Interesting Tips - Food for thought!

  • I ran into these somewhere. I thought they were interesting:

    - One pound equals 3500 calores

    - Standing for 50 minutes a day burns 100 calories

    - Research shows that extra sleep can help people stick with healthier eating and helps control hormones that trigger food cravings.

    - Adding 2 pounds of muscle means that your body at rest will burn 100 extra
    calories per day.

    - Thirty minutes of house cleaning burns 100 calories
  • Well Dang! If 30 mns of cleaning burns 100 cals, I must burn 200 almost every day! I know that sounds bad to have an hour of cleaning to do every day, but I have a 1 year old, and a 35 year old (DH) to clean up around!!!
  • Those are interesting Gretchen, thanks for sharing that information.
  • Very interesting, thanks!
  • And here's the "good" news about fat........the heavier you are when you're standing there, or cleaning -- whatever -- the more calories you burn!

    Good thread, Gretchen!

    I'll add one:

    - Many people mistake thirst for hunger, as it's symptoms are sometimes the same.
  • More fun with calories:

    Removing your partner's clothes:
    With consent—12 Calories
    Without consent—187 Calories

    Opening her bra:
    With both hands—8 Calories
    With one hand—12 Calories
    With your teeth—85 Calories

    Trying to find the G-Spot—92 Calories

    Missionary—12 Calories
    69 lying down—78 Calories
    69 standing up—112 Calories
    Wheelbarrow—216 Calories
    Doggy Style—326 Calories
    Italian chandelier—912 Calories

    Real—112 Calories
    False—315 Calories

    Lying in bed hugging—18 Calories
    Getting up immediately—36 Calories
  • Jessica, that was interesting information too. To bad my husband is deployed for so long. I really think he would be up for that kind of exercise plan.

    Sarah, Darn it. I know what you said is so true. I just don't drink enough water at all. I really need to work on that.
  • Any tips on the best place to buy an Italian chandelier??
  • LOL Jill

    Thanks for the tips.

    Gretchen that explains why I never gained weight eating so much fast food when I worked at Wal-mart since I stood on my feet for over 8 hours a day. As soon as I stopped working there I gained like 20 pounds in less than 2 months!!!!
  • see, now that's the kind of calorie information I have been looking for!!!!!