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frenchiepolarbear 12-13-2004 03:20 PM

Any Plans fo the holidays
Hello Group,

Just a little survey here.

How do you plan to spend the holidays?; and sub question how are you gonna deal with all those high fat, high calorie foods usually served at this time of year....?

On my side of the world, i'll spend X-mas eve at my parents place. Since i'll probably get myself beaten if i show up with Meal replacement shakes, i'll have some turkey and meat pie....on the other hand, i'll try to stay away from the bread basket.

New-Year period will be spent at a resort center north of Montreal. On the positive side, this resort is outdoors sports oriented:there are facilities for Cross-Country ski, snowshoeing, and skate. On the less poistive side, altough not fast-food, their meals are served in very big portions.

One very positve thing about this place, is that New-year period is reserved for single people, so we feel less alone; so less emotional no-one likes me eating marathons....

Inca's Momma 12-13-2004 03:33 PM

I'm heading to my parents on Dec 23rd and will stay until the 27th. My mother is a Weight Watcher leader so we never have the "high fat" Christmas meals, but she isn't making her ultra healthy stuff either since we are not feeding the fetus any artificial sweetners. I guess I will just continue to do the eat when I'm hungry, don't when I'm not. Funny I can do this while pregnant, but when I was trying to lose weight this was impossible :lol:

Charbar 12-13-2004 03:57 PM

How do you plan to spend the holidays?; and sub question how are you gonna deal with all those high fat, high calorie foods usually served at this time of year....?

My parents are coming from Canada for Christmas. It will be a traditional food Christmas - turkey, gravy, potatoes. We are not big dessert people. But I know there will be lots of snacking during the day.

Dh and I can never stay up till midnight on new years - it's not that big of a deal to us.... it will be like any other day.

New-Year period will be spent at a resort center north of Montreal.

Where will you be staying? I love Quebec!!!! I lived in Ottawa and loved that too. Any french that I did know is pretty much gone since I have been living state side. I've been to Gray Rocks, Mont Tromblac (sp?) plus many others. I loved skiing in Quebec.

frenchiepolarbear 12-13-2004 04:20 PM


The place i'll be staying is called "L'interval"....Laurentians best kept Secret!!. It is located in the middle of nowhere, approx. 20 miles south-east of Mt. Tremblant....Very different from the big ski station, more quiet and nature oriented.

barbygirl43 12-13-2004 04:32 PM

How do you plan to spend the holidays?;
We will exchange gifts and enjoy finger foods and eggnog with my parents on Christmas eve. On Christmas morning we will open our gifts and watch the kids see their Santa gifts. Then at noon we'll travel to grandma in laws house next door for Christmas with them and then head to town to his Jeff's other grandma's house. Finally we'll end the evening back and my parents to see what Mom put in our stockings. That's not counting the work dinner I have tonight and my big family get together with my mom's side of the family Saturday.

and sub question how are you gonna deal with all those high fat, high calorie foods usually served at this time of year....?
I already marked off the days I will be having celebratory dinners and plan on eating less the rest of the days before and after those days. I tend to go after foods that I don't normally eat on those days (no mashed taters, corn, stuff like that) and go for dressing, casseroles, etc. I limit myself to one small scoop of a food I would like. I'm slowly starting to learn that food is more for fuel and less for pleasure and yes I can have these foods again so I don't have to gorge myself on them.
Work had a party Saturday night and I just ate between 1200 and 1400 calories the week leading up to it and ate really light the day of (it was a drinking party so I was saving up all those calories for some beer :)) On sunday, I went back to eating normal and so far haven't had a problem and I have the actual work dinner tonight. Luckily we ordered ahead of time and so I already knew what I would be eating and will only go over my 1600 calories by a couple hundred.

PamPSM644 12-13-2004 04:43 PM

I am the "Chief Cook And Bottle Washer" for my family and my son's girlfriend's family on the holidays. Everyone comes here. This Christmas I will be cooking a rump roast and a glazed ham,mashed potatos,gravy,mixed veg,dinner rolls,deviled eggs and black olives,for desert cherry topped cheese cake.(What evers left will be going home with someone.) I used to make "Bisquit Tor Toni",(not a bread) to pass around to people. This is an absolutly wonderfully rich desert which will add lbs by just looking at it.I always spend New Years alone and go to bed before midnite.At my age another year just means another year older.

djs06 12-13-2004 06:01 PM

At least cross country skiing is great exercise! It's a good idea to keep it open for singles, I've never heard of a place like that. Have fun.

