Master the minis: May 2021 Daily Check-in & Accountability Thread

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  • to the May 2021 daily weigh-in/check-in. ALL our welcome to this thread. Here you will find support, encouragement, and endless kindness.

    Here you can:
    ~track your weight daily, weekly or however you'd like ... but do check in
    ~keep track of what you eat or didn't eat
    ~keep track of your water intake or lack of
    ~keep track of your exercise/other goals
    ~vent, rant ... express yourself or just chit-chat

    As we are now into the second month of spring, it's a good time for an accountability check to see where we're at in terms of our progress. Progress can mean different things to different people. From my own experience, how I label and apply progress to my own experience often leads to a positive or negative perspective of myself. I unwittingly turn my "progress" into a moral judgement. Do you find you do the same?

    Maybe one of the challenges in assessing our individual progress is that we're looking for something big, or at least to move the needle (don't just mean scale) similarly, at the same pace every day. When we don't, it's a disappointment. When we do, we've won. Yay me! What gets lost in the process are the "minis". By minis I mean the small incremental goals, strides, accomplishments that each of us experience every day. Every single one of us have accomplished big goals or completed a big project sometime in our life. That didn't happen overnight. Are you married, raising/raised children, have a significant other? Great! Your world is full of minis; relationships are hard! Is your goal to drink 64 ounces of water daily but today you only drank 16? Perfect--celebrate those 16 and then raise a glass to yourself with another 8. Wanted to clean the whole house but only managed the bathroom? Trust me, everyone appreciates a clean bathroom. Minis are as varied as the folks reading this post.

    Whether you are just beginning your journey or are a long time traveler, for the next 31 glorious days of May, let's spend some time tracking and acknowledging the minis of our progress. It's been a tough, sad, and scary year. Let's find and celebrate the best of who we are and the others who grace our life.
  • curvynotlumpy thank you for starting this thread again this month. And your words really spoke to me and reminded me how I am constantly teetering on the edge of the all-or-nothing mentality and I have to tell myself every day that just because I didn’t exercise that day or didn’t keep to my eating plan, it doesn’t mean my entire day was a wash. I have to find the positive mini wins in each day.

    Though April left me disappointed in myself, I did complete a Fitness Blender program (took me 8 weeks to get through it instead of 4, but I did it) and I ended the month with a 1000-calorie workout, keeping up with my goal of completing one each month this year. Those are mini wins. My goals this month will be to re-focus on eating on plan and gaining back consistency in working out. I also am dealing with work-related social anxiety, so I have to work on that as well. Lofty goals but I can do it.

    Have a wonderful month of May everyone!
  • Happy May everyone!
    Curvy Thanks as always for starting our thread each month. Your words are always inspiring. I agree we need to focus on our small wins or minis!
    Martine You are exercising like a champ! I am impressed as always by the amount of activity you do!
    William Once again I am so proud of all you've done. 115 pounds is amazing!!

    My first May goal is 50 pounds. As of today I am .8 away. A tiny .8!! I hope to make by next Sunday. It will be my Mother's Day gift for myself. LOL I plan to walk more since the weather has been awesome lately.
  • Hello BFF's! What the he k happened to April? Time is just rushing by.
    Curv, I had to read the opening several times. Its a really good one for introspection! My mind would wander to all the small steps that equal a lifetime. How we are a product of our decisions, some big, some small. I'm down with the Minnis you know I'm down!
    Martine, 🙋😊 hi friend, our journey continues, yes? I hope you are super great and now with the warming weather, outdoor opportunities await! So, I love how exercise makes me feel, especially that warm feeling after. However, I just have a hard time enjoying it. I try to incorporate fun activities, and try to remember its not about burning calories. Either way, the effects are enormous and I will force myself every time if I must! I'm really getting fit and handsome I might
    L&L oh man, when I think about how much I've lost its amazing, I'm trying to set small goals "Minnis" without an ultimate goal. This is all uncharted and unexplored territory for me. One thing I can hold on to is my new found trust in my body. When I started I was so pissed at my physical self. I felt betrayed and at odds with my bodies demands. I feel like I can trust in the process now. I know if I've been under calories and the weight on the scale makes for a no bs assessment of wherein am at. I thinks this might be an April theme, but I struggled to hit goal at all I was 287 this morning and that's pretty close to right. I have lofty Minnis this month though!

