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Default Weekly Weigh In August 23-29

Hello everybody!

Time to report the happenings of last week, SOOOOO what's happening?

I am happy to report 2 lbs down to 157.

How'd you do?
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hey gretchen wohoo for u. THats great 2lbs down. Iw ish i coudl say i had that great news but i dont.

I stayed the same this week but considering i have been binging because i am nervous bout heading off to college this week i am just glad i didnt gain. I guess that is ap lus right? I'll do better once i am settled in and can start school.
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Great going Gretchen. You are the incrediable shrinking woman. Keep trying Elle you can do it. At least you maintained.
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Yeah Gretchen 2 lbs gone!!

Elle your doing fine. You'll get there. You have so many wonderful hints. Stay strong girl!!
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Down 2.5 pounds. This marks the only time in 3 months that I've lost consistently 2 weeks in a row.

I think maybe my problem is just that I'm wacky in terms of water retention, not even related to particular times of the month. I can gain or lose 4 pounds in a 24 hour period, which is obviously silly, so just water fluctuation. I don't know. Strange.
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Well done Gretchen - you are an inspiration. Howie and Sarah I tracked your progress last week and I was so excited - FANTASTIC!
Elle - I really hope this week goes well for you. Everyone's right you can do it!
Scuttle 2.5 lost! well done. I hope you have agreat week this week!

Thanks for the warm welcome and birthday wishes - I had a great time and I've lost 1 pound this week so thats 5 in total and I'm 217 now.
love Annie x
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I'm starting over today. I braved the scale for the first time in weeks-ugh!

Starting over weight: 209.5, a gain of 10.5 pounds from my lowest weight of 199. Maybe I was scared to be in onderland? Oh well, better to start now before I gain back any more.


01/03-sw 256
total loss-46.5 lbs
goal-somewhere around 150-160
short term goal-20 lbs lost by Xmas-down to 189
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Hello, all!

Great job to all the LOOZAHS out there! (Gretchen, glad to hear that plateau has gone the way of all evil things!)

Annie-Rose, thanks for the kind thoughts and enthusiasm! That stuff just gets me so motivated, I really appreciate it! Congrat's on the pound, girlfriend -- in spite of birthday celebrations!

Elle, you and I have spoken about this, but you're doing everything you can to set yourself up for success, and I have faith that you'll sort out the logistics and that it will all work out. You will make it happen, because you are strong, motivated, and resourceful.

Last week showed a 3 pound loss for me, I'm happy to report, so I'm currently at 227, and 57 pounds down.

Can't wait to hear more good news from folks!
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Congrats to all the losers!!! Such great success this past week.
I guess I can report that I'm officially in a plateau. I've been fluctuating between 267 and 262 for a month. This week I'm back up 5 pounds to 267.5 Not sure what is going on here. I know I only had 1 or 2 "bad days" if you even want to call them that. It's time for me to evaluate my plan make some changes.

I know I'll be happy when this thing ends.
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Gretchen, Thank goodness that plateau is leaving the building. 2 pounds was fantastic!! I'm sure it was a huge relief to see the loss this week. Way to go!!

Jennifer, Water retention does indeed whack out your weight sometimes. Do you notice any visible swelling? There might be a problem if you are consistently swollen and you might need to consult a doctor and possibly seek out a water pill and rule out any other problems. Congratulations are losing two weeks in a row!!

Elle, You can get through this! Don't trick your brain every week to think that once you get past a certain problem then you will do better. I almost made that mistake when I quit smoking and knew that I was over the cravings and should not be eating the way I was. I think it could turn into a vicious cycle and before you know it you are gaining back alot of weight because there are always new issues coming up to deal with. Elle, you are doing so well. You have accomplished so much so far!! I wish I could have done it when I was your age. You are quite an inspiration for me to get under 200 pounds and stay under it. I want to be where you are at. I'm really happy that you maintained!! That was so much better than a gain for sure. Just remember we are here for you and when you are having a hard time we can help you get through it. You are not alone. You have way more strength than you know you just have to pull it from within and utilize it for your gain. Let us know how your first day of school goes. Be strong, you can do it!!

Annie-Rose, Wow!! It was your Birthday week and you still managed to lose a pound! That is awesome!

Sherry, Girl, I hear ya on the Onderland frights. I hit 201, quit smoking, and gained back 9 pounds. You and I are pretty close to the same weight and definately close on the amount gained back. I'm sure we both have alot of the same emotions going on.

Sarah, I think that the weekly challenge certainly worked in your favor. Your hard work really paid off!! I'd do the, "Go Sarah, It's your Birthday", but Amy Jo is the only one that can really pull it off. Maybe she will grace us with it the next time she is on. I'm proud of you Sarah.

I'm happy to report that I lost 2 pounds this week. I'm finally on my way back down from the nine pounds I had gained back while quitting smoking. So, a total of 3 of the 9 is gone. Only 6 more pounds to go to get back to where I was at. I'm still disgusted at the fact that I have to lose this weight that I had already taken off. It seems like such a waste of time. I know that quitting smoking was a great thing but it does not change the fact that I am upset at myself for gaining back pounds that worked so hard to take off to begin with. I think once I have lost the remaining six pounds it will be easier to get past this guilt.

You all have a wonderful week!!
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Good Afternoon All!

Im so very proud of you!!
I had a prety hard week, though. I exercised and ate onplan till last night, and it kind of threw me for a loop. I was sick all night, and REALLY regretting the pound cake with REAL whipped cream I had the gall to eat! Shame on me! Plus, TOM is 2 weeks late, and Im getting kind of ancy about it. I wouldnt be upset if I were pregnant, I would be suprised though! I've been obsessing about it a little, and worrying alot. Iv'e already chewed my fingernails almost to the bone (gross!) Plus, on top of the, my 15 month old has Bronchitis--which is not a pretty sight. So, long story short, I've lost 1/2 a pound this week, which is infinatly better than gaining, so I'm OK about it. Anyhoo-- thats my life in a nutshell, thanks for listening!
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I did the same thing Tammy. I gained 9 also and it is a lot easier once you get it off. The hardest part is over now. You started losing again and that is the hardest thing to do after a gain. I am sure you will take it off and then some. Keep up the good work you are doing great things for you and your family.
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You go Girlies!

Congrats to all the losers! I won't be weighing in until Saturday so we'll see then. My plan is to stay on track all this week, NO TREATS! Will drink water.. And will workout at least 4 times.
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I cheated and weighed this am, since I was really bloated yesterday--and Im down another 1.5, so thats 2 for this week! Im really relieved,too, because, 1/2 a pound was really dissappointing!
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My official weigh-in day was Monday, and I was at 310.5. But I re-weighed this morning after TOM left and was down to 309.
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