Call me crazy!!!

  • But we are suddenly not sure of this baby's name!

    With Sara (dd) - if she was going to be a boy she was going to be named Dylan.. we are now thinking of that again!!
    The middle name will be James.. we know that much.


  • You know... when I was pregnant with my daughter her name was going to be Sydney. Then when I had her she just didn't look like a Sydney at all. It took me 5 days to name her, and that was because they told me I had to name her because she had to be sent to another hospital because of her heart problems, so I named her Jenna. I am glad I did because it fits her so well.

    I think naming her was the hardest decision I ever had to make!

    I don't know what to tell ya... Maybe just wait a while until he is born and see what name just feels right. Know what I mean?
  • I LOVE the name Dylan!! I really, really like Elijah too though... Hmmm, okay - I like Dylan best, yep, absolutely! Like Lindy said though, its better to have a couple of names ready and when he's here you'll just know which one suits him best.

    Not long now kiddo! I still think he'll be a valentine baby. Just hope its not as cold as the valentine's day I was born - my dad couldn't get the car started and mum was panicking. Then again, that was back in the ice age and a few glaciers have shifted since then.
  • I vote for Elijah. There are lots of Dylans. I like a distintive name . It suggests individuality ,independance,you know what I mean? A uniqueness.
  • When I was pregnant with William, we had his name picked out early. Jeff wanted William Deon after his grandpas. We added Edward after my grandpas. But for girls' names we were at a loss. I finally just picked out three combinations and said if we had a girl, we would name her when we saw her. Of course at 20 weeks we found out it was a boy so I didn't have to worry about that.

    I don't think you are crazy at all. I would just have your names ready and wait until you see him for before naming him.
  • Shhhh you are not supposed to tell me things like this When we find out in February whether or not it is a boy or a girl we are gonna pick the name then. The daddy is leaving in May to go into the Air Force so I can't change the name on him once he leaves and I have the baby
  • You are not going mad Dana - I expect it's perfectly normal to change your mind!

    I agree that when you see him, maybe you'll just 'know'.

    All the best,

    Love Amanda x
  • When I was young I always loved the name Dakota with the nickname of Cody and when my brother and his wife were expecting there youngest child they were "sure" it was a boy and they were going to nake him Cody. So I named a kitten I adopted Cody. My brother and his wife delievered a little girl the same week I found out I was pregnant. Since I had a cat named Cody I didnt feel right naming my child Dakota! Hence forth we named our son Jeremy (but the close second name was Dylan!). When I was pregnant with my second child we no longer had a cat so he was automatically Dakota although we did still discuss Dylan breifly.
  • Ohhh... dana... that's a toughie. And you probably are crazy.. I know I am--being pregnant, I feel like I have COMPLETELY LOST MY MIND! As for the names, I like Dylan.. and Dylan James.. I really like the sound of that.. I think it is such a "strong" name.. hee hee.. I also like Elijah. They are both very nice names. When he's born, you'll know what to do...

    I have names picked out (for now anyway!). For a boy, Gabriel James and a girl is either Anna Christine or Emma Ann...

    Good luck to you.. And KIM!!! You'll know the sex soon?>??? HOW EXCITING! I cannot wait to know. I am only 8 weeks!! UGH! What I do know is that I am having a 3-D ultrasound when the time comes. They are awesome and only $150! You can actually see your babys face and they record the sonogram on a CD for you!!!

  • well, i have to say that i like dylan better..... i have a dillon! and i have a good friend who also has a dillon! LOL mine is dillon tyler and hers is dillon ray
  • I really like them both. I agree with waiting to see the baby to name it if you have a few names that you cannot decide one. My best friend did that and she knew once she saw him what his name was. I knew the minute I heard the name Brady that it was my son's name. Weird. My dh name is Brad so it was like his name with a y on the end but a whole different sounding name.

    Gretchen just a warning about the 3-d u/s. Only very few get pictures like they show in the advertisments. I had them with both of mine only because the hospital did them for the parents after the regular u/s. I did not see much on either of them. The regular u/s was great though. I had an anterior placenta and it is hard for them to get an image through it. Just a warning not to get too disappointed if you don't get the best images.
  • Dana - I've gotta say I like Dylan better too... but I'm sure you'll make the right choice when you see his cute little face! Make sure you let us know.. and I expect tons of pictures lady!

    Kimberlie - Ooohhh.. that's exciting that you get to find out next month.. Can't wait to know...

    Gretchen - Are you going to find out what the sex is? Or, let it be a surprise?

    Oh, all you pregnant ladies are just so cute.. and you make me so excited! I can't wait to be a mom one day!
  • I've always liked the name Derek. I don't know why, it just sounds like a strong name to me. I like Elijah too. You don't hear that name too often so it might be cool to have something a little unique. Good luck