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Thumbs up Blowing off steam (long post)

Ok, so, I woke up this morning over an hour late because the cat knocked the alarm clock off of my dresser and on the way down it knocked over a glass of water causing the whole thing to fry. I went out to start my truck and the key was kinda sticky in the ignition and the radio wasn't working. I left my lunch bag on the counter with my breakfast and my lunch in it. I got to work and realized that I was dressed nicely all the way to my socks but the shoes were not what they were supposed to be.... I ended up there in my tennis shoes.... over an hour late. I thought things were were starting to even out. At 9:30 I headed out to my truck thinking I would just head out to my Thursday morning "appointment" as my customers know it but really it's the good ol WW meeting. I put the key in the ignition... tried to turn the key and nothing the key will not turn no matter how much jiggling, pushing, or talking to it I do. No worries I say to myself as I notice the other lady that goes to the meetings come out of the building. I grabbed a ride with her and off we went... of course late. I got there and stepped on the scale to reveal.............. a 0.3 loss. Now don't get me wrong a loss is a loss but it just didn't seem like enough to me today. I got back to the office with no further problems and decide I need to call my husband and let him know about the truck so that he can come by and pick me up on the way home or fix it for me.... funny I'm married to a mechanic and my truck won't start oh the irony..... I realize that he switched jobs this morning and I have no way to get ahold of him. I don't know the number or the name of the new shop he is working in all I can remember is that it is in another town half an hour away... Then I remember his brother also works there and somewhere in my purse is his cell number. Fine... easy enough I call him up tell him my woes and ask him to have my husband call me back.... 1 hour later.... 2 hours later..... 3 hours later nothing. So I call back and His brother tells me oh yeah! I forgot I'll go tell him now..... 1/2 hour later the phone rings and salvation is on the other end only it's going to be running about an hour late tonight. So here I sit hoping this is the end of my adventures for the day. I think I'lll just keep wishing who know what will happen when I finally get home!!!!!!
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if only she'd lose weight
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*hugs for Misty*

I, too, am having a "day"...

If my mother calls me ONE MORE TIME today....Yes, I am going to ****.

But there is no reason for 10 phone calls in one day. NONE.

I can't turn the ringer off b/c it might be a job calling for me.

The scene: between 1:30-2pm ala Casa de SPF

Me: Well, do you want to walk around the river @ 3?


Me: I think you can go one day w/o watching that pompous windbag.

Mom: I'd tape it, but I don't want to tape over something your dad hasn't watched yet.

Me: *sigh* So is this a yes or no for the walk?

Mom: No

4pm, after Dr F***ing Phil, the phone rings

Mom: How about that walk now, then we can drop your car off @ the shop?

Me: NOW?!!?!?!?!??! R's coming for dinner, I've got stuff to do!

Mom: blah blah blah blahdy blah blah blah




I love her but she is driving me nuts!!!! I hope I get this job I test for on Tuesday, maybe then she will not feel the need to call me so much. Garrrrrrrrrrrrr.
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((hugs)) to both of you. Tomorrow will be better.
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Thank you both so much!! And yes ((HUGS)) to you too SuchAPrettyFace I've decided to just wipe yesterday off the books and start over. And Step you were right! Today is a wonderful day!!!
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Some days are just a comedy of errors!!

Hope today is going MUCH better for the both of you!!!!
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I have had a week like that this last week! I was not feeling well wednesday and missed physical therapy, Then i had an arthoram on my shoulder where they inject dye into the joint then do a MRI, that made it so i could not use my arm for a few days so i wasnt able to do all the workouts that i wanted to and i missed another appointment because of my arm, then the new furnace they put in a few weeks ago isnt working up to code so they have to come back and fix it soon, and my mom is having surgery monday and comming to stay with my for a few days and i really need to clean my house but i am still sore so not as much as i would like has gotten done. I am hoping for a turn for the better soon!
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