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Default can yo yo dieting ruin metabolism? Terrible plateau!

Struggling with a nearly month-long plateau - help!

I've gained and lost 100 lbs 3x in my life. I was at my goal weight (again) in '18 but gained back 80 lbs due to inactivity and junk food.

New plan started 12/26/20 and I've stuck faithfully to it. Exercise 1 hr daily, 6 days/wk. Cardio/dance, and Fitbit says that I'm burning 600 - 700 cal per session. I eat at least 2 veggies per day. Plenty of protein (at least 100g), plenty of fiber (at least 30 g), and healthy carbs (around 150 g). I drink PLENTY of water. I've almost completely cut out sugar, bread, and processed foods. A big initial drop of 7 lbs (water, I'm guessing), then another tiny drop, and then...nothing. Nada. Zip. For a month.

It's not like I'm close to goal. I'm at 238, and my goal is 145 - 155. I've been to the doctor in the past for this weird persistent "fullness" or bloating that seems to accompany these plateaus that bring my weight loss to a grinding halt. I've been tested for food sensitivities, thyroid and diabetes/sugar issues - it's all good. My doc gave me a simple plant enzyme pill, which doesn't really help. I'm grateful not to have the nausea/cramping/indigestion/bathroom issues that seem to accompany bloating, but it's still super frustrating.

I've always eaten 1450 - 1500 cals/daily when in "weight loss mode" and that's been my sweet spot. Also what I've been eating this time around. But I've done some online research and apparently that's low for a woman, so I bumped it up to 1750 - 1800 cals per day. Slight gain, and then...nothing. No movement.

Can anyone give me any advice? I'm trying to look for NSV (hooray better nutrition!) but it's hard to work so hard with so little return. I'm worried that I've ruined my metabolism with decades and decades of yo yo dieting and that maybe real loss isn't possible any more. Just not sure what to do. Thanks!
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I was hoping to see some answers here. I feel a lot like you. I lost 130 almost10 years ago and have maintained it mostly but have put on 10-30 a few times since. I cannot knock the 10 extra lbs doing what has always worked in the past. I am 60 yrs old and have cut all the processed carbs, whites and sugars out already. My son was recently killed and hubby (who lost 150 bs at the same time I lost mine) have been "grief eating" I think for last few months and now are back on the same way of eating again but he is losing quicker, of course, but also had put 40 back on so had more to lose. I walk 2-3 miles a day and eat about 1000-1200 calories but it seems so very stuck. Lost 3 lbs total in last month but every ounce has been slow to come.
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I have yo-yo-ed sharply through 40-70 pounds, under to over weight multiple times, over about 15 years of severely disordered eating. For the last two years I have very happily lost and maintained my weight without issue by eating “normally” and just as predicted by CICO math. So don’t worry - habits and mindsets can take a lot of time and work to change, but nothing about your body is ruined or Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox broken.

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