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Losing 1/2 of Myself
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Default Weekly Weigh in 5/2 to 5/8

My moday started off right!

Down 2 pounds! Yipee!!!

Congrats to all the other 'losers' in advance! Have a super week!!!
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Devilish Little Thing
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Same here, down 2lbs today! Only 12 more to go for my 199 goal!
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Hi everyone, I already posted on the Journal Buddy thread, but I'm so excited to be so close to my 10% goal.

I also lost 2 pounds last week!! It must a 2LB week!

Only 1.2 left to 10%, then I have to set my next intermediate goal. Also, I have 16lbs left on my Memorial Day goal, which seems like a lot in 4 weeks, but let's see how close I can get.

Have a good week eveyone!!
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Half-way there!
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I'm down 1/2 pound this week. Not great, but better than gaining....
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Not giving up!!
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I have lost 6 more lbs!! So far I have losy 21 lbs since March 25!! Woohoo!!
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Born Loser
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Great losses everyone. Sunshine you are doing awesome you will be under that 300 mark in no time. Keep up the great work everyone.
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Down 3.5lbs
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Wow, everyone is doing so well. Keep up the good work!
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if only she'd lose weight
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Congrats, losers!!!

I am down 2 more pounds, 6 pounds total since April 11, the day I binged on Chinese @ lunch & had gutrot all nite til I got sick. (I never throw up. I had a 13-year streak at one point, like Jerry on Seinfeld)

Congrats everyone!! We can do this!
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i'm climbing back on the wagon. this mornings weight... 273.2. i've been dragging and gaining since october. i've gained about 20 pounds since i quit this last time.
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I lost 1 lb. Now I know I should be happy.

It's a step in the right direction...
It's not a gain...
It's 4 sticks of butter...
It all adds up...

But I'm not

This is only my 3rd week back on plan and at 314 I should be losing more. I will be tweaking my program this week for sure.
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Down 3 pounds! Exercising 6 x / week but it is paying off.
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WTG on all the losses everyone.

WB Shelly. You can do this.

Sandi--I'm the same way as you. We all know that a pound is a pound is a pound but when you have lots and lots of those pounds to lose, it just feels like more of them should be going away at a time. Maybe your bod is just gearing up for a 5 pound loss for this week .
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Starting over Spring 2011
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Good work, everyone. I lost half a stinking pound this week. I am SUCH a slow loser, darn it! It is hard to be happy with small losses, but it IS better than the alternative. Keep going, everyone!
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Crazy Canuck
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"I only lost a pound" Now, now, Miss Sandi. So you stayed on plan all week and for whatever reason (fluid retention, hormones, etc.) your body decided you should just have a healthy, reasonable weight loss this week. I bet you didn't whine those times in the past when you'd go overboard and by some freak of nature you lost weight, did you?

Darlin' you're in this for the long run, right? You've been at it for 3 weeks - you've got many weeks to go and there will be 5lb. losses and 1/2lb. losses and most likely a gain or two. If you're expecting 2, 3, 4 lb. losses every week you're only setting yourself up for disappointment, putting unrealistic expectations on yourself and creating frustration. Not a good thing.

Change your post to this right now before I slap you upside the head!

"It's a step in the right direction...
It's not a gain...
It's 4 sticks of butter...
It all adds up...

Wow, I'm staying strong, losing weight and feeling great about it all! "

Don't start eating less thinking you'll lose more if you do (well, you can cut out a few flex points, if you wish). Just stay on plan and take it as it comes. Even if the scale doesn't ALWAYS reflect what you're doing, you'll be losing inches and adding years to your life!

Okay, I'm done. You know I luv ya, right?

P.S. You'd better not bring up the fact that I did my share of whining last year when I stayed totally on plan for 12 weeks and did not lose AN OUNCE!
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