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terrific pig 02-12-2004 10:40 PM

A tough week weight-wise and work-wise
I went back to the doctor today to recheck my breathing - asthma was acting up last Monday and I was put on prednisone. I gained 2 pounds according to doctor's scale. In the scheme of things it's not bad - it's almost impossible for me to be on prednisone without gaining - but I would have liked my weight to have stayed the same at least.

I've subbed all week, except for today. Tomorrow I'm going back to the same 5th grade class I was in Wednesday, and I'm not really looking forward to it. There are a few obnoxious kids in the class. Good thing it's Friday, and that next week's February vacation. Aaaahhh, the trials of a substitute teacher... Please send me your good thoughts so that tomorrow will fly by!

Monkeybabies 02-12-2004 11:02 PM

Good Thoughts Mary coming your way. Hope the asthma is improving already. Man, I am sorry about the 5th grade class....because I remember being one of those obnoxious kids to the sub. Man, we were just so siked to not have the reguloar teacher.....Just show em who is boss!!!!!! Good luck...TGIF!

Step 02-12-2004 11:21 PM

Good luck!!! I'm sure you'll do just fine ...

You could come sub in my town ... the school system is about to fall apart ... I told dh a couple of days ago we gotta declutter and emtpy the crap out of our attic and basement cuz we'll need to move in a few years before the kids hit middle school ... now I'm thinking sooner ....

The elementary schools are wonderful, middle and high school are on edge due mainly to major budget cutbacks. We had a failed vote on Monday that would have given the schools $$, 17 teachers will be let go. On Tuesday a beloved elementary school teacher-turned-principal lost a 6 year battle with cancer (of course some say he lost the fight to live, knowing what he'd face if he ever made it back to school). My son's first grade teacher has been out since Wednesday "because she's so sad" ... she says she'll be in on Monday, but most likely this will be her last year there because she doesn't have lots of seniority, and the principal was also her teacher and a neighbor when she was young ...

AND NOW ... I just heard on the 11pm news that the superintendant of schools just resigned along with a 'financial manager' (I didn't even know this small town HAD a financial manager). And until this week, I've always LIKED living in this small, compact town ... 1.6sq miles, 18,000 people, bordering on boston. UGHHH!!!!

ANYWAY ... Mary ... I'm so sorry I barged in on YOUR post. I really hope you have a good day tomorrow.

terrific pig 02-14-2004 11:05 AM

Thanks, guys!
Thanks Steph and Gine - the day went better than expected. The morning was fine - it's usually the afternoon when things fall apart with kids in elementary school, and yesterday was par for the course. I am very hard on myself always, and I wish I could get over that somehow. Other teachers I was saying goodbye to on the way out the door yesterday said 'their' kids were crazed yesterday afternoon, too. The day before vacation, Friday, day before valentines day and Friday the 13th all rolled into one! Yikes!!! Anyway, now I'm poised on the brink of a week's vacation. Even though for me it's unpaid, I'm looking forward to the time off.
By the way, Steph, you did NOT barge into my post - I'm glad to hear your thoughts on education!

Monkeybabies 02-14-2004 08:47 PM

Yeah...VACATION!!!!! Glad it went better than expected!!!!

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