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Thumbs up Weekly Weigh In July 12-18

I don't know what the heck happened... I tried to poston that other thread and nothing showed up!

Anyway! I had an "iffy" weekend with one too many "treats" and still lost a pound! I'm very thankful for that! Actually, I lost almost 2 but it didn't quite make it to the second line so I am only counting it as 1 lb.

I went to a shower planning party this weekend and the hostess had NO healthy choices, seriously! So I ate what was offered in moderation, felt like crap and just grinned and beared it!

This weekend was good for 2 reasons:

1. It made me realize that even if you aren't 100% on plan that you can pick right up the next day, the next minute and move on.

2. It allowed me to enjoy some treats and at the same time make me even MORE determined to get back to the straight and narrow. I felt myself getting a little too flexible with my food choices recently and this was the reality check I needed. I think this is what maintenance is going to feel like...

I am so pumped up for the coming weeks. It feels like I am starting a new plan again and I am so excited to kick it into gear! This weekend was just the push I needed to let myself know that "I'm not finished yet". I'm tightening up the plan, start journaling my calories again, and I'ma gonna get these final pounds gone for good!

Good luck to all this week!
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Way to go on the pound and the new start this week Gretchen. I had my treat day on Saturday. I treated myself every meal but did not stuff myself at any. That is what I am mainly trying to stay away from. I was right back on plan today. So I feel pretty good about the weekend. I had much more control than the past two weekends. I am wanting to see how I do at the scales to see if my treat day was ok or if I need to tone it down. Saturdays are realy a nice day because I don't count calories at all and it is just nice not to have to do that.
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OMG! I am so mad this AM. TOM is on her way, and Im holding water like crazy! Im up 1 pound today. This is so crappy!!
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I decided to "re-weigh" myself this morning because I was REALLLLLLY good yesterday. I am down to 162 which would actually put me at a 3 lb loss this week!! Happy dance, Happy dance!! Yippee! I'm going to change my signature now..
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Down 4 pounds from last week, which is a bit misleading as I was up 1 pound last week, so it's 3 pounds over the last 2 weeks. I figured I was just retaining water last week and didn't worry about the gain. Turns out I'm right.

Now I'm trying to wean myself off caffeine and I don't know if that's why, but I was an eating machine yesterday. I did restrict myself to fairly healthy choices, which is not my norm, so I'm pleased with that anyway.

I'm not really counting calories or doing anything except trying to eat healthy foods, but usually I can 'guesstimate' what I'm eating. Now I have things I've cooked that I have no idea how many calories are in them, because my portion sizes vary and I didn't measure ingredients and I'm frankly too lazy to figure it out. That makes me a little edgy, not to know the calories in what I'm eating, even if I don't formally track them. But then again, when I did formally track years ago, I got crazy about never wanting to eat anything I didn't know the calories on, which given my business travel schedule was fairly unproductive, too. So I don't know.

Enough rambling. Work!
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Hey Jennifer

Congrats on the 3 pounds down - that's brilliant.

On the 'not really counting anything'......I am following an eating plan which requires very little counting, and it is working for me. The only things I 'count' are foods which are obviously very high in fat/sugar/calories - and I don't often eat those......Emotionally/mentally I am very resistant to counting and measuring everything - it seems to tie me up in knots, and I can't imagine doing that for the rest of my life! My honest belief is that if you are eating 'healthy', pretty much eating when you are hungry, and stopping when you are full, and exercising, then you are going to lose guess is I would lose faster if I counted and weighed and controlled everything, but that eventually I would rebel against that whole system, and end up back where I started....

So I'm with you on the not-formally-tracking route.....
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Trying really hard and have been doing pretty well. My mini goal is to get below 190 so that I can qualify for long term care health insurance that my husband is trying to line up for us.

Onederland is right around the corner!!!

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You guys rock! amy - jo don't worry - this too shall pass. When I had TOM instead of weighing yourself why not measure yourself. It might lift your spirits. If you know you are going to gain when you know you worked so hard don't get yourself frustrated. When I get frustrated I eat!

It looks like I lost 1/2 lb. I'm not trying to loss weight. If I can maintain and continue to eat healthy for another 4-6 weeks I would be thrilled.

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You all are doing great.

Gretchen I've done the same thing you have. Weighed and then weighed agian the next day knowing that it should have been a higher number. I should not be so stuck on the numbers but that is what motivates me. So I guess that's just who I am.

Amy Jo I'm sorry you have had such a rough week with your new scales and now this. Just don't give up. This to shall pass. You will be back to losing in no time and forget all about this past week.
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Alright, I'm going to give the official total loss for last week: 3 pounds. It would have been more, I think, but TOM arrived last night, and the scale is stuck at 239. Which, strangely, makes me HAPPY, because I'm sure that I'm carrying some H2O! For this and other obvious reasons, I'll be happy when TOM is outta here!
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Gretchen--glad to hear you've found a way to kick your already high gear plan into overdrive. You'll be at goal in no time. WTG on the loss this week as well!!!

Amy Jo--I agree, don't worry about that one pound. Just think next week you should show a larger loss and you'll forget all about gaining that one pound

Jennifer that is great. See that pound came off real quick.

Gale--You are getting so close to Onederland. You'll be there in no time.

Sarah--that is super. You are almost to your second goal.

Me? Believe it or not I'm down 1.5 pounds and have officially reached 20% to my goal. I had such a crappie weekend and haven't exercised in a week so it's probably my little bit of muscle mass I've been trying hard to gain.
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Gretchen, I'm with you. I consider myself pretty lucky to lose when I know I have not did the best. And anyways, it seems that you got right back on track anyways and you are down an even better amount!

Amy Jo, Darn that TOM, I think most of us can say that we know exactly how you feel. Stay on track and next week you will see that pound of water gone and then some.

Jennifer, That's a wonderful loss!! You lost the pound you gained and then three more! You could not have asked for a better week.

Gayle, you are so close to your mini-goal and what an important goal it is!! You only have 16 pounds to go. You will have that gone in no time.

Dana, I think that a 1/2 pound loss is not bad. When I was pregnant the doctor told me that since I was overweight losing any weight was not necessarily a bad thing as long as I was eating right. Once they put me on the diabetic diet I started losing a bunch of weight. You might find that if you stay on a healthy diet you won't gain much weight at all. I know the doctor did not want me to gain the normal 25 pounds, because I was overweight. So, keep up the great work. I think you are doing a wonderful job at controlling how you are eating during this pregnancy.

Sarah, You have officially slid right by me for the amount of weight you have lost total. You worked so hard this past week for that loss. I am proud of you!!

Dawnyal, I'm glad that you saw a weight loss even though you had a bad weekend. Congratulations on meeting your 10% goal. That is fantastic!
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I am going to wiegh in tomorrow morning when I first wake up. I'll post then.
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Great job Ladies!! Everyone is doing so well... By next year, we may just have to change the name of these forums. Anyways, I dont' weigh in until Friday... so I'll be sure to let ya'll know by then..
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Great job everyone!

I'm going to weigh in tomorrow or the next day (depending if i like tomorrows reading!! )

Love Amanda x
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