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curvynotlumpy 09-30-2020 05:23 PM

Opulent October: October 2020 Check-in & Accountability Thread
Hello andhttps://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/ima...s/welcome2.gif to the October 2020 daily weigh-in/check-in. Know that on this thread you will find support, encouragement, and endless kindness https://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/images/smilies/hug.gif.

Here you can:
~track your weight daily, weekly or however you'd like ... but do check in
~keep track of what you eat or didn't eat
~keep track of your water intake or lack of
~keep track of your exercise/other goals
~vent, rant ... express yourself or just chit-chat

If you're like me, fall begins in October. Sure, the official date is in late September but there is something about turning the calendar page that makes it real. While the year moves ever closer to the end of the year, there is something comforting and spectacular about October.

What's happening in your part of the world? Are the leaves turning from green to vibrant red and orange? Are they starting to drop and can you hear them crunch under your footsteps? As much as October ushers in fall and the comforts associated with the season, it is also rich and sumptuous. It is a month to be savored and enjoyed by doing things we don't at other times of the year. Perhaps you're doing things like apple picking, making cider or beer, or getting outside more and for longer since the oppressive heat is waning. Maybe you're reaching into your cupboard to bring out your soup pot, slow cooker, or Instant Pot in preparation for delectable comfort food that only seems 'right' once the calendar changes.

October is a time where we can begin reflect on our year and how we're doing in mind, body, and spirit. We can be grateful for all the success and set-backs; they are both valuable teachers. We can practice strategic self-care and acknowledge that this is a challenging time of year, but that in general we still control what we eat, whether we exercise, and how much sleep we get. If some of these things are out of our control (I'm looking at you new parents, those who are caretakers, and those who find themselves working way too much), what are some small things you can do that will help reach your goals, and more importantly, keep you healthy? If you're like me, do you need to exercise the word NO to some requests/opportunities as judiciously as you apply it to diet and exercise?

All our welcome to our monthly neighborhood block party so welcome back to the regulars, and please make yourself known and comfortable if you're a lurker considering joining. We'd love to have you here. Remember, we may not be perfect we can always celebrate the opulence of this special month.

Sending https://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/ima.../goodvibes.gif as we navigate October together.

Martine 10-01-2020 08:32 AM

curvynotlumpy thank you once again for the gift of this monthly thread :)

I was inconsistent in posting towards the end of last month. Lots on my plate. I did not reach all of my goals in September and did not lose any weight, but no gain. I did see 223 on the scale a couple of times, so I’m trying to remain optimistic about making it past the 220s.

My goals this month will remain to drink 2.75L of water each day and to walk 10km minimum each week, since I didn’t reach either goal last month. I also made a different goal exercise-wise: to follow the program I am currently doing without switching around workouts or pushing back days. I know I have it in me to do this.

Wishing everyone a successful month of October, as you define your successes.

shellofself 10-01-2020 11:42 AM

curvynotlumpy Thank you for starting this thread! :)

Martine "No gain" is a win! Congratulations! Best of luck meeting your goals this month!

After popping in a few times in September on other threads, I'm rejoining this thread! :D I've had a few health scares these last few months and would rather like to avoid the hospital for the foreseeable future, but each surgery has meant recovery time and readjusting my exercise habits. For the last month, however, I've been exercising religiously, and I've seen progress (although it hasn't been as much as I would have liked).

Starting today, I'll be doing monthly measurements because the scale fluctuations can get disheartening. Monthly goals: (1) see mid-170s; (2) continue drinking +8 glasses a day (of water haha); (3) M-F HITT workouts with light weight training; and (4) eating healthy foods at my 1400 calorie range.

