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curvynotlumpy 10-01-2021 12:48 AM

Make Fall Fierce: October 2021 Check-in & Accountability Thread
https://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/ima...s/welcome2.gifeveryone to the October 2021 daily weigh-in/check-in. This is our monthly neighborhood block party so welcome back to the regulars, and please consider joining us if you've been reading/lurking. We'd love to have you here!
Here you can:
~track your weight daily, weekly or however you'd like ... but do check in
~keep track of what you eat or didn't eat
~keep track of your water intake or lack of
~keep track of your exercise/other goals
~vent, rant ... express yourself or just chit-chat

There is something dramatic and fierce about October. The trees are ablaze with crimson, gold, and orange leaves that will eventually make their way to the ground and under our feet where the unmistakable crunch lets us know that the season has changed. In Northern California where I live, the relentless heat has finally given way to generic warm days and cool crisp nights that make using a blanket reasonable. The colors, sounds, and other bold seasonal changes are a fitting metaphor and set the stage for the changes we've made or continue to make this year. And if you haven't started, why not now? Take some time to acknowledge and appreciate what has brought you to this point. We can be grateful for all the successes and set-backs; they are both valuable teachers. We can practice strategic-self care and acknowledge that this is a challenging time of year, but that in general we still control what we eat, whether we exercise, and how much sleep we get. Every day is a new day to begin again. Every time you choose to nourish yourself well, move your body, or stubbornly fight for your health, you fierceness is revealed.

Sending :goodvibes and well wishes as we enjoy all the splendor October brings. :hug:

Martine 10-01-2021 06:53 AM

Thank you curvynotlumpy for starting this monthly thread. I hope this month things will settle down at work for you, you seem very busy. Do not want you to be overworked.

I ended September at the same weight that I had gained back after celebrating my birthday a bit too much. I start October with the same goals of meeting my calories and protein goals daily, drinking 2.75L of water every day (often times I made it to 2L last month, I can do better this month), continuing with daily physio and flexibility workouts at least 5/7 days per week, and to go for a walk for that same frequency. I’ll reevaluate my goals mid-month.

Have a fantastic October everyone!

loganandlivsmom 10-01-2021 07:10 AM

curvynotlumpy Thanks for starting our thread once again! Such inspiring words, every day is a new day to start over no matter what is so right!
martine Keep plugging away, that is all we can do...Eventually your body will reward you for staying in your calorie range and exercising, etc...Checking in here has helped me with all my ups and downs, like I have said before it's sort of weight loss "therapy' and keeps me focused.
RunningRedHead Congrats on the 9 pounds!!!!:woohoo:That is wonderful!

I only lost one pound overall in September. I was 204 and after the roller coaster month up small ups and downs I was at 203 this morning. My goal for October is 201.Even with the holidays around the corner, I still would love to see 199 by December 31st.

RunningRedHead 10-01-2021 09:12 AM

Curvy: Thank you for continuing our monthly thread! It sounds like you’ve had quite the busy month getting ready for the start of the semester. I’m crossing my fingers for you that things settle into a more comfortable pace. Please remember to practice self-care during this busy and stressful time!

Martine: You’ve got some solid goals there! I think it’s awesome that your goals tend to be fitness and wellness related instead of just focusing on the scale—you’ve inspired me to be more mindful of my own activity/exercise!

Loganandlivsmom: Thank you! Great work, despite that rollercoaster month, you still ended with a loss! I know you’ll be able to reach ONEDERLAND by year’s end!

Last month was a record breaker for me, but the majority of what I lost was water weight—I’m quite glad to be rid of it regardless, as the bloat I’d been dealing with was pretty uncomfortable. This month I’m sticking with my goals of 3.5-4L of water per day, a 30% kcal deficit, and exercising for at least 30 minutes most days of the week. Instead of setting a strict number of times to go to yoga or get out with the pup, I’m going to stick with the aforementioned activity goal as I feel it’s a little more realistic and less stressful. My weight goal will put me past my next mini-goal in my signature and about halfway to the next one of being overweight-- how funny it sounds to have a goal of being overweight ;) :lol: ;)

Best of luck this month, everybody!

