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Default Silly Poll: what size clothes do you wear?

I'm 5'5" and I am now comfortably fitting into all my size 24W pants. I only had 2 pairs of 26W and now they are sliding around I had some "forgiving" 24Ws that were 'ok' but not great before I started losing. I also had some "small 24s" if you know what I mean, and I'm happy to report that they now fit.

Obviously the clothing manufacturer, the wearer's muscle tone, height and body shape all come into consideration ... but still I'm curious. The smallest I've ever been was 147bs in college. I was very active and not 'too flabby'. I was most consistently a regular size (Misses) 14, occassionally a Misses 12 (dresses or elastic waist pantsuits). I never have had much of a waist, and even at 147, if pants fit in the waist they bagged at the hips, and if they fit at the hips, they were tight in the waist. Same thing today.

Yet ... I occassionally I see weightloss ads (I know, not realistic) where people claim that they lost 40 pounds and went from a size 16 to a size 6. Or you see somebody who says they are 300+ pounds and wearing a size 18. I wear an 18 at about 180lbs maybe that person is 6 1/2 feet tall?

I hate tight clothes (no matter what my size) ... so maybe that factors into the sizes I buy. I'm just curious ... what do you think about these things?
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I ware 32 couldn't get into anything smaller if i tryed. At 307 i fit in to 28
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This one is tough for me, cuz my belly is WAY bigger than my other parts. Ugh. Most of me is a 24, but my belly is firmly in a 26. And jeans - I gave those up 50 lbs ago cuz they are completely unforgiving to the belly, but I can pretty much squeeze into an 28 in those

Oh, and I'm 5'5" and except for the belly I'm blessed to be rather well-proportioned.
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Well, I'm 5'9", weigh 196.5 and wear a size 14. I'm actually quite shocked by it (thought I'd wear an 18 or 16), but attribute it to consistent weight lifting.

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well i am 5' 10" and weigh 313 lbs. at 356 lbs. i wore a 26/28 in everything. i am now into a 22/24 and a very small cut 26. but i can also wear an xl in some jogging pants i have, so i really think it depends on the person and who makes the clothes.


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I'm at 198.5 and am five feet eight inches tall. I wear a size eighteen pants, but sometimes they're tight, and a large or xl shirt. I've been strength training for months, and have a small waist/not terrible stomach, but my hips/thighs prevent me from fitting into a smaller size on bottom...sigh...Sheila, I would be ecstatic just to get into a size sixteen pants-good for you!

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Alright, at 280 (5'2.5") I'm in a 26 pants (28's still fit but are fairly baggy especially the 28w I have)..

And as for shirts I'm usually 22/24, but being self-conscious about anything that's remotely snug about my midsection I have some 26/28s in my wardrobe... going to have to cut out wearing the bigger ones, though... My chest is shrinking before my eyes and I feel like I'm swimming in the shirts.. Just wish the tummy would be the one shrinking. My chest is the only thing I don't mind not shrinking.

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I started at 285 (5'6") and was wearing a tight 22 and a comfortable 24 and at 268 I'm wearing a comfortable 22. Everyone is different you have to consider muscle definition and bone mass as well as brands of clothing.
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My current weight is 280, I am 5'4 and I am mostly comfortable in size 22 jeans but I have one pair of 24 jeans that just don't fit too good. Could be me, could be the brand...who knows...lol but I can zip them up, and wear them, but I am uncomfortable in them. I wear a size 22/24 in a top.

When I was 305 lbs I wore a size 26/28 jean and 26/28 top.

My lowest weight was 185 and I wore a 16 jean and 14/16 top.

How I'd love to get back to a 14/16
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What a great topic. This is one thing that ALWAYS drives me crazy. I'll be at the same weight as someone and they are wearing 2-3 sizes smaller than me. I think it's totally a height and muscle thing.

At 284 I am wearing pretty much a 26/28. AT 300+ a 30/32 was a MUST. I'm 5'6.

I have no idea what size I'll be. As long as I can shop in a normal store, I think I'll be a happy camper.

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I'm 203 at 5'5" and am comfortable in an 18. Most XL tops fit me, but I'm most comfortable in a Woman's 1X.

It is so odd how it is so varied, isn't it?
Angi L
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I'm 5'8", at 330+lbs. I wore a 30/32 or bigger if they had it. Now I am excited to say that I wear a size 8/10 or medium at 142 lbs. And I actually enjoy clothes shopping now where I absolutley dreaded it before. I really don't get why the sizes vary so much depending who makes them. I mean there really should be some kind of a standard otherwise why couldn't they decide to slap a size 8 label on a pair of size 16 pants just because they think it would help sales?

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if only she'd lose weight
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I am 5'7", and in size 22 both on top & bottom. A solid 2X.

The thing that frosts my cupcakes is: THIS IS THE SAME SIZE I WAS WEARING IN HIGH SCHOOL, AT 225#. So the manufacturers have changed their sizing charts. There's no doubt in my mind anymore.

"It's never too late to be what you might have been." -George Eliot
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Height: 5'5"


Yes, sizing charts have changed. Marilyn Monroe wore a size 16. Today, she'd probably wear a 10.

And it is odd how varied it is...I am only an inch taller than Angi, but weigh about 30 pounds more. We both wear an 18. (Although I do have one pair of dress pants that's a 20, but they're a bit loose.) And dresses...don't get me started! As long as I am wearing a panty girdle, I can wear a size 14 dress.


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Well, for starters, I'm about 5'2". I started this journey at 298+ (quit looking at the scale when the size 26 jeans were getting tight). I was squeezing into size 26 jeans, but would have been comfy in a 28. I bought one pair of size 28 pants, cut the tag out and wore them. On top I was wearing 3XL shirts, and 26-28 shirts.

I'm now at 225 and am wearing 16W jeans and there's one pair of jeans that is a regular 16 that I can wear, but not with a fitted shirt. For tops, I'm in a 14-16, and some XL, some L, depending on the make.

Fun topic!
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