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  • Hi there!
    I've introduced myself on the profile thread - but just wanted to drop by and say hello.

    I have about 105 lbs. or so that I would like to see gone forever. I have read quite a few posts on this forum so far and can see how much motivation and support you all give one another - so here I am, to learn and also offer my support/encouragement to you as well.

  • Welcome TXMomof3! What weight loss plan on you on? I'm on WW Pure Points. I also workout out at home. I look forward to seeing more post.
  • Hi there - thanks for the welcome

    I am doing the South Beach Diet. I will be starting on 9/27 once I get all my groceries in this weekend.

  • Welcome TXmom!

    I am so glad you can join us!

    I need to lose around the same amount as you - so lets do it together! I am calorie counting and swimming, but my real problem is emotional eating.

    Hang around here often and you'll get lots of great support and advice!

    Love Amanda x
  • TXMomof3 - Welcome to 3FC!!! I am also in Texas - Amarillo...where are you from?

    I am looking to lose about 120 specific diet, just eating less and exersizing more.

  • Welcome Txmom. I'm also on SBD and it is a great healthy plan. The SBD forum here is good as well but if you have any questions, feel free to ask me. There are also a lot of recipes on the SBD forum that apply to a number of different weight loss plans.
  • Hello there!
    Looking forward to getting to know you more TXmom.
  • Thanks for the welcomes!

    I picked up enough groceries today to get me going for a few days and will finish up my shopping on Tuesday. Tomorrow I am going to tackle my closet and dig out those "Walk Away the Pounds" tapes and start doing them as well. I hope they don't give me too much trouble with the back problems I am having right now - but I just don't trust pounding away on the treadmill just yet. I thought I'd start with something slow for now.

  • TXMomof3,

    Welcome to 3FC . This is a great place for support and ideas. I was going to get the WATP tapes but I knew I didn't have the discipline to commit to any at home exercising. I joined a gym instead and don't allow myself any excuses for not stopping on my way home. Congratulations on starting the journey. Hope to see you around often.
  • Welcome TXMom!!!

    This is a great place for support!!!! Feel free to jump right in on any of the threads!!!!!

    Glad to have you!!!
  • Sandi - wanted to tell you that I read the letter to your son and was very moved by it. I am so glad that you have a reason behind your weight loss.
  • Hi and welcome.
  • Hello!

    Welcome to our FANTASTIC abode!
  • Hello everyone!
    Hi ya'll !

    I just posted my 'profile', intro, or whatever you call it. I have about 135 ish pounds to lose. Gosh, that's the first time I counted it. OK, I can do that right? Sure I can... Anyway, I'm on Weight Watchers. I've lost about 16# so far and am doing pretty well!

    Looking forward to getting to know everyone!!
  • Welcome to out happy little hide away, lol. I hope you enjoy us. I have about 150lbs to loose but am going to take it 10lbs at a time. I am on Weight Watchers and I go in for my third weigh in on tuesday. I can't wait.

    Keep us updated with your results, eveyone loves to hear about a great day and loves to help the ones that are having a bad day. So feel free to post about anything and everything.