SW: 182 (Oct 1)
GW: 178 (Oct 31)

:cheer: Three cheers for fall!

opheliaphoenix 10-01-2020 12:48 PM

As always, thank you for another thread Curvy!! :D I just updated my end-of-month stats on the September thread, and I'm sorry for not checking in more over the last month. I've still been weighing in and staying on track most days even though I've been quiet. Still not doing much in the way of designated exercise, but have been busy so have at least gotten in more movement than I was getting when quaratine was in full effect over the Spring and Summer. I just got a new FitBit (not any of their newest versions, just a Versa 2) because my old Charge 2 finally up and died on me for good, so I'm hoping that will inspire me to get in more steps at the very least. That being said, I am SO happy that Autumn has finally arrived!! This is my favorite time of the year. :love: Not that we get much of a seasonal reward as far as the outdoor change in Arizona, lol...but it's still nice because it won't be so hot outside and all the seasonal fanfare begins to come in waves for the rest of the year. As far as my goal for October, I'm sticking with my 8 lb target and hope that we all have a great month this round! :grouphug:


September 30th Weigh-In: 240.0
Month Goal Weight: 232.0
October 30th Weigh-In: 234.6
Total Month Weight Loss: 5.4 lbs

Week One
01: 239.0
02: 239.4
03: NWI.
04: 239.2
05: 239.6
06: NWI.
07: 239.6
Total Loss for Week One: 0.4 lbs

Week Two
08: NWI.
09: 239.4
10: NWI.
11: 238.0
12: NWI.
13: 239.4
14: 239.2
End of Week One: 239.6
Total Loss for Week Two: 0.4 lbs

Week Three
15: 238.2
16: 237.4
17: NWI.
18: 235.6
19: NWI.
20: NWI.
21: 240.2 - tom.
End of Week Two: 239.2
Total Loss for Week Three: +1.0 lb

Week Four
22: NWI - tom.
23: NWI - tom.
24: 239.4 - tom.
25: NWI - tom.
26: NWI - tom.
27: NWI.
28: 237.2
End of Week Three: 240.2
Total Loss for Week Four: 3.0 lbs.

Final Days
29: 236.6
30: 234.6
31: NWI - :bat: Happy Halloween! :bat:
End of Week Four: 237.2
Total Loss for Final Days: 2.6lbs.

VickieLou 10-01-2020 01:34 PM

Thanks for starting this thread, Curvy! Good Luck, Everyone!

SW: 170.8 CW: 169.8 (- 1) GW: 160.8

1. 170.8
2. 170.6 (- .2)
3. 170.6 (- .2)
4. No Weigh In.
5. 169.6 (- 1.2)
6. No Weigh In.
7. No Weigh In.
8. No Weigh In.
9. No Weigh In.
10. No Weigh In.
11. No Weigh In.
12. No Weigh In.
13. No Weigh In.
14. No Weigh In.
15. No Weigh In.
16. No Weigh In.
17. 172.2 (+ 1.4)
18. No Weigh In.
19. 171.2 (+ .4)
20. No Weigh In.
21. No Weigh In.
22. No Weigh In.
23. 171 (+ .2)
24. No Weigh In.
25. No Weigh In.
26. No Weigh In.
27. No Weigh In.
28. 170.2 (- .6)
29.No Weigh In.
30. 169.8 (- 1)
31. No Weigh In.

I only lost 1 LB for the month. Strange Year the most I lost in a month is -4.4 LBS.



Shaybelle 10-01-2020 09:09 PM

Hi Curvy, Shellofself, Martine, Opheliaphoenix, VickieLou.

I have not weighed in yet but will do so tomorrow. Kinda dont want to :lol: but I know I should. I was up 2lbs last time I stepped on it. I walked 2.5km with a buddy I met here. Now I'm sore. I had not gone out for sugar free, sweetener free, dairy free tea. Then we walked. So I'm happy with my day. I did a 23:1. Hope to see something. I hope you are all having a great night. I'll post up tomorrow.

shellofself 10-02-2020 10:23 AM

Opheliaphoenix, Yay for a new Fitbit!! Mine is likely going to see the same fate :( I've had my Alta since 2016 but it hasn't been syncing/recording steps properly lately so I guess I'll be asking for a new Fitbit for Christmas! :present: And I concur! Texas is still brutally hot right now, but I look forward to the cooler weather that Autumn brings!

