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Default OT-Baby Items

Ok I know I'm a moron, but I have to ask this question. I'm getting ready to do my registry at Target for the baby once I find out the sex, but I have no idea what I need. I'm the youngest in my family and I have no nieces or nephews and never really been around children so I'm clueless here. I do plan on breastfeeding. Can you guys please help out the brainless by telling me items I might need? Thanks!
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A crib, dresser, rocking chair with a footstool, bedding for the crib. Sometimes babies find the cribs too big and it upsets them because they are used to being in a confined space. What I did was put a giant pillow that completely filled half of the crib space and then put my son in the other half. I also used one of these things that is supposed to keep the baby's head in place in a car seat or stroller (no clue what that is called now) in the crib. This way the baby feels like he's in a smaller space. Obviously you have to take the pillow away when the baby starts moving around.

I didn't buy a change table, we got this neat dresser from IKEA, the top folds down into a changing area, otherwise change the baby in the crib or on the floor, you'll need a couple of plastic mats just in case the baby pees while you are changing it. (I hate to say it but I don't want to type out him/her every time either).

A diaper bag (as big a bag as you can get), spit up cloths (I just used tea towels all the time), I used the moist towellettes that the diaper companies put out for wiping bums otherwise you will need a lot of soft faceclothes for bum wipes, don't know if you are using cloth or disposible diapers, if you are using disposables Pampers has newborn ones that have a little space so that the umbilical cord is not covered by the diaper, you will need small blankets that are not too thick for swaddling the baby, all purpose baby type shampoo/body soap, diaper rash cream (buy a couple of big jars of the generic zinc oxide), baby lotion, a baby tub (there is a neat one from Fisher Price I think that has a slant to it so you're not completely immersing the baby in water) or you can just use the sink (our sink wasn't big enough).

For clothes...don't go too crazy buy a lot of cute newborn stuff. Yes I know it is cute as all get out but the baby won't be wearing them long!!! I only bought a few 0-3 month sized outfits, mostly I bought one piece pj's and onesies (like a little shirt that has a piece that comes up between the legs and snaps to the front), socks, hats. Don't forget you will probably get a load of gifts of clothes so don't buy too much.

When you buy a stroller buy a really good quality one. I had 2 strollers actually, a regular one and a jogging one. The jogging strollers are the best for outdoor walks, the other stroller was for going shopping. I didn't have one of these ones that has a car seat in them as they are pretty pricey. Oh yes, you'll definately need a car seat. I think most of the baby ones are the kind where you leave the base in the car and carry the baby out in the seat like a little basket. These are invaluable because you can bring them in the house and strap the baby in while you are getting ready or carry him around the house while you are doing other things and you want to make sure he's not getting into anything. (see I was going to use it but now I am using he...maybe an omen?!). You won't need a high chair for a few months, we got one that tilts back a bit because initially it is a lot easier to feed the baby when they are sitting back a bit.

I'm not going to go into the issue of toys, you don't really need that many for a baby, they are usually just happy looking around I found, but stuff like rattles are good, baby mirrors...babies love to look at themselves in a mirror, you'll get a ton of stuff for gifts too so don't buy too much yourself. Just make sure that everything is large enough if he decides to put the toy in his mouth that it can't be swallowed.

Hope that gives you a good idea to start with. PM me if you have any questions!
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There are some books out there that have lists of stuff you will need and the pros and cons of buying some of the larger items ie those stroller/baby seat combos. Also Pampers and Huggies have web sites, you can sign up and they will send you coupons. When I remember the names of the books I had I will post them. I know one of them was by the authors of "What to expect when you are expecting" which is also a good book. Okay I just found my book and it is called "What to expect the first year". also I think the other book was something like Everything you wanted to know about babies or something like that, they have a whole series of Everything books, sort of like the Dummies books. Also there are tons of web sites, my fav is it is by this lady Tracy Hogg who wrote some fabulous books about taking care of babies and toddlers.
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One more thing, you are not a moron!! I was in the same boat, never looked after a baby in my life and no close relatives with babies that I could talk to. I got most my info from the books I mentioned. The big mistake that I made was buying too many clothes...I ended up giving a couple of big garbage bags full to my SIL when she got pg. Also because my son was pretty big when he was born a lot of newborn stuff didn't fit for very long. Just buy the basics, you'll get a better idea of what you will need after the baby is born. Also I forgot since you are planning on breast feeding you will need the appropriate bras and nipple pads. I didn't breast feed because my son refused to latch on and it was so frustrating and upsetting for both of us that I gave it up but pumped my milk for 3 months and gave it with formula. I used the Avent pump and the Avent bottles and nipples. You'll want some bottles eventually but it isn't something you need to rush out and buy right away.
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The following is stuff that you will probably use on a daily basis
Baby Basics:

