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JML 01-30-2004 12:36 PM

Wedding dress picture
Hi guys! I'm still here, just in an out. Been so busy. I'm up to 146.5, but considering falling in love and getting engaged, that's not so bad and I'm getting back to being good. I am determined to keep the weight off. I'd like to get back down to 140. Even though it's five pounds supposedly beneath my perfect weight for my height, I felt best at 140. So, I'll get there again. It will just take some more time. I'd like to get there by the end of March. I know what to do. I just have to do it.

Wedding plans are progessing -- very slowly. We're going through our church's pre-cana program. It's pretty extensive, and we haven't been allowed to set a date yet. Maybe in another month or two? It's hard to plan a wedding without a date, but we're doing what we can. Steve's been researching reception sites, and I bought a wedding dress! I got a great deal -- $99! I couldn't even get the lace for that. It was a size 12 -- and as you can see from the picture it even has to be taken in a bit! I felt very proud trying it on. When I started losing weight I was between a 24 and a 26. And now to buy my wedding dress in a 12 is a very good feeling. Now I'm working on accessories. It needs a petticoat to pouf out the skirt which is actually very full. You can't see well from the picture, but it's an organza skirt with lace appliques all along the skirt hem, and pearls with a few crystal sequins encrusted in the top. I'm going to make my own veil. The one I want would cost me $300 in the store. If I make something the same or better, it will cost me between $15 and $20. I already bought the fabric and supplies I need.

Sigh.... when I was still 250 pounds, I would dream of having a beautiful wedding dress should I ever get married. And now I do.

Hmmm. I just posted this and looked at the picture. It's fuzzy, but you get the idea. I wish I had a better picture. This one was taken with my dad's digital camera and they just don't come out as well as the film ones for some reason. Maybe I can get a better picture when I have everything done -- accessories, alterations, etc.

Sandi 01-30-2004 12:41 PM

WOW!! how exciting!! The dress looks beautiful, although it's pretty hard to tell from the pic. What a great feeling, a size 12 dress. I'm so happy for you!!! Can't wait to hear all the deatails as they unfold. I am glad to see that you are still around.

jiffypop 01-30-2004 12:45 PM

it's beautiful... but TOO BIG!!!! what a great thing to say!!!! i'm so happy for you! it'll be a perfect day...

dowsx4 01-30-2004 01:24 PM

It looks lovely! And $99 bucks what a great deal! When i got married we made the boquets ourselves and i was very happy being able to say i did that and they came out beautiful. I hope all the arrangements come out as nicely as the dress shopping did!

rochemist 01-30-2004 04:32 PM

Oh hun! I am so happy for you! You are going to be the most beautiful bride ever!

Miss Chris :hat:

Jennelle 01-30-2004 06:56 PM

Beautiful, and only $99! Wow! :)

glynne 01-30-2004 07:37 PM


Your dress is beautiful and you are looking great too!! What an exciting time. Glad you are sharing with us.


missaprylj 01-30-2004 07:54 PM

I *love* the train part, it's perfect. You're going to be smashing!

Sheila53 01-30-2004 08:10 PM

What a gorgeous dress! You're going to make a stunning bride. I'm so happy for you!

Jillegal 01-30-2004 11:06 PM

Looking goooooooood girl! It'll be great when we get to see the "whole package" (groom included maybe;))

JML 02-01-2004 12:09 PM

Thanks guys! I love the train part too. I'm making the longest layer of the veil to be slightly longer than the dress train. I tried that length on in the dress store and it looked incredible.

missaprylj 02-01-2004 03:29 PM

Beyoootiful!!! I love veils and trains.

Charbar 02-02-2004 10:49 AM

Jeanne! - you are such a beautiful bride!!!

SuchAPrettyFace 02-03-2004 02:24 AM

Congrats, it looks great!!! :cheers:

Nyssareen 02-03-2004 03:07 AM

You truely look beautiful and your dress is wonderful, just the kind I want should I ever get married again! I agree with the others that you need to post more pics when you have it all done...and pics of the groom so we can see the lucky man. Congratulations!


JML 02-03-2004 11:58 AM

OK. As I get it together, I'll definitely post a picture. I've got to get more stuff together. I ordered shoes on the internet this weekend. They're pretty -- mid-heels, white crepe with satin trim, with a strap around the ankle so they don't fall off when we dance -- kind of like a more grown up, sophisticated mary jane with a closed toe and heel but open in the middle.

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