Shaybelle, I haven't done IF in so long! I feel like I need to build up my willpower again :lol:


I took my measurements yesterday and realized that even though I'm within 5lbs of where I was when I last measured myself (in January), I had lost an inch in my waist and hips! Good to know working out is paying off even if its not reflected in the scale! :ebike:

Martine 10-02-2020 07:47 PM

shellofself and that is why the scale only tells half the tale, or not even that. Measuring your success in other ways is so important. Very happy that you are seeing changes in your body composition from working out. I'm very sorry you have had some health issues though. Take care of yourself :hug:

shaybelle that walk with your friend sounds great. Hope you see what you want on the scale tomorrow.

VickieLou :wave:

opheliaphoenix you had great results last month, congratulations! Hope you get to enjoy your new Fitbit.

It's Friday! The work day was productive but I'm glad it's done. And now for a week and a half, I will be the lone district coordinator for the entire province of Québec, as my colleague is taking a vacation. I did this as well during my very first week in my new position, and I know that District managers will help if needed, so I'm not too stressed about it. And then in two weeks, it will be my turn to be on vacation and I'm very much looking forward to it :)

I just completed two workouts, one a lower body workout without weights, which is now added to my favourites, and an interesting short cardio workout where you do 4 rounds of the same move, alternating slow and fast versions of the same movement. But my legs are toast now. Time to enjoy a relaxing evening.

Have a great one everyone!

1: 40 minutes upper body strength trainng + 14 minutes flexibility workout /WATER GOAL: done
2: 24 minutes lower body toning workout + 10 minutes cardio /WATER GOAL: done

Martine 10-03-2020 08:08 PM

Hope everyone has been enjoying a great Saturday!

I made banana peanut butter and jam muffins today, but they did not turn out excellent. I think the oven temperature and baking time indicated in the recipe were off for some reason. Oh well, at least they’re edible.

I completed an upper body workout just now, which focused on shoulders and triceps. I just really enjoy strength training, especially for the upper body. Starting out this month on the right foot.

1: 40 minutes upper body strength trainng + 14 minutes flexibility workout /WATER GOAL: done
2: 24 minutes lower body toning workout + 10 minutes cardio /WATER GOAL: done
3: 34 minutes upper body strength training /WATER GOAL: done

curvynotlumpy 10-04-2020 04:46 PM


Martine: I'm sorry your muffins didn't turn out the way you planned but am glad they were still edible. Will you try them again? They sound :drool:!

shellofself: Enjoy seeing those changes in your body composition. Thinking back to when I was in active weight-loss and exercise mode, seeing my body get stronger and more streamlined was more exciting than seeing the number on the scale. Though that's good too! :goodscale

opheliaphoenix: Congrats on an excellent September and new Fit Bit! :high: I have an Alta HR (another non-fancy type) and I find it very motivating in terms of steps.

Shaybelle and VickieLou: :wave:
It was an exhausting week! I've had more meetings than I care to count and this week looks similar. I've been tracking my sleep for the last three weeks and according to my Fit Bit I toggle between Fair and Good (more fair though). I have noticed an improvement in my energy levels during the day so I'm happy about that. I'm also participating in a seasonal walking challenge via my university. The goal is to "walk" the national parks. Last time I checked our little team was ranked 40th out of +100 campus teams. We've got some serious walkers on our team and that makes me proud. :dancer:

Happy Sunday!

Martine 10-04-2020 07:16 PM

curvynotlumpy nice to hear that you have been feeling more energized as of late. I tried using my watch to monitor my sleep but I found having something around my wrist was bothersome. I don’t know how you deal with all those meetings at work. One TEAMS meeting every two weeks is more than enough for me. I love the idea of the walking club you joined. Does everyone in the group have to walk each park for it to count or is it a shared endeavour?

Speaking of walking, went for a 3.2km walk this morning and though I loved the feeling of being out there moving and listening to good music, my left hip has been hurting me a lot ever since, which is disheartening to say the least. So no other workout for today (sigh). I’ll pick up the Flex program I am on tomorrow, which is three days a week with me choosing other types of workouts in between.