    So, I have outgrown ALL my cloths. They are just way to big. Like even my smallest stuff is way, way to big. Its a happy thing, but I'm looking at a large replacement cost. What do you guys do with big cloths? I have started buying cloths again and even some new cloths are to big. I don't want baggy cloths no more. Tight jeans and tucked in shirts are very nice. I always thought I would be good looking thin. I really am lol, lmao! I was with friends at the bar and I could not believe our reflections in the mirror. Who is that guy? This summer will be absolutely, positively the most bestest ever!
    I was invited to the most exciting, exclusive, kick off event of the summer! Its a wine mixer where the events for the year will be revealed. Its all a little fancy for my country but, but my date is so excited she can't stand it. It should be amazing. I've been thinking about a little change in my dieting. Up until now, I've dieted with a sustainable mind set. I think I am getting better all the time. What do you think of like a crash diet, Idk, something to rip off a few extra pounds. Something without the sustainability restriction? Give me some ideas, and especially if you think its a trap to engage in this type of action. The mixer is May 22, so not a lot of time. I'm going to let my hair and beard grow and then I'm getting my hair did! And beard too. I can't wait. Some of my best friends, 30 Year friends will be there. They have never seen me less then huge enormous!
    5/2 287 would like to be 284 by the party!


  • William To answer your question about what I do with the old clothes? If they are in good shape I donate them to local thrift stores. Besides Goodwill, we have a local children's hospital that has a thrift store. They keep their donation bins outside the front door when they are open so we can just drop them off and go if we don't want to look around. And on the should you crash diet for the party! Don't allow yourself to go too far below 2000. You don't want to wreck your metabolism!
  • Re-Introducing Myself ...
    Im introducing myself Again Its been a very long time I joined 3FC IN 2008 My last post was 5/2014 I had lost around 50+ pounds when first introduced to SB via the book lol Then I found 3FC and really started learning How to cook, -What to Cook, How to Eat, What to Eat, When to Eat So much priceless information Then in 9/2014 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 12/2015 I had a wicked fall and fractured my spinal cord @ the T12 Vertebra I am now in a wheelchair I no longer have use of my legs I do however have a wonderful spirit, my quick wit, perseverance and the will to press on I mean Im still a MN Vikings fan (dont judge me) I knew Id get encouragement from this group and more great information I am gearing up to hit the beach soon 😊 I've put on some WAH weight and need to make some changes I'm from MN - Cheese is my weakness lol ... Nice to meet everyone
  • William47 I realized that I never properly congratulated you on shedding 115 pounds! Just amazing! In regards to large clothes, I too donate them if they are in good condition. And I echo what loganandlivsmom has said regarding crash diets. You are eating to live, not to lose weight.

    loganandlivsmom I look forward to celebrating your 50 pounds lost soon! I too am looking forward to walking more.

    CrystalBelle welcome to this thread! Reading your post, I was amazed by your resiliency through all that you have gone through. And I'm not from MN but I am a big cheese lover as well Hope you find the support you are looking for. This is a fantastic group.

    I have started the month of May on a very strong foot. I've hit all of my daily goals so far. But then I always start a new month strong. I's maintaining and being consistent throughout the month that has been an issue for me as of late. I stepped on the scale for the first time in I don't know when on Sunday and I knew I would not be happy. But I'm already two pounds down this week, just by sticking to what I know works for me, so no sense in dwelling on this.

    Hope everyone is having a great week so far!
  • hey fam!
    happy Friday!
    No updates weight wise I went up a pound or so and now am back to the .8 away from 50 pounds, blah blah blah... I am even sick of saying "almost 50 pounds." I know it will be here in a few days or so. I am going to keep plugging away it's not like I will be at my goal weight then.

    Martine I just love your sweet spirit. It comes through over and over on your responses.

    CrystalBelle You are dealing with so much, I will pray for you. I have learned weight loss mostly is how much we eat vs. activity and exercising. Of course activity helps some and will improve BP, etc... but luckily it's not really needed as much for weight loss. I have also lost large amounts of weight (numerous times for me), so I know how that feels to lose it to only gain it back down the road...Hang in there and keep checking in!
  • Hope everyone enjoyed a great weekend and that those of you who are mothers were celebrated for all that you do and all that you are.

    Week 1 of May is done and I was 100% on plan. I even planned a takeout meal within my calories. Yesterday, I got to really push myself on a lower body workout. But I can tell that my hips are stiff and I need to get back to my physio exercises. I have a feeling I will be dealing with this on and off for the rest of my life.

    Have a great week ahead everyone!
  • Congrats on a great first week Martine!

