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Reginaloses80 10-19-2020 10:58 PM

Checking in, this is my first day in the forum.
Had a really hectic day, really tired of my weight dragging me down, hoping to be going through a turning point. Nice to meet everyone !

gzgrl22 10-19-2020 10:58 PM

https://www.facebook.com/15102008826...6927647619665/So trying to post a photo of my latest quilt project but I dont have much luck with photos on this site. I am off to babysit tomorrow so will not be around much til Friday.
I have had a bad couple of days. trying to analyze the "whys" so I don't repeat. WIll get back my routine this week for sure but hate that I keep slipping a little here and there. :(https://scontent-iad3-1.xx.fbcdn.net...d3&oe=5FB55229

gzgrl22 10-19-2020 11:00 PM

OMG, it came thru HUGE

Reginaloses80 10-19-2020 11:08 PM

gzgirl that quilt is SO COOL. You have some real talent!

William47 10-20-2020 05:54 PM

What's up people! Been a minute. Crazy story...just trying to log in and post reply! I think it's working, missed my support team. I hope u r all Fantastic, so happy to be back!

loganandlivsmom 10-21-2020 10:46 AM

Hi everyone! Just checking in to say hi! I am hanging in there, watching the calories and making sure I get more walking in. As a true sedentary person, even walking 30 minutes a day is exercise for me. :D My initial goal for the month was 250 and then I lowered it to 247. It's only 1.4 pounds away so of course it's still possible. My husband being a man loses crazy fast. In a week he is almost down 10 pounds!! :dizzy: I keep telling him to only expect 2 pounds after the first few weeks.

Welcome Regina and William!

gzgrl22 your quilt is so cute! I am impressed!

Curvy I bet moving the furniture was great exercise. It does also give a feeling of accomplishment as well!

Martine Hang in there!

Moo A Powerlifter husband! Wow, I bet he is a good trainer for you!

madamwu 10-21-2020 11:16 AM

gzgrl22 Your quilt is great! I've been meaning to start a crazy quilt for years and have not yet got there. My mother made many handmade quilts that I inherited so I don't have lot of motivation as hers are lovely and intimidating. But I will eventually get there.


William47 10-21-2020 01:14 PM

Oh my gosh! All these new champions, new friends! I missed you guys a lot. Been super busy, picking mushrooms and canning like crazy. Hunting season went super great. My best girl KC has apple orchards filled with deer. Elk season is coming up so I've been in the woods a lot. I'm still trying to balance what I believe to be a sustainable lifestyle with my dieting. I was losing like 8 to 10 lbs a month till June. Since then its been hard to track. My weight fluctuates so much daily its hard to know where I'm at. I started the month around 315 and now am around 312. I'm less enamored with the scale. I feel so much better, gaining muscle and tone. I feel my ribs and my waist keeps shrinking. I was getting discouraged but stayed the coarse. I realize now, you know inside, you know if you have been on track or not. No matter the numbers on the scale. I'm trusting the process. My target weight is 270 so even at 3lbs a month it will only be another year. I can so deal with that, besides, my quality of life has changed dramatically! I'm gonna read the posts this month and catch up. Curv, Martine, gz, ophi, and Shay. My team! And welcome new or returning warriors! My heart is happy to be able to post again. I will have to tell the story of the dreaded "laptop swimming lesson" and subsequent media withdrawal. Ha. Gotta love those nephews! Sounds like everyone is healthy and happy! So nice to see u all again!
10/21 313.2


madamwu 10-21-2020 01:41 PM

This weekend I took some time to think about and research where, when, and why did this weight come back. I have a weight record book I have been keeping for 10 years, and decided to do a little analysis. I picked the day October 21 to look at over the years.

2010 203.6 # rejoined Weight Watchers.

2011 179.1 obviously WW worked, but I got stalled.

2012 179 trying to do this on my own. Starting to get severely stressed out as my fabric store was failing.

2013 190.7 ended up closing the store in May. Liquidated inventory, still massively in debt. Got a part-time weekend job.

2014 190.8 not even trying.

2016 199.7 unemployed. Finally got a promotion, still way below my library qualifications.

