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Unhappy I'm "Fluffy Mackeral Pudding" ewwww

Remember the infamous "Weight Watchers Recipe Cards from 1974"? If not, here's a reminder:

(warning: contains offensive language and equally offensive recipes!)

Well, now there's a quizz to determine what recipe you are:

What are you?? I was sort of hoping I'd be "Frankfurter Spectacular"

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I am "Caucasian Shashlik!! The other White meat. No, not THAT white meat... the OTHER one. Step off, cracka. Get off your high stick." That's what it said anyhow. LOL
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Too many people must be trying this--says something about no service temporarily. I can only hope I'm not fluffy mackeral pudding. . .
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I'm inspiration soup... eeeewwww..
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OMG! I never saw a more hidious collection of recipes in my life. Fish Balls?Nasty! I can see where one would lose weight though. Starvation is happy alternitive to eating any of these. Thanks for the chuckle.
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I'm Mackerelly..ewwwww

looks like clear jello mold with pieces of fish and mushrooms and stuff in it,.nasty..

it said:You are Mackerelly!! You feel obligated to create new words just to define yourself as different... I mean diff-tacular. Just remember... ORIGINAL doesn't necessarily mean GOOD.

Those recipes crack me up!
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Heather I'm mackerelly too! LOL
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You are Rosy Perfection Salad!! Though your name may be innocent and cheerful, your jello-sweet exterior hides a foul, sinister core.

Oh my...

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My poor mother was on WW in those days and the stuff she ate was truly grim. I remember her boiling tomatoe juice down and putting it on toast with velveeta for "pizza!"
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what a complete howl!!! thanks for the great laugh
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I also am Fluffy Mackerel Pudding! How utterly disgusting. Is that indicitive to my personality? hmmmm...
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I am Inspiration Soup....

You are Inspiration Soup!! You live to Inspire those around you with your green beany, white chunky, red soupy goodness. Many have come and lit candles in your honor. You've inspired them to become better people. Thank you, Inspiration Soup... thank you.

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Height: 5'6"


OMG that is too funny. Thank you so much for brightening my day.

I'm the ever so yummy
Liver Pate en Masque!! You are very, very scary. Yet, somehow... erotic? No, just scary.
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