    Nothing too much to report. I saw 50 pounds briefly and officially was 49.8 today. I am lucky my husband is still working on losing weight and even my teenage daughter (who is at ideal weight) is into eating very healthy and exercises daily. It definitely helps keep me on track. My church takes Mother's Day family photos and I was able to share mine on facebook. A few friends asked if I had lost weight so that was nice that people saw it. Most haven't seen me in a long time so they probably weren't sure. I told them I was still working on it since I am. It was great to get some positive feedback.

    Hang in there weight loss warriors!! As we know, time will go by...I know I would like to be 199 or lower by the end of the year. I am 15 pounds from 199. I haven't seen a 1 on my weight in 100 years!
  • loganandlivsmom how thrilling to have seen the number you are aiming for on the scale. Even if it bounced back up (barely), I know how that excitement can be a great motivator. You are keeping a level head about everything and that is imperative to moving forward on a weight loss journey. And how wonderful that everyone in your family is taking steps towards healthy living.

    I hope everyone is doing well this week. I am still 100% on plan. Even on a day like yesterday, when hubby and I were just exhausted after work (he because of extremely physically demanding tasks this week at his job and me from very poor sleep), we did not cave in and order out but instead made a quick 5-minute couscous salad for supper. Thats the kind of behaviour I want to keep focusing on, ie making healthy choices no matter what.

    Im off to enjoy a lunchtime walk in the Summer-like weather we are enjoying today.

    Stay well everyone!

  • CrystalBelle: back! Fellow cheese-lover here! While my siblings are spread across the U.S. (I'm in California) my family is originally from Nebraska, and my middle brother somehow found his way to being a Vikings fan as well as a Denver Broncos fan.

    Wow, you've been through and triumphed over a lot of things! Happy to see you posting again. Please make yourself at home. We're a kind bunch here. Your positive spirit is a tremendous asset as you start back up and find your groove.

    Martine: Congratulations on your win streak! Throwing together your couscous salad and avoiding the pull to take out is the epitome of mastering the mini! Glad you're taking advantage of your sunny and comfortable days. Covid wise, how is Canada doing in terms of it's protocols?

    loganandlivsmom: I smile when I see your comments about "not much to report weight wise" only because being able to maintain is a huge accomplishment particularly when we hit plateaus. It's so easy to get discouraged so good on you that you've successfully maintained. I love, love, love that you were able to share your Mother's Day photos and friends reached out to let you know they saw the changes and gave you positive feedback. Seeing yourself in photos is always one of those Ah-Ha moments in the fitness and weight-loss journey. Sometimes more so than the mirror or scale.

    William47: You nailed it; our success (and setbacks) are often traced back to the "small" decisions that add up. I know I've mentioned this before but I vividly remember the first chocolate milkshake I had when I reached my lowest weight. Up to that point I had been mostly sugar-free except for very special occasions. There are no words to tell you how delicious it tasted. And because I didn't see any change on the scale the next day my brain interpreted that as, "Go ahead, have another!" And of course I did. Long story short, it became the "small" decision that led to more and increasing shortcuts and justifications in what I ate and when.

    Some suggestions for your clothes: If they are in decent shape, donate them. Ask yourself if you'd want a particular item if available to you. For me, I can never donate pants or shorts due to chub rub. Shirts and tops are no problem. Also, thrift stores, Goodwill, and garage sales are often good places to find some good buys. Finally, you've worked really hard on losing weight and getting healthy. A few brand new things are certainly in order.
    It's been a minute since I posted last but know that all is well. I've been incredibly busy at work. I'm happy to report that my staff is complete and I was able to hire a new transfer adviser. She'll begin with us on May 24 at 50% time due to being a teaching assistant (TA) on campus. That position will end in June. If she were to leave early she'd owe the university money since they're paying her salary, tuition and fees, and health insurance as part of TA contract. After June 21, she'll come on with our unit full-time.

    The Covid-19 situation in California has improved significantly. Our governor announced a couple of weeks ago that he was opening up the state on June 15, and our campus announced it would be fully open in the fall. Countless meetings and advisory groups have been meeting to attend to all the details of what that means. We're even doing in-person graduation ceremonies for those who choose to participate. They'll all be small pod (around 300) graduations; ten of them over two days. And it looks like our campus is going to require that every student be vaccinated unless they have a documented medical reason or religion based reason.

    Weight-wise nothing has changed. I'm up and down the same two pounds. What has changed is the amount of walking I'm doing each week. Last week I walked 27 miles, this week 29. My average is around 23. More daylight and being mindful to get out/up and move has led to increasing mileage.