SW: 228.4
GW: 221.0

Week 1:
10/1: 228.2 (-0.2)
10/2: 228.5 (+0.3)
10/3: 231.6 (+3.1)
10/4: 229.8 (-1.8)
10/5: 228.4 (-1.4)
10/6: 228.4 (+/-0)
10/7:229.6 (+1.2)
Total for week 1: +1.2
Total for October: +1.2

Week 2:
10/8: 228.0 (-1.6)
10/9: 227.6 (-0.4)
10/10: NWI
10/11: 226.1 (-1.5)
10/12: 225.4 (-0.7)
10/13: 225.4 (+/-0)
10/14:225.7 (+0.3)
Total for week 2: -3.9
Total for October: -2.7

Week 3:
Total for week 3:
Total for October:

Week 4:
Total for week 4:
Total for October:

Final days: :haphal:
Total for final days:
Total for October:

loganandlivsmom 10-02-2021 07:53 AM

RunningRedHead "I know you’ll be able to reach ONEDERLAND by year’s end!" From your lips (or keyboard) ;) to God's ears!! LOL :D I have said the same about having a goal to be overweight! :lol: I am less than 10 pounds away to overweight vs obese. Oh the goals I have...199, then to be overweight. LMAO I really haven't even seen my current weight in 20 plus years!

RunningRedHead 10-02-2021 01:19 PM

Loganandlivsmom: Amen, sister! I’m very easily fascinated—the differences in thresholds for overweight and obesity classifications for people of different heights are interesting. Like, you and I are not very far apart in height, but the weight thresholds for those classifications differ.

SW: 228.4
GW: 221.0

Week 1:
10/1: 228.2 (-0.2)
10/2: 228.5 (+0.3)

curvynotlumpy 10-02-2021 11:42 PM


Martine: Happy belated birthday! :celebrate: It's easy to indulge on your birthday but you know how to get back on track. Better to end the month at the same weight than see a gain. The silver lining of that is that by circumstance you're learning how to maintain. In some ways, losing weight is the easy part because our eyes are always charting the drops on the scale. But what happens when we get to goal weight? it's about doing those things to not see the scale go up or past our "red zone". Great job!

RunningRedHead: Congrats on a having a great September--9 pounds is tremendous! Shedding that water weight probably means you're feeding yourself better. Hydrating helps push it all through (if you know what I mean ;)) When I eat poorly, my own body retains water weight like it's nobody's business. The height/BMI connection is interesting! I'm only 5'0" and at my fittest, lowest weight of 138, I was still considered "overweight". It is interesting to see how that changes when folks are taller or shorter. I'm glad there are so many other ways to chart our progress. :yes:

loganandlivsmom: Thanks for introducing us to the cool way to write ONEDERLAND. I hope you don't mind me using it when necessary. You had a great month! One pound is one pound and we all know that the lighter we get the harder it is to get that needle to budge. I have no doubt that if you continue doing what you're doing, you'll see it move. Just keep in mind that all those efforts are still paying off in so many other ways.
It feels great to see you all and check in again! I started the month at 215 which is a pound down from where I started in September. Again, it's due to busyness and not actual effort. I thought I was ahead of the curve returning to campus as I've been working on campus 2-3 days per week. What I discovered these last two weeks is that there is a BIG difference between working in my office with our building locked and no one coming in, than it is working in my office with my staff back in theirs and students coming in and out and asking questions or needing help. I'm grateful that our university is allowing us to continue to work remote 2 days per week but I probably won't start doing that until November as my staff is new so I want to make sure they're settled in well and that our new peer advisors are comfortable in their role in the office. All the distractions mean that most days I was lucky to eat my lunch. Most nights I got home late and just wasn't that hungry so I ate lightly and chose to go to bed instead.

