about 120. She had a face lift too. I had to admitt she was a hottie when they were done.
  • They're a morbid fascination to me. The loose skin thing is a major demotivator for me (though I know being healthy should more than make up for it, but still...) So I watch the ones that deal with after major weight loss, try to figure out how much it'll cost, and if I'll ever be able to afford or be brave enough to do it. The woman who wrote "The First Wives Club" had a minor surgery to tighten the skin under her chin and died on the table.
  • Does anyone else want to beat the crap out of Dr 90210's wife with a loaf of French bread? I've never heard so much whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiining out of an adult, ever!
  • oh gosh. I feel your pain. I like to watch "I want a famous face" on MTV, but it's more to marvel at how ridiculous those people are, and how they try to make some kind of romantic connection at the end. good for a nice eyeroll.

    But I like extreme makeover too.... :nod:

    Dr. 90210? when is that on?
  • There are two websites you should check out, goodplasticsurgery.com and badplasticsurgery.com. My best friend is hooked! There was a picture in a People magazine, I think, of Liza Minelli's wedding party, like a freak show center fold. It was her, her husband, Michael Jackson and Liz Taylor. Liz was the most normal looking one in the bunch. It was like a photo lay out of everything that is wrong with major facial plastic surgery in my opinion.
  • SAPF- Yeah she is kinda whiny, I just watched the last one for the season last night it was good.
    DJs- What MTV does is find people who don't like themselves, and think life would be better if they looked like someone else. So yes, I watch just to shake my head. But the good shows are the ones where people really need the work done, like after weight loss.