Baby Gowns, One Piece Sleepers, Onesies (warmth & comfort is the key until baby gets use to the outside world)
Baby Socks
Receiving Blankets (these are great for Burrito Baby wrapping)
Crib Sheets
Baby Mitts (great for keeping those sharp baby nails from sratching baby's face)
Bottles (even though you are breast feeding you still need to have a few)
Baby Bathtub
Diaper Bag
Cloth Diapers (if using disposable diapers these make great burp rags)
Baby Wipes & Baby Wipe Warmer
Diapers, Diapers & more Diapers

When you go to register be sure you have lots of time so you can really explore all the stuff they have for babies and remember you don't have to limit your list to just newborn items. If it something you would like to have put it on your list.

Don't forget to add baby safety items to your list. cabinet latches, electrical plug covers, etc. Although your baby will not be able to move around yet it is good to have these things in place and get into the habit of using them.

Congrats on your little blessing
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Hey Kimberlie!

For every 10 people you ask this question to you will get 10 different answers.. and they all will be right! I'm sure that helps, eh?
ie. some people think you need a change table.. I don't. I have this huge counter top in my bathroom and I have set one up there.
A new born does not need shoes - (I've read where it is better for kids to learn to walk bare foot) but some like baby's to wear shoes - say for pictures. With your first you will feel like you have to have everything!!! - but you don't. All a baby needs is love, warmth and food. And a truck load of diapers!

I did find a check list online that might help you start.

I hope this helps.

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Default Things to resister for...

~~ A baby doesn't feel "lost" in crib, and so that you can have baby beside your bed for a while so you dont have to go to far for 12,2,4, and 6 am feedings!!
~~ A BOPPY...nursing pillow that helps you support baby, w/o hurting your back!!
~~ Bibs...lots of em!
~~ Cloth diapers...excellent burping and spit up cloths!
~~ Bunting keep baby warm, w/o the risk of covers getting over babys face
~~ Car Seat Cover...cant remember the exact name of item I recieved, but its like a thick blanket with elastic all around the sides that fit snugly around seat to keep baby warm. It easier than covering with loose blankies. There's a hole cut out in the middle for babys face.
~~ Lots of onsies...already mentioned, but very, very handy! Look for long sleeved ones!
~~ Binky keeper...clipthing with ribbon for cliping binky to babys clothes so it isnt lost every 20 seconds!!
~~ Baby swing, or Bouncy will need to lay your little angel down every now and then, but when they're fussy, these are AWESOME!!
~~ IF you're nursing baby, you may need a breast pump, too.

These were some of the most handy things that I recieved, but like Jen said ( I think she said it) you'll be more aware of what your little one needs after you have it. Dont buy too much, b/c you'll be getting alot for your shower!

Congrats to you!!
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I was just as clueless as you feel! I also found that many of the things I thought I needed, I didn't need. Here's what I REALLY needed:

-The MOST important thing: A Boppy pillow. It makes breastfeeding so much easier those first hard weeks (breastfeeding was hard for about 3 weeks, then it got easier and easier--hang in there!!! It's so worth it).
-A couple portable changing pads. I never bothered with a table because we didn't have room for it.
-A & D Ointment
-A sling. Here's some info on different slings:
This was indispensable for me. I have such a happy, independent baby, and my family attributes it to the fact I held him so much during the first 3 months. When I couldn't hold him, I carried him in the sling.
-A good baby book because you'll be questioning everything (is this normal? is s/he OK??). I recommend Dr. Sears' Baby Book:
-The number for your local La Leche League. You can find it here:
My chapter was much more useful than the hospital's useless lactation consultant.
-Baby gowns. They are so much easier for frequent diaper changes.

I would caution you against "baby training" books like Tracey Hoag's (the Baby Whisperer), which advocates putting babies on a feeding schedule and allowing them to "cry it out." The American Academy of Pediatrics has cautioned against these practices, especially for breastfed infants, as they put them at risk for dehydration, failure to thrive, or worse.
Check out this website: or PM me if you'd like more information.
Also see this article:

Also, you should never put a pillow or other soft bedding near a sleeping infant.
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I've been scraping my brain trying to think of anything else and I can't think of anything else to add.

