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madamwu 10-05-2020 03:33 PM

Facebook refugee
Hi Everybody,
I have not been here posting for years. I was a heavy poster before in the WW forum, but got out of that and posting. I now consider myself a Facebook refugee. I was doing various diet groups on Facebook, but could no longer take the politics and the nastiness of the trolls. When someone posted bestiality pornography in one of the groups, I said I'm out of here.

I just want to talk about weight control and health issues. I don't want to be reminded of how many mean people there are on Facebook. Maybe I am a coward, but I always felt safe on 3FatChicks.

Like many others, I have been trying to lose weight/keep it off for years. I wasn't doing to bad until I stopped smoking and gained 40 pounds. I had lost weight doing weight watchers, and then when first my mother, and then my father died, I didn't want to repeat the experience of gaining during grief. So I took up cigarette smoking, at the age of 45. Talk about stupid. Long story short: divorce, found new love, she asked me to give up smoking for my health. I did and gained weight.

Two years ago I discovered Intermittent Fasting, and lost almost 20 pounds. I guess that was the easy weight. Now I have been stalled at that weight for 2 years. I have PCOS and am insulin resistant so it is hard to get it off. I did manage to get my A1C down so I am not as much danger of becoming diabetic. But I do have a sugar addiction to deal with. And a spiritual one. I tried to rejoin Overeaters Anonymous, but Covid 19 has cancelled meetings. I've tried to work on the 12 steps, but it is hard doing it alone. And as a Buddhist, they don't quite fit my religion as they would if I was Christian.

I need to get serious again, but I need support. I hope I will find it here. Enough for now. Thanks.

Regards, Linda in Syracuse, NY

curvynotlumpy 10-05-2020 08:01 PM


Martine: Yeah...I have no words for the endless meetings. If you could see my Outlook calendar you would :fr: or :cry:. A lot of it has to do with the type of work I'm in where the constituents and demands change all the time.

The virtual walking group is fun! It is a shared endeavor and our steps are counted collectively so we don't each have to walk the parks. We "pull" each other along.

It's funny that both you and shellofself made the same comment about finding it difficult to sleep with your device on. I struggle with that as well. Three weeks in and I feel it every time I turn. Sometimes I wonder if it is the thing that stands between me and truly good sleep. :dunno:

shellofself: :wave:
Bluesnow: Welcome and congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! :hat: You must be terribly excited. Everyone starts their journey when it's best for them so if this is your moment, good on you! Please make yourself at home and check in as often as you'd like.

madamwu: Welcome back to 3FC. I'm so sorry that your time in your social media groups devolved, but you're not the first I've heard this from. My condolences on the loss of your parents.:cry: I've been down that road and it is incredibly heart wrenching.

This thread is a really warm and supportive place. I've never met anyone from this site personally but I feel like we're all old friends. Share only what you're comfortable with and don't feel for a moment that it has to be weight related. We all know that what's going on in our life can often impact our progress (one way or the other). :hug:

Shaybelle: I'm impressed with your long-term fasting ability. :yes: It sounds like you learned a lot from your body with this last round of fasting. I think slower is better; it allows your body the time to adjust and keep the weight off for good.

gzgrl: I'm glad your wrist injury has healed. I really appreciate you sharing the questions you're asking yourself. Those are the kinds of questions I ask myself but since I don't share them I'm often left feeling like no one else has the experiences, OR I judge myself incessantly which is pointless. :nono:
I'm in the office today and have been productive. While it doesn't look like a typical fall quarter on campus, it certainly feels like it with so many events and programs occurring virtually. I'm seeing more students on campus but not a lot. I'm wondering if that will change as the quarter progresses and moves toward midterms and then finals? :chin:

So far so good in terms of students behaving. When they moved in they were administered both the nasal and saliva tests as well as their flu shot. The campus is working on plans to expand testing to folks working on campus even if it's only for the day or an hour. I'm getting my flu shot Thursday so that will be out of the way.