2017 194.8 white-knuckled some weight off. We have to sell our house. Losing money on it.

2018 195.2 getting really frustrated. Canít afford to go back to WW. Didnít like the new program anyway

2019 184.3 had discovered time regulated fasting. First time in long time optimistic.

2020 182.2 trying alternative day fasting/5:20 regimen. And here we are now.

This was a sobering exercise. At least during Covid 19 I have managed not to regain anything significant, all though I keep bouncing up and down 3-5 pounds. My doctor wants me to lose more. Doing okay this week so far. It is hard to fight my emotional entitlement that I should be able to eat what I want. But I canít! It isnít good for my health. I lose weight really slow, about 1 pound a month.

Not sure if this is of any use to anyone but me. But I needed to share.

Thanks, Linda

curvynotlumpy 10-21-2020 08:47 PM


Good evening friends! Dropping by with a quick hello. I've been in and out of Zoom meetings all day and then just wrapped up a phone conversation with my best friend from high school. She's recovering from a broken foot bone and battling an unknown lung fluid issue. Different issues, not related. She teaches ESL in Strasbourg, France and has had a battery of tests in the last couple of weeks that haven't revealed anything. Her doctors have now included scans so she's hoping to know more when she goes in for the results on Tuesday.

I'm exhausted and concerned. In keeping with her wishes I'm trying my best to not worry and do other things to take my mind off of things.

I'll do a more thorough check in tomorrow. Wishing everyone a peaceful evening.

Martine 10-22-2020 11:31 AM

curvynotlumpy I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s health issues. I hope they can sort it out quickly so she can have the proper care and
feel healthy again.

William47 nice to have you back. Sounds like you have been incredibly busy enjoying nature and its bounties.

madamwu very interesting exercise that you did there, thank you for sharing with us. Indeed for many of us, periods of high stress will
trigger turning to food and abandoning a routine that has worked in keeping our weight in check. The challenge is to find a different way to
cope with those kinds of situations, as they will arise from time to time, but I know it’s all easier said than done.

gzgrl22 wow! That quilt is simply stunning! And I understand with the theme how eager you were to finish it. Now you must share how
you were able to post this picture, because every time I’ve tried on this site, I have failed.

reginaloses80 welcome to this thread!

Hope everyone is having a great week. I’ve had productive days and then yesterday, I didn’t feel like doing a single thing. Which is ok
while on vacation, you need those types of days once in a while. David will start his vacation today at 4pm and he’s really
looking forward to it. We don’t have any plans since we can’t do much during confinement, but surely there will be some Netflix and
chill and a project or two around the apartment.

More and more we are thinking about buying a house. Nothing big, but something to call our own. It’s in the very preliminary stages,
but we’ll make some time next week to take a good look at our finances and see where we stand. For home owners out there, any tips
to share?

Time for my PT exercises. I have to do one-legged calf raises again, an exercise I did when I had issues with my Achilles tendon, and
it’s no wonder my left hip is a lot worse than my right, as I see that my left leg is really weak compared to my right. And dollar-store
tennis balls are no good for massaging the area up against a wall, as they just get deformed very fast. Time for a trip to a real sports
goods store for that.

Have a great Thursday everyone!

curvynotlumpy 10-22-2020 12:48 PM

Good morning :coffee2:

Martine: So glad that your vacation days have been productive and that you're taking time slow down a bit and recharge. That David's vacation begins soon is a wonderful bonus! I'm a renter as well so no advice to give. I'm interested in seeing the responses to your question. I would love to own my own home, but I do believe I'd have to leave California in order to buy. It was already expensive and now with so many tech and other companies giving their workers options to work at home permanently, they're leaving more expensive parts of California and making full cash offers at or above asking price. I hope that the you have a better situation in Canada.

madamwu: Linda, thank you for sharing a bit of your history with us. I appreciate seeing not only your diet approaches but also the major events that were happening in your life at the time. While it was a sobering exercise for your, what I took away from it was a woman who never abandoned the desire to lose weight and get healthier. Sure, there were times where you weren't trying, but you never gave up. That's a major win!

gzgrl22: Wow, your quilt is beautiful! You have a great eye for color and color combinations. I know if this was displayed, I would return again and again to it to take in all the detail. Is this quilt for you or someone else?

