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Default Weekly Journal Buddy Thread (5/16 to 5/22)

Well, I have traffic court today for a ticket I got in back in January, so I'm a little nervous and trying my hardest not to munch while I wait to go up there. I've gone thru 3 bottles of water this morning instead
I had a great weekend, total I went over about 200 calories for the entire weekend, which is good for me. My weigh in this morning said 228, which means I'm off my 2 week plateau. Yay!

Jill- Great job this weekend with all the temptation

Beth - It may be a long way to go, but it's worth it. You'll hit 1der land soon, Gratz again!

SaPF - How's the diet change?

Today's Food Journal
Breakfast - 1 Order of Mini-Chiks from Chik-FilA (only 270 calories total)
Snack - 1 Light Strawberry Yogurt
Lunch - 1 Large Salad w/ Light Ranch Dressing
Snack #2 - 1 Small Pineapple Shake from DQ
Dinner Planned - Shrimp Stir Fry

Good Luck this week!!!

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Hi everyone!!! Did ya miss me?

I'm sure you can guess where I have been...

Monday was good, Tuesday was that Bunko fiasco, Wednesday was OK, I went 4 points over even though I didn't have any flex to use. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday OLD Sandi was back in full force. It all started with a Milky Way that I thought I could handle. I thought wrong!!!

Even today started off bad with a stop at Dunkin donuts for breakfast. But I have written everything down and I am going to try to recover...starting now. I went and got a 4 point McDonalds salad for lunch.

Anyway...I'm back!!!

I am going to be a total wimp and skip weigh in tonight.
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Maybe weigh in would be good Sandi. That way you know where you stand and have no excuse to go off plan. I know when I say I'm not going to weigh that it gives me and excuse to eat a little extra thinking it won't show up on the next weigh in. Plus just keeping the same habits is a good idea. It will keep you in check. Sorry to here you struggeled so much this weekend. Good to see you right back at it though. You can do this you already showed us the last few weeks that you can. So get back at it and do what you know you can.
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Been forgeting to update so here is my weekend counts.

egg mcmuffin
Kashi w/blueberries banana and skim milk
2 Turkey warps
Chocolate ghram craker
Chocolate covered coffee beans
calories 1740
water 160
fat 50

Kashi w/blueberries banana and skim milk
Cheese, tomato, spinach sandwich
Chinese seafood and veggies
jr frosty
Calories 2390
water 128
fat 66


Kashi w/blueberries banana and skim milk
flatbread grilled chicken sandwich
Steamed Brocoli
Swiss cheese
2 Whole grain rolls
Ice Cream Cone
Yougurt w/banana and blueberries
Calories 1845
water 160
fat 54
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Welcome back, Sandi

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Hi, Sandi! Don't be down on yourself! We all have those kinds of weeks. I find, though, that when I skip a weigh-in, it does more harm than good. I tell myself that "I'll be OP this week and I'll weigh-in next week so I'll be sure to see a loss." But, then next week comes, I've done no better, and I skip weigh-in again. Every person is different, and only you know if you should skip or not, but I just thought I should share!

I haven't been posting my food journal, because it was making me be obsessive about food--I was going to the "bad place" mentally. I'm on WW now and I keep a written point tally, but am not writing down what I eat. Any-hoo, I still enjoy reading what y'all are eating!
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Right there with you, Sandi! Glad you're back with it again.

1 hour water aerobics

1/2 whole wheat English muffin
5 almonds
1 egg

sundried tomato bagel
2 Tbl. light cream cheese
a handful of almonds (don't know how many )
1 c beef veggie soup

15 min. walk

3 ginger lemon cookies
10 almonds

1 c Weight Watcher red beans and rice
1 c broccoli florets
1/2 sliced strawberries topped with light whipped cream

Not a great day, but not as bad as yesterday.

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GO Sandi GO!!!!

You can do it!!!

Go back and read your "I'm Done" thread, I'm reading it now and it is powerful stuff..I think Kimberley was right to bump it up. Read the whole thind and remind yourself why you are doing this, OK?

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Glad that you're back Sandi! I was concerned...

Start again, don't wait to get back on track!
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This thread is such a great idea for accountability. I'm commiting myself to posting on here EVERY SINGLE DAY and if I miss a day, I'll follow up the next. No more hiding binges... I'm on my way to Honestyville (because I hear Onederland isn't too far up the road from it!)
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if only she'd lose weight
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PeachGirl: It's hard to train myself not to watch fat grams. I'm sure I will within the next couple of months. Today I got some low-carb bread, tortillas & pasta. Yesterday I gave my mother 10 boxes of pasta that I had in the pantry. (I am poor & it is cheap)

Good to see you back, Sandi!!