The weather has turned cooler and we may even get a little rain this weekend. I love fall!

Hope everyone had a great Monday!

Shaybelle 10-06-2020 10:10 AM

Hi Curvy, Shellofself, Martine, Opheliaphoenix, & VickieLou.
Welcome Madamwu and Bluesnow! :welcome2:

I'm just popping in to say Good Morning. Nothing on the agenda today except more schoolwork. I ate spicy food yesterday and its haunting me. Since I have been fasting which is 30 days now, I find food tastes different. It has less taste or something. Its really disappointing. One of my incentives was to eat good food. Well now it doesnt taste right. I have to load on seasonings and hot peppers to get it to taste interesting. :dunno:

So yeah my tummy is in a uproar and I'm trying to calm it down so I can concentrate on my work.

shellofself 10-06-2020 11:11 AM

Bluesnow Welcome to 3FC! And congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! :) What an exciting new life chapter!

madamwu Welcome back! There’s definitely so much support and positivity here! I also prefer it over the toxicity of FB (especially these days). I look forward to reading about your triumphs :)

Curvy It sounds as if students and staff are being taken care of at your university, and that’s wonderful!

Shaybelle I only felt that way about certain sweets (after doing IF). BTW if you fall off the wagon on IF, the taste comes back lol unfortunately . . . I miss when sweets were unbearably sweet. It made me crave/eat them less haha

I started using Instagram a few months ago and followed a lot of fitness professionals in the process. It's really changed how I view weight loss and fitness. *I purposefully don't follow "Insta models" because that led to a completely different realization (that I'm aging--the non-surprise of the century LOL)*. But, I've just generally shied away from using weights or muscle building exercise (aka i've largely stuck to cardio) in the past because I've always been afraid of looking like She-Hulk/less feminine. Lately though, seeing these women has opened my eyes to what a beautiful healthy body can entail. There's definitely no one-size fits all for fitness, and that's been comforting to me, especially lately with the scale not really moving but my body becoming stronger.

Anyhow... I've got a Zoom meeting to get to haha Have a great day everyone!

Bluesnow 10-06-2020 02:59 PM

Good Luck Shaybelle. If you do find something with that right taste let us know. In my case its not usually that food loses taste, as I get to a mental point where psychologically food just doesn't excite me like it used to. Hoping to get back to that point though!!!

As for a check in--- I bought batteries for my scale--- they should be here in a day or two so I can start keeping track.

I also noticed you're only able to make 5 posts here per day--- I was pretty disappointing. I was trying to wish people welcome last night and respond to people when I got the error that you couldn't make more posts--- I guess it will limit how active I can be here.

Martine 10-06-2020 08:33 PM

Just a quick check-in for me. Trying to spend as much time as possible with David before we fall asleep, sometime before 9pm usually :lol:

Hope everyone is in good spirits and welcome to the thread Bluesnow and madamwu :)

1: 40 minutes upper body strength trainng + 14 minutes flexibility workout /WATER GOAL: done
2: 24 minutes lower body toning workout + 10 minutes cardio /WATER GOAL: done
3: 34 minutes upper body strength training /WATER GOAL: done
4: 3.2km walk /WATER GOAL: done
5: rest day /WATER GOAL: done
6: 32 minutes core workout /WATER GOAL: done

gzgrl22 10-07-2020 10:12 AM

Good morning. Back down to 196 so the mess of the last week or so is being undone.
Shaybelle - I do either a 24 hour or a 36 hour fast once every three or four weeks. I find them easier than I thought they would be. I only do wet fasts. No sugar electrolytes, water and coffee. I find I feel really healthy when I finish and the longer fast promotes autophagy, where your body breaks down the old cells into their usable components. It frees up amino acids, and cleans out faulty cells that can leads to precancerous stuff. I do not see myself doing the fast more than once every few weeks though.