Have a great evening everyone!

gzgrl22 10-05-2020 09:58 AM

Hi Curvy, thanks once again for the thread. Like Martine I have been very inconsistent the last week or so and life has been messing with my routines. That is a much bigger factor than I realized on how I do on a daily basis. I haven't really been on track since I hurt my wrist a couple weeks ago. Oddly enough, the injury wasn't that bad and I could have been back to normal with activities within a few days but I have this bad habit of falling off the wagon THE DAY AFTER a family or holiday gathering. Why do I do that???? MY son and future DIL were over that weekend and I cooked some big meals. Was fine while they were here but the day they left I was grazing on crap that I shouldn't have eaten, then the following day was even worse.

Not sure why I do this. Is it because I felt deprived the day before? Is it the let down of seeing them and then having them leave? Is it because we were discussing their wedding that is now off for a year and the stress of the COVID delay? Is it because I know I have another year to prepare so the pressure is off???? I think it is one of the first two or maybe both. It is also because the stuff is sitting around until DH disposes of it (i.e. eats it) and I did figure out that any desserts that do not need refrigeration need to reside in his man cave and not the kitchen counter in the future. Anyway just venting a bit this morning.

I like to make fresh starts on Mondays so that's what I am doing today. I plan to do an ALL BODY express workout to kind of "wake things up" then get in a long walk this afternoon, sort of a reset.

Wishing you all a super Monday morning!

shellofself 10-05-2020 10:57 AM

Martine Congratulations on your recent promotion! I noticed you're doing a "flexibility workout." Do you feel like it's been helpful? I alternate muscle groups throughout the week and do cardio daily (except for Saturday or Sunday) when I rest, but Ive been thinking of adding a flexibility component beyond my usual 5 minute stretches before I work out to avoid injuries. ... Every time you talk about cooking or baking, my mouth waters! lol

curvynotlumpy My job did something similar earlier this year, pre-COVID! I found it to be really motivational; like, there were days when I didn't feel like walking/working out (any exercise counted for us), but I didn't want to let the "team" down, so I'd just suck it up lol Props to you for being able to wear your FItBit to sleep! I can't sleep with it (or anything else on my hands/wrists).

gzgrl22 Fellow reaction eater here! I found out some not so great news at work late Friday, and found myself eating way more than I should've all weekend, even when I wasn't hungry. :( Anyhow, vent away! :) Here's to a better week!

Shaybelle 10-05-2020 01:13 PM

Bonjour Mes Amies! Just checking in.

How is Everyone? I've trying to sort myself. I had hit that 2 week stall and then I decided to take up an OMAD challenge 23:1 with a group I'm apart of. So at the time, the longest I had ever fasted was 18-19 hours. So I was trying to push and train myself to get to 23 fasting hours a day, which you would think would be simple but its not. After a certain number hours like hours 21-23 there is this thing that happens that your body does by emptying you gut. For me it manifested in the big D but I had not idea it would be like that. Its a journey for real and with school and housework etc...I have to make time allowances and its less social media/ group time. I have decided though to cut back to 18:6 and maybe a 23:1 2x per week. Its just so large a leap physically for me and I take meds so I have to sort out how to do it. Since THC is fat soluble I'm having a challenge on how to consume it in tea without an insulin response but I may have to do do low carb way. I'll figure it out as I go.

I went out jogging/walking. I did better than I thought. I was only a little sore, a lot less than I anticipated. I'm moving forward and that is the key. I dropped down to 283lbs and I'll take it. Its not these huge drops like some people in my group but slower is better even though I dont want to hear it. My body will adjust to it better and reset it happy weight. Ok. I have an audio assignment due and some heavy reviewing.

I feel like I'm gaining the upper hand and will try to post early mornings.

Bluesnow 10-05-2020 02:21 PM

I just joined up here!

Since I'm really just starting I don't have giant goals yet- mainly:
1. No binge eating
2. Incorporate my fruits and veggies
3. Try to exercise at least 4 days a week (After a hot Texas summer it will be nice to get outside!)
4. Try and do stretches/strengthening exercises 4 days a week (I have a bad hip and this is supposed to help)

I'll be checking back in on my weight later. My fitibit scale constantly eats through all our batteries and I'm fresh out.

I'm getting Married this Saturday, so this week might not be the perfect week to start focusing on weight loss, but I at least wanted to sign up here. I look forward to being part of a supportive community.

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