William47: Great to see you back posting and that you've been enjoying the fall season with KC! You've been super busy. Oh yes, you need to spill the beans about the "laptop swimming lesson" and what, if any, role the nephews played. :lol:

Reginaloses80: :welcome2: It's great to have you here! Great people on this thread and 3FC. Please make yourself at home and post often.

loginandlivsmom: Congrats on staying the course and staying active! Men and their ability to drop pounds quickly continually amazes me and frustrates me. Meh, whatdaya do, right? :dunno:
It's sunny blustery morning here. We're in that transitional part of fall where the morning are cold but the days reach the 80s. Pretty perfect. Only one meeting on my calendar today which is a nice break from earlier in the week. I may head over to our local pumpkin patch later today.

I decided to do a reset to two years ago when I was in the health and wellness program sponsored by my university. I'm starting with small changes that led to my success in the program. So far I've stopped adding half and half to my coffee and have cut my sugar considerably. My joints are feeling better already. I'll keep you posted as I progress.

Happy Thursday!

loganandlivsmom 10-23-2020 02:40 PM

Hi everyone and happy Friday!
My good news is still that the scale keeps going down! :) Now I am basically .2 pounds away from my renewed October goal of 247. I think I have that in the bag. Heck, I can skip a meal and do that. LOL :D My husband is still losing and "into" this weight loss thing. It's sort of cute how into it and obsessed he seems to be all of a sudden about wanting salads. :D I haven't mentioned yet that I do have a 15 year old daughter the "Liv" in Logan and Livs mom ;). She has been joining me in my almost daily 30 minute walks. It helps to have someone to chat with as we take new routes around our neighborhood. We live in a large, OLD neighborhood, so making up new paths each day is not an issue.

William Again welcome, actually welcome back! So you have lost over 75 pounds? That is awesome! Really just maintaining that loss is a great thing, let alone working on losing more. I agree with what you said about knowing inside you are doing well whether the scale agrees or not.

Madamwu I like that you studied your own history. I sort of do that myself mentally but I don't have the exact dates. I know how much I weighed when I was in HS (180), how much I weighed when I got married to my first husband and how I gained and lost a lot over that 10 year marriage(I weighed 200 on that wedding day). I know how much I weighed when I married my 2nd husband (230), how much I weighed with both pregnancies that were almost 9 years apart (250). My highest ever was in 2001 (310) , ironically or maybe not, the last year of my 1st marriage. I ate obviously to numb feelings or to feel better, etc...Overall the majority of my adult life has been around 250. If I went too much higher I would lose. This time my most recent high weight was the 264 I show which was about two months ago.

Curvynotlumpy I am sorry that your friend is going through so much. I have to say though, it sounds so nice where you live. It sounds so ideal.

Martine My only advice for buying a home is checking your credit score. My son bought a townhouse this year. He had absolutely no credit a year or so ago. He had to get a prepaid Visa with the bank his debit card was with to build his credit up. He uses the card when he buys things and pays the bill in full each month. It was prepaid so the bank didn't lose money if he defaulted they have his 400.00 as a deposit for security. A year or so later he started getting credit card apps in the mail. It's amazing how he went from no credit to great credit in a year. He got a great rate on his mortgage. He did it by himself and he's 25.

Have a great weekend everyone!

