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Angry Ignore The Nay-Sayers

Along with my weight loss I am trying to improve myself ingeneral.After many years of looking very frumpy I cut and colored my hair.I received many complements for all my efferts .Except that is from my addict sister who has ridiculed me every step of the way.I've come to believe that one addict can't bare to see another battle and over come their addiction[mine is food].I'd be willing to bet there are many stories like this . Some friend or family who out right or covertly try to discourage us from a possitive out come.Ignore them. These are people with their own issues that they need to address.They most likely have their own agendas. Love to all. Pam
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Hi Pam - First, hearty congratulations for doing something positive for yourself. You are right to ignore people who don't support your positive efforts. Years ago when I was "only" 80 pounds overweight, I would announce a new diet to my husband who would, without fail, bring donuts home within 72 hours. Now that I need to lose at least 150, I guess he got what he deserved.

Be very careful who you decide to give power to. Whenever I meet someone like that (and there are a few in my family too) I just play beauty queen: Smile and Wave, Gorgeous! Smile and Wave!
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I think I have heard them called energy vampires. They want to steal any positive. Just smile and keep on doing what your doing!!!!
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I think in all of our journeys we run across at least one person who is not exactly thrilled about what we are doing and would like nothing more than to sabotage us as much as possible. I think that those people exhibit alot of inner unhappiness and it does not sit well for them when someone around them is trying to make themselves a better person. They find themselves inadequate and want you to feel that way also. Keep up your good work and positive attitude. It will carry you far.
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