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Wink Quitting Weight Watchers.....

I'm pregnant! wow.. a bit of a surprise.. but not too much. I took a test 2 weeks ago and it was negitive.. but I was still late.. so today I thought I would take another test...and I'm pregnant! wow! This will be dh's and my second child.

I still want to somehow diet... I know I can't "diet".. but I can eat healthy. I don't have a licence to pig out!

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So many congratulations, Dana. Hope all goes extremely well. Yes, you can eat healthy and moderately. The wee bairn needs good sensible nutrition and you need to take care of you all you can. So great! February? March?
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Congratulations! Oh - I'm sooo excited for you. I can't wait to have kids someday..not for a few years yet but I look forward to it!

Well no need to diet, just eat healthy and make sure you get all the food groups in... That alone will change your lifestyle habits...

Congrats again!
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Congratulations Dana!!!!! Keep up the healthy eating habits then when you have your baby... It will be so easy for you to continue with it!! Congratulations to you. You are a very lucky girl!!
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Wow! Congratulations! Hope you stick around, Dana, so you can let us know how you're doing.
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Congratulations Dana!!!!
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oh WOW!!!! very cool... very exciting..!!!!!

you're not leaving us, are you?????

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Yes your not allowed to leave. Great news and congratulations.
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CONGRADULATIONS DANA!!!! I am so excited for you! Definately keep us updated on your pregnancy. I think what the others said is true. You can really focus on eating healthy for the baby now and the habits will stick with you after. Good luck!
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Oh Dana, that is wonderful news! Congratulations. I always had great weight maintenance during pregnancy and always ended up with a 20 lb loss after the bambino was born. Just another perk for bringing a new person into the world - gives Mommy a wonderfully revved up metabolism. There is something about keeping the baby well fed and nourished with healthful things, my best to you. Another helpful hint, all the miles and miles of walking I did during my pregnancy - my second child all but fell out - just in case you need another good reason to walk!! Twenty minute labour, two pushes and viola - 9 lb girl and not a tear in sight. I credit walking. What a wonderful treat for your little one - a sibling!! Enjoy and take good care of you.

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Congratulations Dana!!!! So exciting!
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Hmmm.....strangely enough I was just reading the "Old Threads...this is cool" thread and found this in your list of 10 changes you planned on making in your life:

"9/ I want to have SEX again. what's sex?"

I guess that's one you DID get around to doing

Many congrats to you (and your dh) and don't you dare disappear Dana, ya hear?!
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Congratulations Dana!! Were you two trying or was this an unexpected little surprise?? I'm so excited for you! Please stay with us and keep us updated.

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Congrats Dana! How did Weight Watchers work for you? And what does "dh" mean I see it a lot on this site. I know it refers to your husband butt what does the "d" mean. Anyway its always nice to here somone is have a baby. I just had one 8 weeks ago and boy am I sleepy
God bless
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YAHHHH!!!!! A little baby on the way!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I am soooooo excited for you!!!!

If you leave us, I will hunt you down!!!!!!

Reaferg - DH mean usually means Dear Husband. But if your peeved that D may take on a whole new meaning!!!
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