My # of posts? Question...

  • Just wondering if any of you knew why my posts number would go back down.. Earlier tonight I made a post that was my 201, and now its kicked me back down to 195... I'm confused...

    Any ideas what happened?
  • That would have happened when Sandi deleted all the posts from the points challenge thread. On this type of message board, if a post gets deleted, it also deletes it off of your post count total.
  • Good call! I wouldn't even have thought of that!!
  • Thanks for the response Raelynn! That makes sense now and I would never have thought of that!
  • Hey Sandi, d'ya think you could delete a few pounds off me that way????? Say 60 or so???? Wouldnt that be great?????
  • Claire - too funny... ah, don't ya wish it was just that easy?!