William47 10-24-2020 01:53 PM

Good morning team!
Cold and rainy here in the PNW. Froze hard last night. Busy getting the house winterized. Things like getting the lawn mower and yard tools in the garage. Cleaning gutters, u know, the Fun stuff. So for the newbs, my weight lose started when I tore my meniscus. I was a 400 lb mess, this year though, I've been able to really get around and the old knee held up great. Some of those mushroom and huckleberry trails are formidable, but I did well. Cruised the Yakima valley for fruits and veggies, picked up a couple boxes of Washington's new "Cosmic Crisp" apple. Millions of dollars and years of research have went into this apple, and hands down, its the best apple I've ever eaten. Crisp and tart that gives way to a sweet and almost perfume taste. It can be eaten fresh, dried, or baked in a pie. We did head to head with some granny smiths. Both stayed firm but the Cosmic had a wonderful flavor. I highly recommend this apple. Speaking of apple, the cider I pressed is just now finished,its really great, but I wish I could have talked to Shay about subtleties. Maybe next time, thinking of pressing some Comics.
You guys remember that quack I was seeing, well...sometimes I wonder. Anyway, he recommended I share some difficulties with you all. I don't know that this is the place for that, but I've received such amazing results here. Lets try...not a b*tch session, just talking. This whole Covid thing, financial insecurity, boredom and anxiety. Basically, the world is ending and I'm on a diet? Whaaa? The worst thing is the isolation and separation, especially from loved ones. 2020 can suck it! Ah man, this ain't working, suffice to say, this last few weeks have been really hard. I don't think you want to hear my woes! Moving on.
Depression can rear its ugly head anytime and is a great appetite suppression "tool", probably not the best description lol.
Remember I talked about the chair rail of old doors, well one door became a nook table. I was using it and left my laptop there, conveniently tucked into a panel. The nephew decided to fill said panel with soda...Say-la-vi laptopy. Wait, is that French? So now I'm typing on a tablet. Its ok.
Remember the international dinner group Ophelia does? I'm doing a native American dish called Pucyay. Its wild onion, chantrelles and elk strips. Omg, I can't wait.
​​​​​​Have any of you heard of measures 110 and 109 here in OR? Prop 110 will eliminate jail for small drug offences and offer treatment instead! Prop 109 would make cilicybin (hallucinogenic) mushrooms available for depression and end of life application. My old college chemistry lab partner offered me a job in his lab. We actually grew mushrooms in college and its a natural fit. I just don't know if I wanna get involved, however, being unemployed is causing me great anxiety. Its a little over the top. I know hallucinogens have a therapeutic application, but has a high probability of abuse. Not addiction, just misuse. Oh the drama.
On the diet side, trying some sugar substitutes in the huckleberry muffins. A-freekin-mazing, I feel so blessed to have so many diet options, our grocery store has an entire aisle dedicated to low calorie, low carb products. sugar free cake and all that, hehe. Sugar free pudding is dam good. So about IF, does coffee count? What can u imbibe and still be on fast? I could so extend my night time fast if I could have my coffee. I could go all day without eating. What about creamer or sugar substitutes? I've been trying but I get HUNGRY and tend to snack late if I fast. I've been ok, snacking on carrots and dill pickles, but it seems difficult. Any input would be appreciated. A couple nights I blew past my calorie limit and then the guilt, oh the guilt. Right?
Haha, I told my shrink about my depression and he said " I usually treat myself to some comfort foods...ahh, umm, ahh, like soup or ahh fruit." This freekin guy? He is lucky we are doing zoom.
Truly, even in dark moments, where my strength wains or my fortitude breaks down, I think of my friends on 3fc and find support. Its real, even if only self fabricated. Thanks team, for being there. I love u guys!

10/24 310.6 new low!

gzgrl22 10-25-2020 11:37 AM

Still seesawing (sigh). It will happen eventually -I just have to hang in there.
Welcome Regina and welcome back, William. We missed you. And William - congrats on the new low!
Curvy, I am keeping your friend in my thoughts. Hoping it all works out for her.
This little wall hanging is for me, but I am making a second one and I may decide to keep that one instead---I used higher loft batting so the quilting stands out more. :) I guess I have an eye for color and design since I am an artist. I know I am blessed with a color instinct. I can go buy fabric or paint and get the exact color I need to match without taking a sample with me.

Madame Wu, I see a pattern that echoes mine---I eat during stressful times and it is not just the stress, it is the fact that you have no time or energy to focus on your personal health when you are dealing with bigger stuff. I am hoping I can make my new habits so much a
part of my life that I can maintain on auto-pilot.

loganandlivsmom - congrats on your progress. The neighborhood sounds lovely for walking!

Martine, I am not sure what I did---first time it has ever worked for me! Will try to figure it out though, LOL

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