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Default Knee Surgery - Tomorrow!

Hi everyone,

I know i've been MIA for a few weeks (months?) but i thought i'd check in really quickly. i've been doing ok, maintaining these last few weeks because i couldn't exercise due to knee pain and i kept slipping on my eating program. i'm ultimately 3 lbs up from my lowest weight, sitting at 174 as of this morning. i've been posting at a smaller weightloss board, so i haven't lost touch with my support groups completely.

tomorrow is my knee surgery. i'm having it on my right ACL, and i'm getting a cadaver ligament grafted in. frankenstien stuff! my recovery time is 6-8 weeks off of work, and they said that patients are usually back to "competition sport level" after a year. i hope to be back on a treadmill by the 6 month mark.

i've been frustrated not being able to exercise! it's the best way to really get it together and lose. i actually can't wait until i can jog again! who would have thought?

i'll leave you all wil a semi-recent picture of me, it was about two weeks ago and i weighed about 172. i'm pretty happy with how much better i look than when i weighed 244. if you're curious about my before and during pictures, they're all here:

hope everyone is doing well! i promise to check back in once i'm recovered enough to sit at a computer! until then, happy losing!

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Good luck with the surgery. Remember, we'll always be here if you "kneed" us (I know, groan...)
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Jill..bad, just bad

Holly - Good luck with your surgery! So glad you popped in!!!
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Holly! It's great to see you.....and you're so pretty in that picture! You really look great, and I'm happy to hear that you're maintaining and all set for surgery. Sounds like you'll be jog-ready in no time! (6 months is just a blink in the big picture....) I wish you a successful surgery, a speedy and complete recovery, and a quick return to 3FC! We'll be thinking of you....

You'll be in my thoughts tomorrow.
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You look fabulous. Good luck with the surgery
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What an *inspiring* series of pictures!!!!!!

Good luck with your surgery.
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You look awesome! Great Job!

Good Luck with your surgery!

Be sure to check in often!

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Wow! You look hot in your picture! Congrats with all the weight loss! And goodluck with the surgery, my friend from college got knee surgery, and we watched it in class, while my teacher did a play-by-play. It was an anatomy class. Very interesting to see, and if you have a good doctor, quick recovery time!
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Good Luck Tomorrow Holly!!
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Good luck Holly! It's good that you're taking care of this now before it gets worse or causes more problems, it'll be worth the pain and frustration in the end! BTW, what a great picture! You're looking lovely, as always! Come see us soon and let us know how everything went.

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Oh Jill, you didn't....

Look how great you look in those leather pants!!! And you didn't gain any, you maintained, which is SO tough to do w/o exercise. I've missed ya, babe. *hugs* Good luck today, my thoughts will be with you.
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Good luck, Holly! My dog had this surgery (without the cadaver ligament, however) and everything was just fine.

Your photos are so great--you look awesome! I think you're doing wonderfully well maintaining, too.
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You look great, can't wait until you're back on your feet and back with us "full time" again. Best wishes!
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Holly all the best for the surgery. By being in such better physical shape now you will heal so much faster!

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Holly you look marvelous!! What a beauty!

Good luck with your surgery! Speedy recovery.
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