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Happy Sunday!
  • Hello favorites! I feel like I have some catching up to do. Please know I check in and think of you often, even if I don't post.
    Curv, been a minute homie! Glad all is well, I'm also super busy. It feels good after the long winter. I'm so impressed by your walking. I don't know much about it. KC walks like miles every day. Your numbers seem so unobtainable for me. I really don't know, I may have something nefarious going on because a single mile wrecks me with pain. I pay for days and hobble around. I was waiting to go back to PT when KC went back to work. I may need to go sooner. I gave my cloths away to a kid, along with an offer to help him gives his away some day. I hope he does!
    Martine, back on track? Sweet, I'm so proud of your strength. I sometimes find it more difficult to restart then to get going in the first place. The way I see it, Martine 100% is the normal, the other is the anomaly. I have always thought the biggest obstacle for me was finding the time to plan and prepare meals. I get so lazy and just over-it. Like exercise, sometimes I gotta force it. The salad decision was epic and exemplifies the struggle. The Minis!
    L&l I love your attitude and optimism. Why not, enjoy at least a measure of success! Look how far we have come. Sometimes I struggle with anxiety when the scale stalls or, heaven forbid, goes up. But I trust to the plan. Maintenance is going to be psychological. I still fight the feeling to celebrate or reward with food. I try not to, even with healthy or low cal foods. I try to find other endorphin sources. It just never fails, fat Willy says 'ice cream!" Argh.
    Crystal I'm so glad you showed up! I have this thing for badass women with bright souls. I hope we can be friends and I look forward to conversing very much. You are so right about this site. I really can't believe how lucky I got, stumbling in here, limping around. I couldn't have found a better support group for me. Been here almost a year and I'm so thankful to our group. Welcome aboard!
    So, I got a couple things. Been doing smoothies, and its kinda fun. Started to incorporate a small breakfast and its been ok. My mother has been trying to gain weight for a couple years and its been awkward at times.I'm always amazed at how my portions always go up. Like every time! Every time I measure, just to double check, I see how much my amount creeps upward. Things like salad dressing or even oz of chicken, tend to always be in excess. Like subconsciously. Whack!
    Ok, so on my counselors advice, I sought out an in person support group. My grandmother was huge in Tops so I decided to go to a meeting. I respect anyone trying to better themselves but I'm gonna talk some trash. I'm glad they have fun and play games. But there was no substantive dietary conversation. Oh, some paid a Nickle some won a dime. There were minutes read and current events reviewed. There was a recipe for banana cookies (ill post it later) and a magazine that is for members. All in all I was offended, not by brunch, hamburgers French fries ECT.. But by the Las afar attitude. They play games? They compete with each other for fun? Yo. This sheet is serious! Its not a game, it is truly a matter of life and death for me. There is no joke, no witty comment. Humor has its place but I need honesty and determination. WTF? Not only that, but I see that is the norm, I have been totally unsuccessful at finding additional warriors. People talk a good talk but rarely walk the walk. I'm so thankful for this group. Another step that, at first seemed like a mini, but became a headlong rush into
    ​​​​ life.
  • Thank You for starting this thread Curvy and the encouraging words! Good Luck, Everyone!

    SW: 161 CW: 160.2 (- .8) GW: 156


    1. No Weigh In.
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    4. 161
    5. 160.6 (- .4)
    6. No Weigh In.
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    9. No Weigh In.
    10. 160.2 (- .8)
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    14. 160 (- 1)
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    28. No Weigh In.
    29. 160.2 (- .8)


  • curvynotlumpy way to go on racking up those miles! Walking is so good for the body. Are you setting a goal for per week, or for the season or just enjoying walking as you go? Im happy for you that your team is now complete and that your area will be de-confining in June. Here it will be a very gradual thing. How do you feel about everything reopening and the campus going back to regular activities this Fall? Im sure for many people it will come as a huge relief.

    William47 sounds like that the people in that Tops group you joined for a meeting just werent focused on the same things as you are. You could try different groups and see which one is a better fit. Its great that you offered help to that young man, hopefully he takes you up on your offer. Hope you can get a PT appointment soon to start treating your aches and pains.


    Another week done and it was a bit more of a struggle. I was not as active, dealing with extreme fatigue from poor sleep. Add to that blistering hot and humid temperatures by the end of the week and I could barely get in a workout. Im also dealing with pain in my right knee for some reason. It just never ends. I have started doing my PT exercises every day again and bought a true massage ball to
    spot-massage my hips, which is much better than all those tennis balls that Ive been squishing to death. It cooled down overnight, Im looking forward to walking and exercising today. Food-wise, I slightly went over my calorie range twice last week but my goal this week is to calculate ice cream (or whatever else put me over) into my day and still be in a caloric deficit.

    Have a great week ahead everyone!