Curvy - thanks for the comments on questions. Honestly on my old forum I was so focused on process that I never paid attention to folks' discussion on this kind of stuff. Now I see how important it is to address the "whys" of my eating behaviours if I want long term success (LOL just caught the Brit spelling of behaviors -- having lived overseas a long time you are going to see a lot of those thrown in over time)

Martine - I love the results of weight lifting but still have to talk myself into it some days. The walking is almost always something I look forward to doing. Wish I had a place to swim but during COVID thats not an option right now. I have the bay, but its getting really chilly now. Not into it. Have you ever done rowing? I want to try it. A friend LOVES it and you have the river right there. Just curious. It gives you a good workout for cardio and resistance.

Shellofself - good on the inches lost. I am in the last 25 pounds to lose now so it has slowed down. The inches creeping down help with motivation

Opheliaphoenix - I like my Versa 2 but it is bulky. One thing, after you wear it a few months you'll have a pronounced dent in your wrist because of how the back contours, LOL
Bluesnow - WELCOME and congrats on the wedding! I don't mind the 5 post rule myself---keeps me from spending too much time on here rather than out doing something productive, LOL Sometimes I go back into my posts and edit them to add more and that kind of gets around it a bit ;)

Its a nice fall day here and these are the BEST walking days. Yesterday I had to go pick up my dress for my son's wedding (which is now postponed a year for COVID) but had a lovely drive thru the countryside past the blueberry farms, woodlands and Mullica River. Just peaceful, dappled sunlight and the beginnings of autumn colors. I envy you Martine---you get some gorgeous color up your way. We get mostly golds and rusts but I will take it.
Linda - Syracuse is not far from where I grew up (about 40 miles south of Binghamton) and my son went to Syracuse. I am betting you have some gorgeous foliage right now!

loganandlivsmom 10-07-2020 12:29 PM

Hi everyone!
I am a returning user of the 3FC site. I haven't logged in for almost 6 years! :o I used to love the posts like "countdown to 250 or 225", etc...It kept me motivated. It doesn't seem as active on these forums as it used to be. Like many others, I have gained and lost weight over and over. I am 52 years old and trying yet again. My highest weight was in my 30's when I was married to my ex husband. (My highest was 310 pounds). I married my 2nd husband 17 years ago and have basically hovered around the 250s and 260's for a long time. My recent highest weight was 264. Today I weighed 250.8. My goal was to be 250 or less by the end of October. It will be great to lower the goal if I get below that soon.

madamwu 10-07-2020 02:33 PM

I just wrote this long post and it wouldn't let me post it. Now it is gone.

So here is the edited version!

Thanks for all your warm welcomes.

I realized that this is 100 pound club, I hope I can still stay.

Long story short, my current numbers are 185/183/148, which would get me down to the BMI of 130 my doctor wants. I am only 5 ft tall. I am aiming for the 170s by my December doctor appt. I have PCOS with insulin resistance which makes it difficult, but not impossible to lose easily.

Of course it is never easy is it?

It is not vanity that is driving me at this point. I am 65 and a member of the old and invisible club. But despite everything I am happy and want to live longer.

Oh, and yes, our trees are turning. There is one in my college quad that is turning an interesting shade of burgandy--not seen that much. But Winter is Coming!

Regards, Linda

Martine 10-07-2020 07:49 PM

madamwu of course you are more than welcomed to stay, this thread is for everyone who wishes to share their weight loss journey, their tips and tricks, their ups and downs, and any other thought that comes to mind :)

loganandlivsmom welcome to this thread and wishing you success in reaching your monthly goal. Looks like you're almost there already, so you'll be able to set that new goal in no time, I'm sure.

gzgrl22 glad to see you bouncing back from last week. To answer your question, no I haven't tried rowing, but water sports are not my forte. Just getting in and out of the row boat would be a nightmare. But it is such an elegant sport to watch. That drive in the countryside sounded lovely. David and I do that regularly, and probably next weekend Fall colours will be at its best in our area.