Christmas eve isn't usually so bad eating-wise for me- we're italian and go by the traditional seafood stuff for hors de vours (or however you spell it! ahh) and i HATE seafood..so... whatever we have for dinner, hey, it's just one meal, you know?

Christmas day I'll eat whatever, in some type of moderation- the worst part is the appetizers, so I'm going to try to catch up with some family I haven't seen or something. I figure if I keep my mouth moving nothing can go in, except a few flies :lol:

Nah, really though, I hope everyone has a nice holiday season. Anyone celebrating Hanukkah? If so, Happy Hannukah! It started the other day, right? What is everyone else doing?

SwimGirl 12-13-2004 10:42 PM

I don't know how well I will do with the christmas thing this year.. I'm not too worried for some reason though. Christmas Eve my bf works until 6:30pm, and I have to do some last minute shopping (I get paid that day). So my plan is to have a little "pity party" where I will have a few drinks and then hit the mall. We'll see how that works out. On Christmas morning I will head to my bf's parents place, and we'll open presents and all sorts of other things. I believe we are going to dinner at my bf's aunts. I work early on boxing day (Canadian thing), and afterwards the plan is to drive to Seattle to spend 2 days with my mom and brother, opening presents and hopefully having a REAL christmas dinner (which I have missed 2 years in a row). I am happy to report that my brother might have bought me a pink iPOD :)


howie6267 12-14-2004 12:46 PM

We will go see my Grandma earley Christmas Eve and then come back home. My mom lives with us now so we will have dinner here. Which is just a buffet of ham and salads and baked beans with some kind of desserts. We will play cards and visit. Christmas day we usally just hang out and if someone stops by fine if not fine. We will go to friends house on Christmas night to visit and have dessert.

It's a holiday so I don't count calories on the holidays. That's how I deal with it.

mezmerize 12-14-2004 01:22 PM

Christmas-- I don't want to sound bah humbug!! We go to my sister in laws and she give every brand name of everything she has... then she goes on to talk about herself how skinny she is and how skinny so and so is all the while looking at me. I ran into her at my mother in laws this weekend and she said so and so just dropped 30 lbs. Then turned and smiled at me. I wanted to say I've lost 26lbs but I don't even dare. It's always been that way even when I was only 10lbs over weight. I HATE going there! I come from a HUGE family 7 sister and 5 brothers. We didn't have alot but we has so much fun and I loved Christmas. We always got the one gift we wanted from Santa and the rest was usually clothes. Which I was happy for since most of what I had was hand me downs. She once said oh you come from such a huge family I bet you didn't get much at this time of the year!! I love going to my familes for christmas we don't exchange gifts but we play games for baskets of homemade goodies and inexpenisive items that everyone brings. At Thanksgiving we had a Pie walk and We played Bingo for other goodies. Everyone Plays! Every year I try my best to think of a good reason to get out of going to my sister in laws but I end up going and hating every minute of it. I do now make a point of bringing my own drinks. One Christmas my sister in law asked in a crowd full of ppl (some I didn't know) if I'd like a glass of wine. ( I was across the room) and I said yes thanks you. Then she said well then get up and get it yourself. Then she smiled and said smuggly that wasn't very nice of me. Needless to say I felt foolish she loves to think of new ways to make me feel this way. I'm going to stop now... sorry

tolose85 12-14-2004 07:38 PM

I am going home (To Pittsburgh) for Christmas.. I can't wait. I've taken most of the week off so I can hit my favoirte malls back home. So its Christmas eve with my family, jumping back in the car Christmas day driving 4 hours home and then Christmas day with my in-laws. We'll have a variety of food.. My parents have the traditional dinner and also we incorporate some polish traditions, my in-laws are Pennsylvania Dutch so the menu consists of any starchy food you could imagine! Its hard to be good on Christmas day!!

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