If you are on WIC, you might check with your local office because most of them will provide you with an electric breast pump after 6 weeks.

The big basics that I had were: a crib, stroller, dresser and bassinette.

As for the main extras: diapers, diapers and more diapers. Make sure you save your receipts in case you need to exchange them.

I would just go through the store and find stuff that you like. You may not get anything off your list or you could get everything.
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and Cody too!
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The first thing I thought of was a SWING! My daughter loved hers, and it was so nice to have. Also the bassinette. I had it next to my bed for a few months and it was really nice to have Jenna sleeping next to me.

I had a fancy new changing table and I don't think I used it once.
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i can't think of anything that hasn't been said but as far as diaper rash cream... the regular kinds DID NOT WORK on my daughter. i had to get some stuff called Dr. Smith's and nobody carried it at the time so i had to order it off the internet. Now wal mart carries it (here anyway)... go figure. it was the only kind that worked on her and the only stuff that worked on my son was flanders buttocks ointment so you might have to try a few kinds to find what will work.

i can't think of anything i had that i couldn't have lived without. like dawnyal said... just go through the store and look at stuff and see if you could/would use it.
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Darlene, I read The Baby Whisperer and I did not feel that she advocated crying it out particularly with newborn babies. She has some methods to help you learn to get baby to sleep when they are being fussy ie not hungry, not messy, not really anything, just plain fussy which involves letting baby fuss for a minute then you moving back to the side of the crib then moving away again and so on. Too much to describe here but most emphatically not crying it out ie letting the baby cry for 15 minutes until it is too exhausted to do anything but go to sleep. I agree about the feedings, feed whenever a newborn is hungry plenty of time in the future to regulate feedings. When you read these books you have to apply what works with your baby and also with your own common sense as to what works with you. I have never read any of these baby or child rearing books and did 100% what they had to say.
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if only she'd lose weight
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She's not buying things yet, guys, she's making out her gift registry. I would say don't buy anything until after the shower, so you can fill in what you didn't receive as gifts.

So we're all pretty much in agreement on:
  • Boppy
  • onesies
  • sturdy stroller
  • car seat--most hospitals around here will not let you leave the hospital w/o one.
  • jumpy chair or bouncy chair
  • bassinette
  • crib
  • cloth diapers, perfect for burp rags
  • diaper bag--Target has these Eddie Bauer ones that look like a backpack. Very chic.
  • Any toys/outfits, etc that you think would be cute
  • baby cereal & feeding bowls, spoons, and bottles

You can also ask for books for you, books for the baby, lotions for YOU!!! , lotions for the baby, washcloths, towels, a big sponge to sit the baby in in your bathtub, tubby toys, etc. I especially like the lavender-scented baby products.

The one thing I did want to caution you about: BABY CLOTHES RUN SMALLLLLLL. I don't know if they do this on purpose to make the new mother feel really great that her baby is growing so fast--ie "He's already in 9 months clothes!" or if they have never really changed the baby model from years ago when babies were smaller. Who knows. Just know that you won't need a lot of newborn-sized clothes for very long. My best friend had a 9 pound baby who, after the first week, wasn't able to wear any of her "Newborn" clothes.

Also, I don't know how you are about this, some people don't like hand-me-downs or rummage sale clothes, but girlfriend rummage sale season is coming, and that is the best place to find cheap "new" clothes for a rapidly growing child. It's also a good way to make some money & meet your neighbors once your baby has grown out of things.

My former roommate had never cared for a baby before either. Here are 2 things I wanted to tell you about her. Diapers go with the tabs next to the baby's hips. Laugh if you want to, but she was babysitting her niece & I came home to poor Angelique w/a backwards diaper on her butt. Also, the diaper cream goes ON the baby's butt, NOT on the inside of the diaper.

I know you will be a great Mom, Kimberlie.
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BATTERIES!!!!!!! for the swing, toys, bouncy chair etc.
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Originally Posted by Jen
When you read these books you have to apply what works with your baby and also with your own common sense as to what works with you. I have never read any of these baby or child rearing books and did 100% what they had to say.
I totally agree, Jen! I just remember how clueless I was when I was a new mom, and fortunately stumbled across information on how important it was to feed on demand and not to let a baby cry it out. I was just trying to pass along information, and hope I didn't offend you!
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