Our university required that all students, faculty, and staff be vaccinated to return to campus. They are granting some religious and medical exceptions but not many. Even fully vaccinated, we are required to test every 2 weeks, and for those with exceptions every 4 days. It seems to be working; the campus as a whole is hovering around 95% of everyone being fully vaccinated. So far so good!

loganandlivsmom 10-04-2021 07:02 AM

curvynotlumpy Hi! :wave: Thanks for the the encouragement and advice. You are right, the lower we get the harder it will be to lose. I can't take credit for the cool way to write ONEDERLAND I literally copied it from RunningRedHead. I bet she will be OK with it! :) Keep checking in with us, it seems to help when you just post your weight and say how it's going up or down and why. It keeps me a bit focused. I know you are very busy, but taking that bit of time can really help!

RunningRedHead 10-04-2021 08:12 AM

Curvy: Way to go on your loss for September! You make a good point regarding the hustle and bustle of campus this year compared to last (even if this year isn’t quite at the same level as pre-pandemic years). I run into students all the time now, whereas last year it was a very rare experience. You’re right, it is great there are other ways to chart progress aside from BMI—I’m a huge fan of photo documentation and a tape measure! The body is a funny thing when it comes to water weight—so many different factors influencing retention and whatnot, I’m still honing what makes me retain (as evidenced by my spike yesterday that I’m still recovering from).

Loganandlivsmom: :lol: I don’t mind people using the cool way of writing ONEDERLAND, as I “borrowed” it from another poster from years ago :rofl:

In addition to height’s role in determining BMI, I find it interesting how the ranges for “healthy weight” have shifted over the past several decades. Before I started keto, I tried everything in the book (any book!) to try and lose weight, and nothing really worked long term. However, in that search I stumbled across a booklet called (and bear with me, it’s a very declarative title :lol: ) American Women Didn’t Get Fat in the 1950s: Diet Secrets From Slimmer Times. I am generally wary of anything with the words “diet secrets” in or around it. However, what I found fascinating was the correlation between food availability, food quality, and the increasing rates of obesity as those things changed.

Thinking about weight gain and obesity through the decades, it’s an interesting starting point. The other thing I found interesting though, and the main point that began this tangent, was the inclusion of “normal” height and weight ranges for 1950-1958 (with a 2” heel for women of course haha), vs the 1959 based on the Build and Blood Pressure Study (also with a 2” heel). The 1950-1958 table advocates that an ideal weight for someone of my height and frame is 160-174, but according to the updated data from 1959, an ideal weight for me would actually be 153-173.

I can’t even fathom being 150-160, as it’s been over 20 years probably, but I’m curious how I’ll feel when I get to the 170s someday! The other thing with these guidelines is while they are a more restricted weight range, they allowed for variations for each height measurement based on body frame—so if I was a small-framed woman at my height, the range would actually decrease and narrow to 138-148 pounds!

Okay, wow that’s a lot of words! Sorry for the diatribe and if you read the whole thing, thank you so much—I don’t think I’ve consumed enough coffee yet :lol:

SW: 228.4
GW: 221.0

Week 1:
10/1: 228.2 (-0.2)
10/2: 228.5 (+0.3)
10/3: 231.6 (+3.1)
10/4: 229.8 (-1.8)

RunningRedHead 10-05-2021 12:17 PM

SW: 228.4
GW: 221.0

Week 1:
10/1: 228.2 (-0.2)
10/2: 228.5 (+0.3)
10/3: 231.6 (+3.1)
10/4: 229.8 (-1.8)
10/5: 228.4 (-1.4)

