100 lbs losers club

  • Miss Jill had a great idea!! Lets' create a 100 lbs losers club much like the onederland club. I think that's a great idea, but since I didn't want to create another sticky, I combined the two and changed the original thread.

    Please take a look. I added the first ones who came to mind (with Jill's help), but please help me in remembering who else I need to add.
  • are these people that have lost 100 or people that have more than 100 to lose? Sorry,.. i wasnt sure on the particulars
  • I think it's a great idea!!!

    Heather--those are the ones who have lost at least 100 pounds. HTH
  • Oh great...now it looks like I'm into self-promotion .

    My idea was seeing as so many say they find the "onederland" club such great incentive to get under 200lbs., maybe a listing of those who have lost over 100lbs. would help urge on those who are close and getting closer every day (Sheila, Sarah and all those other non-S people).

    Anyway, we're here anxiously waiting for more members - we don't want to be so exclusive - come join us!!
  • That's a great idea. It has always encouraged me to see people with large losses. Jill your so vain. Just kidding LOL
  • You probably think this thread is about you. Don't you? Don't you?

    (p.s. Great idea! I plan to join, say, next May?)
  • You bet its all about me! And if I ever reach goal (I mean when I DO reach goal), I'll insist they create a "Goal" club, too
  • I think it's an EXCELLENT Idea! Anyone who loses 100lbs should most definitely be recognized as an ALL STAR!!!

    I think everyone who loses anything is awesome but these folks are truly awesome!! Congratulations to all you big losers!!!