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Cool Weekly Chat Thread - Starting 9/12/04

Well I've been pretty scarce lately so I thought I would start a new chat thread to catch up with you all.

The past week was pretty stressful for me with my grandmother and all, not to mention it was crazy busy at work but things are getting much better. I went to see Sarah Mclachlan last Wednesday and it was amazing. She has been my favorite artist for years now and i'd been waiting a very long time to see her in concert. Although, it all seems like a dream now.

As for the "on-plan", it was non-existant all of last week, more junk food then I think i've eaten in my whole life and no exercise. However, I still managed to have no 0 point days and I've come to the conclusion that drowing my sorrows in un-healthiness is the wrong way to go as it made me feel even worse. So, as of today I am fully back on track! I don't wanna step on the scale to even know what I gained last week so I will get fully back on track as of today, and jump on the scale next weekend.

The Calgary Corporate challenge is going on this week, its like a mini-olympics between all the big/national corporations in the city. I signed up to be on our LaserTag team and I get to go play later this afternoon so that should be a lot of fun. I'm gonna kick some major butt!

Anyways, how about you guys? What's new and exciting? How are you all doing?

I'll be around all the time again now... to keep me fully on track and as of today, I'm back to journalling everyday in my Fitday.

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I had a great week last week on vacation. Beautiful weather, lots of Harley riding, lots of food, lots of lovin' hee hee..

I missed you guys!! I hope I didn't miss too much while I was gone. I turned 28 last Tuesday which was fun.. My hubby bought me an awesome suede 3/4 length coat for my b-day and took me to dinner. It was very nice. We swam in the ocean, the waves were huge, we probably shouldn't have been in the water but there were no lifeguards on duty because its "off season". We had a great time. I ate some things that I normally wouldn't. I made the decision before I left I wasn't going to count any calories and I was going to splurge a little bit.. SO... I didn't count any calories. I gained 4 lbs.. 2 I believe to be water due to PMS. Overall it wasn't so bad. This week will be fun. Like starting all over again. I have 30 lbs to go to reach 130 and I am so looking forward to it.

I am buying size 12 now even in jeans. Its great. I feel wonderful.

Celina- I am glad to hear your grandma is doing a little better. Get yourself right back on plan.. We can start again together!

Hope everyone elce is having a great week or had a great week and will have a great week.. You know what I mean!!

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Morning all!!

Gretchen - Sorry we missed your birthday. Happy Birthday!!!!!! Sounds like you had a great time

Celina - Glad your Grandma is doing better.

Mom's suprise party was Friday and it was great!!! She was actually suprised, which is pretty hard to do for her. The weekend was one of the best and most relaxing I have had in a VERY long time. It seemed never ending.

Today I'm back at work, of course, but still on a high from the weekend. I have my lunch packed and am looking forward to a healthy day!!!
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G'day ladies (and gent!)

Celina, my thoughts are with your grandma and your family.. and you of course. I've missed our chats, maybe we can catch up soon. Keep in mind that laser tag can be a hardcore workout when you take it seriously! Have a blast, girlie, you deserve it.

Oh, Gretchen, you silly thing, you have no idea how much it makes me grin when you say things like "this week is going to be great! i'm so excited about getting back on track." I love your attitude, and I'm glad you had fun in the ocean. Plus, what's ocean swimming with no waves?!

Sandi, yay for a healthy day! And for surprise parties, glad to hear your mom's was a success.

I've been scarce too.. I've really just gone off track since I got back to school, between classes and weird stuff that's going on, but I really know this will change when I get signed up for the gym. Only my bimbo self would take a week to actually FIND the gym becuase she's looking on the wrong street... THREE times! I can't tell you guys how much gas I've wasted looking for this place, LOL. My classes are okay, I'm a little disappointed in them but that always happens in the beginning of the semester. Oh, and I got my first tattoo, which was really exciting.

C'mon, we wanna know how the rest of you are doing!
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I am such a chicken...I could never get a tatoo, LOL. I gave birth to 2 children w/out pain medication and yet Im afraid of a tatoo needle, LOL. I'd like to get one on the small of my back when i get a nicer looking back..maybe a butterfly or something, lol.

My daughter (3) cut the boottom of her right foot Saturday..I had to take her to the ER, she's got 8 stitches in her precious little foot, (sniffle) and I just came from a meeting at my son's school, they are putting him in the Pre K class because they think he is too immature to handle Kindergarten yet. I don't suppose an extra year of school can hurt him, I just hope that this does help his behavior in school.

I suppose dieting will be easy this week, I broke a tooth off in my sleep last night...It hurts to eat, lol so maybe i should go on the slim fast diet. Hopefully I can get an appointment at the free clinic soon to get this pulled..come to think of it, I'd much rather get a tatoo than have a toothache

Hope you all have a great week...
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Celina- I love Sarah as well. She is so great. I'm glad your grandmother AND you are doing better. Keep it up, girl. You're so great.

Gretchen- Wow, I'm really glad your vacation was so awesome!! My older sister is 28 and she's my hero. And I can't wait until I'm in a size 12! That doesn't even seem like "Apryl" and "size 12" go in the same sentence.

Sandi- Yahooooo! I'm so glad the party went well. My older sister and my friends threw me a surprise party this year on my Sweet Sixteen and it was the best day of my life. I'm glad you had a relaxing weekend, too. Here's to a great week!

Dana- I think we all want to know more about the tattoo!!! (Or is it just me?)

Amanda- You are so funny!! Good luck with the tooth. How's your daughter doing?

And now the Apryl Report. No news is good news. Still truckin' away in school. My first chem test is tomorrow.... I'm babysitting tomorrow.... homework, friends... all the usual stuff. I am however in hot pursuit of a certain gentleman, and things are looking promising. Time will tell. It's fun though!

Where is everyone else!??!! ROLE CALL!!!
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Apryl, my daughter's foot must be feeling ok, she was jumping up and down today LOL. still too sore to wear shoes though, so I guess she's home with me all week. She laughs at me when I am working out, unless it's tae bo, then she does it with me lol she's adorable trying to do the punches and kicks

Glad everyone else is doing well. I am WAY off plan, lol. You'd think with this tooth that I could keep my calories in check!! Oh well, new start tomorrow. I think tomorrow is a tae bo day. My ski machine is wearing me out, LOL. I did stick it out for 15 minutes today, and boy do my thighs feel it, LOL.
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