William47 10-05-2021 01:52 PM

Hello weight loss warriors!
Figured I would check in.
I'm going to ramble a bit today. My life is in some turmoil. Old wounds and insecurities seem to drift through my days like ghosts from my former life. Trying to balance my emotions and still hold on for better days. I feel like I really have my sh..stuff together right now. I feel like I am in control of my destiny. But I also see how my life Has left me wounded and defensive. I wonder if I will ever be normal. I'm pretty good at faking it but I'm keenly aware that I am faking it. It permeates my life, my relationships, my feelings. I'm going to get back in touch with my counselor and I hope that helps. Maybe I thought weight loss would do more for me then it has. I have had the best spring and summer! Really epic! But anxiety and depression are a constant companion through it all. Sometimes buried deep but always waiting to take advantage of any opportunity. I always said my weight is a manifestation or my psychological problems. Visible evidence of a broken soul. I believe that more now then ever.
On the diet front, I'm still a couple pounds over my red line of 280. I would like to establish a new red line at 270 but have been unsuccessful at getting back on track. Like a plateau I just get stuck. I have the skills and tools to succeed but you have to want it, really want it. Gems and gold can lose their luster. Its so worth the work and the sense of pride I feel from losing over 100lbs is wonderful. I am realizing the weight loss is the easy and quick part. There is so much more to our journey. Heal in all facets as you can. Success is a cumulative and progress can be hard to measure.just try to remember you are so worth it. Stay strong team! U have it within you to be great, and try not to be to hard on your selves. I love you all and will post more frequently

loganandlivsmom 10-05-2021 06:20 PM

RunningRedHead I find the numbers interesting too. I have posted things like that...how I was obese level 3 (barely but I was) when I first started to lose weight this time. Now I am obese level 1. For me the first goal again is 199 and then 195 (for me is BMI 29.6 at 195) and "just" overweight. That booklet sounds like it was fun! :D My ideal weight on the higher end is 165. I swear I haven't seen that since probably age 16 and only for a minute. ;) The food availability idea is interesting...for most I bet now it's not planning and / or eating on the run.

William I am so sorry you are struggling friend! I will say to you what you said to me once and it stuck with me. You are worth it! You are. I am glad you are posting about it and getting help with your counselor. If you aren't taking an anxiety med your doctor can prescribe it. Just keep tracking your calories and tell yourself you can have up to 2500 calories and that will maintain 280. Don't pressure yourself that you have to lose, just don't gain. For you 2500 calories would basically be maintaining even if you don't exercise at all. You've got this!

As for me, I was 202 six days ago. I have had some salty foods I like and the water retention followed. I was up to 204 and now back to 202 again. When I get to 201 I will be super psyched. LOL

VickieLou 10-06-2021 04:53 PM

Thanks for starting this thread, Curvy and for the encouraging words. Good Luck, Everyone!

SW: 138.4 CW: 138.6 (+ .2) GW: 134.4


1. 138.4
2. 138.2 (- .2)
3. No Weigh In.
4. No Weigh In.
5. No Weigh In.
6. No Weigh In.
7. No Weigh In.
8. No Weigh In.
9. No Weigh In.
10. No Weigh In.
11. No Weigh In.
12. 138.6 (+ .2)
13. No Weigh In.
14. No Weigh In.
15. 138.2 (- .2)
16. No Weigh In.
17. No Weigh In.
18. No Weigh In.
19. No Weigh In.
20. No Weigh In.
21. No Weigh In.
22. 138.6 (+ .2)
23. No Weigh In.
24. No Weigh In.
25. No Weigh In.
26. No Weigh In.
27. No Weigh In.
28. No Weigh In.
29. No Weigh In.
30. No Weigh In.
31. No Weigh In. I didn't reach my GW.



RunningRedHead 10-07-2021 09:52 AM

Just a quick one for me today. Busy busy worker bee over here ;)

SW: 228.4
GW: 221.0

Week 1:
10/1: 228.2 (-0.2)
10/2: 228.5 (+0.3)
10/3: 231.6 (+3.1)
10/4: 229.8 (-1.8)
10/5: 228.4 (-1.4)
10/6: 228.4 (+/-0)
10/7:229.6 (+1.2)
Total for week 1: +1.2
Total for October: +1.2

loganandlivsmom 10-10-2021 07:19 AM

Happy Sunday fam!
I put off announcing my weight until I was fairly sure it was accurate. I was 200.8 yesterday and today 200.6!! :dancer: I feel so motivated to get to 199.8 even...just to see a 1 in the first digit will be amazing! :)

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