I just completed my workout for the day. My hips are feeling better, but I wish I could find an appointment at a walk-in clinic so I could get a referral to a physiotherapist. Sure I've looked online for tips and tricks, but nothing beats someone actually assessing you and giving you proper instructions. Maybe one day I'll luck out and find an open spot.

Anyway, time for some leftovers for supper. Take care everyone!

1: 40 minutes upper body strength trainng + 14 minutes flexibility workout /WATER GOAL: done
2: 24 minutes lower body toning workout + 10 minutes cardio /WATER GOAL: done
3: 34 minutes upper body strength training /WATER GOAL: done
4: 3.2km walk /WATER GOAL: done
5: rest day /WATER GOAL: done
6: 32 minutes core workout /WATER GOAL: done
7: 34 minutes upper body strength training and cardio intervals /WATER GOAL: done

curvynotlumpy 10-07-2020 08:42 PM


madamwu: Of course you are welcome to stay! Unless someone brings it to my attention in their post, I never look at folks' weight. I joined this thread after lurking for some time because everyone was so supportive and kind to each other. :yes: I appreciated the honesty and authenticity that I saw over and over in the posts. By the way, I'm all of 5' myself!

Martine: I'm glad your hips are feeling better. What do you think is the delay in being able to find an appointment? Do you think it has anything to do with doctors' playing catch-up from all the cancelled appointments from the spring when they shut down? I don't know if you had the same experience in Canada, but I've only recently been able to schedule a dental appointment. :dizzy:

loganandlivsmom: :welcome2: back to 3FC! Please make yourself at home. Looks like you're going to make your goal for the month way early--fantastic! :cheer:

gzgrl22: Add me to the fall season lover list! We're still getting warm days but at night I throw open my windows and hunker down in my blankets. It's the best sleeping :yawn: weather! In my youth I spent a year as a nanny in Connecticut. The fall colors are amazing in New England. How you describe New Jersey sounds very familiar.

Bluesnow: Great to have you here! :hug: I had no idea there was a limit to the number of posts one can write each day. Thanks for the info!
Nothing really to report today and that's not a bad thing. Busy day at work but that made the day fly by quickly.

I woke up this morning learning that for the second time in as many days a woman shared in a Nobel Prize. Yesterday it was in physics, today in chemistry. I'm so proud to see them get their due credit. Geez, you'd think I'd won the Nobel. :lol: I geek out over stuff like this.

Everyone have a great evening!

gzgrl22 10-08-2020 09:38 AM

Good morning. Down a little more--- almost back to where I was. 194.8 today. Finding it hard not to eat in the evenings. Thought I had kicked this, but apparently not.

Martine - I kept having glute and hip issues and my PT sent me to a therapeutic pilates (not covered by insurance) place where they diagnosed my imbalances and weaknesses and worked with me for 6 weeks to strengthen the muscles that were allowing these injuries to keep recurring. I have to say I was skeptical but it worked! When I was having knee and lower back issues this past year, my PT included a mat version of these same exercises in my therapy (which I am diligently doing 2x a week) Definitely worth getting a diagnosis to see how to correct this. :)

curvy - I feel the same way about the Nobel prizes. I love seeing these women getting recognition and inspiring young girls to follow in their footsteps
loganandlivsmom - welcome. You can do this! I was really, really doubtful that I could lose (Again) but I went all in, full commitment, no cheating - and it has worked. I was over 253 ten months ago and am now in One-derland and almost out of that OBESE category. We will be here to vent, cheer, whatever you need. :D
madamewu - I am only a couple of years behind you, :) and am finding it ironic that I will have spent my entire life trying to get to a healthy weight and may only get there long after the "right weight" will even look good, LOL but as you said---I am not doing this so much for looks (though it is nice to be able to buy regular clothes) as I am for health.
shellofself - so with you on the social media take this year. never seen so many nasty posts. I had a whole conversation with my son and DIL about how when we were young it was OK to disagree with your neighbors politics. Their vote was their business but you were still friendly. I just want to wake up after the next president is sworn in and miss the mess that will lead up to it. Maybe then I can unblock some friends and things will calm down. Hoping so.
bluesnow - I have never reached a point where food didn't excite me, LOL, thats part of my problem

Chest and back are finally not hurting and just in time because it is chest and back weight day. That time off set me back but not much. Am sure this next workout won't leave me as sore. Have a great day, all.

loganandlivsmom 10-08-2020 02:19 PM

Thanks for the welcome Martine, Curvynotlumpy and gzgrl22!