16 oz bottle unsweetened iced tea

2 eggs, scrambled
1/2-3/4 cup broccoli florets, sauteed in
1 tsp olive oil
1 Tbsp parsley flakes
1 tsp garlic powder & a shake of seasoned pepper
1 slice Natural Ovens RIght Wheat bread, toasted
1 tsp butter
8 oz low sodium V8 juice

1/2 liter water

1/4 cup Virginia peanuts

3/4 cup Mom's taco noodle casserole. I told this woman I'm supposed to be watching the carbs, dangit!
anyhoo, I estimated it to be:
1/2 cup elbow macaroni
2 Tbsp tomato sauce
2 Tbsp taco meat
2 Tbsp green peas

1/2 liter water
2 frozen lemon slices

2 cups broccoli florets
1 T butter
1 T parmesan cheese
sprinkle of garlic pepper

1 ounce of beef jerky

2 cheese hot dogs
1 cup soy milk
1/2 liter water

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PeachGirl: How did you get on at court? I hope it all went well.

Sandi: If you feel you can miss the weigh-in and still get back on plan, then it's all good. I really don't think I have the self-control to be able to do that.

Mon 16/05:

Breakfast: Shake made with ūcup 0% milk, 6 oz banana, dash of vanilla extract .
Lunch: 4 thin slices ham on 112g bread, 1 tblsp. FF mayo, naked coleslaw.
Dinner: Knorr red pepper & tomato soup, tin of tuna in water, 1 oz gouda, green salad.
Nibbles throughout the day: Banana shake (as above), 50 cal. ice lolly.
Beverages: 500ml black coffee, 3 litres water, 500ml diet cola.

Total calories: 1380 (not incl. free veggies)
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Monday, Monday

Yogurt topped with .25 cup Kashi Good Friends

Kashi Strawberry Fields w/ milk
Chocolate Bar
1 oz. Colby cheese

A little creation I call "Tuna a la Apryl" for dinner
(Elbow macaroni mixed with a tuna pouch, and a package of broccoli mixed with LF cheese sauce all mixed together and topped with 2 tbsp. shredded cheddar)

2 cups of coffee with 1 packet of splenda split between them

Total: 1564
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Honesty is a big start to onederland Apryl. If your not honest with yourself who will you be honest with.
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Warning - I have a headache and am in a pissy mood. Those of you who have behaved are receiving a cyber pat on the back and those who haven't are receiving a swift kick in the butt (and should feel grateful its merely a cyber one!) Let's ALL be tomorrow!

I didn't count points today because I have no idea how many I consumed although I figure I stayed within what's allowed.

Breakfast was a bust because I woke up very late and could only manage 1/2c of orange juice. Arrived at work just in time for a meeting (yes, I'm a committee person). Coffee, donuts, muffins and bagels were offered. I took coffee with milk.

Realized I left my lunch on the kitchen counter at home just before entering the next meeting (where lunch was provided). Had some salad and about a tbsp. of the only salad dressing offered (was orange and tasted like french, but I have no idea as to ingredients). Also had a little bit of the pasta salad because it was neither creamy or too oily. All the sandwiches were those tiny triangle cut ones and I had one triangle with egg, one with ham and one with tuna (so I guess that adds up to 3/4 of a whole sandwich).

Dinner time arrived and I knew I'd be at the office late because of all the lost time due to the meetings. Rode the elevator to the concourse and bought a low-fat yogurt, two bananas and a tomato from the market (that was dinner).

Around 9pm I was starving and when one of the students offered to go to "Timmys" for coffee I gave him money and asked him to bring me a garden vegetable soup and whole wheat mini-bun.

So that's my eats. As for beverages I drank so many firm supplied bottles of Perrier and soda water I doubt there'll be raises next year because of the expense! (Lost count, but probably at least 6-8 cans/bottles).

Exercise = pathetic. Made sure the dog was walked long enough to do her business (and was nearly late for my meeting because of it). Just clearing up at the office now and getting ready to go home (yes, it IS after midnight)

So, while I wasn't out of control by any means today, I didn't feel in control like I have been. I like to organize and plan my meals and get all my exercise in. I look forward to that opportunity tomorrow (as does the dog and my stomach!)
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