I weighed in this morning at 250 even so I made my personal October goal already. I will now make my October goal 247 (one pound a week for the next three weeks). If I stick with it hopefully it will be even lower than 247. When I have tried to lose weight in the past I would tell myself I want to be X amount by Christmas or birthday etc...but I think the smaller goal of the month makes it seem less daunting. Besides wanting to look better in clothes and pictures etc... I now have "elevated" blood pressure. I asked my doc and she said some people lose weight and their BP goes down as well. I would like to avoid to have to be on meds for that if possible.

Martine 10-08-2020 07:58 PM

curvynotlumpy yay for women winning Nobel prizes! For International Women's Day this year, I made a poster for work (I think I mentioned it here) where I researched and posted stories of incredible women who have changed history in their own field of expertise and it was such a fun project to do. About the delay in getting an appointment, I don't have a family doctor so I rely on walk-in clinics, and pretty much all of them now rely on a website where at a specific time, you try to sign up for an appointment the next day. But I'm sure they have a very limited number of slots open, because within seconds of trying, the website says the day is full and to try another day. I'm thinking I'll have to pay to find a doctor who will diagnose me, but I loathe to do this as our healthcare system is based on free services (paid for by our high taxes of course) and I shouldn't have to pay just for someone to give me a referral to a physiotherapist. I'll just keep trying.

loganandlivsmom great job on reaching your initial goal so early in the month and setting a new one already! 1 pound a week is a very attainable goal, and I hope that as your weight goes down over time, your BP does as well.

gzgrl22 I'm sure a professional would help me tremendously with my condition, which is why I'll keep trying to find a referral. It's true that when you stop working out for a bit, the first time you work those muscles again usually makes you very sore. Hope this time won't be as bad.

I had a very busy day at work and I honestly can't wait till tomorrow is done so I can enjoy a long weekend. I just completed a low impact cardio workout, an "old-fashioned" workout where it's 10 exercises repeated over three rounds. Not a big fan of that type of workout, but it's good to switch it up. Now time to enjoy a veggie burger and to relax with David.

Hope everyone has been enjoying a great day!

1: 40 minutes upper body strength trainng + 14 minutes flexibility workout /WATER GOAL: done
2: 24 minutes lower body toning workout + 10 minutes cardio /WATER GOAL: done
3: 34 minutes upper body strength training /WATER GOAL: done
4: 3.2km walk /WATER GOAL: done
5: rest day /WATER GOAL: done
6: 32 minutes core workout /WATER GOAL: done
7: 34 minutes upper body strength training and cardio intervals /WATER GOAL: done
8: 42 minutes low-impact cardio workout /WATER GOAL: done

gzgrl22 10-09-2020 09:36 AM

Good morning. had another teeny drop today and stayed 100% on track. Yesterday I pushed the weights back up to my previous level and had a really solid workout. #30 dumbbell chest presses, #30 pullovers, #22.5 dumbbell flyes, #25 bentover rows (3 sets of 15 of each) and #12.5 on all three shoulder press exercises (I do one set of each) and 10s on lat and front raises plus a dozen push ups. Very excited to see these weights AND being able to finish the sets without struggling too much.

Today is biceps and triceps and then I a getting a massage as a reward since my back and shoulders are tight! I don't do manicures and pedis, I don't spend a lot on make-up or hair, or shoes or bags but I do love a massage every once in awhile. Best hour of the month. I got hooked when a friend in China who was a massage therapist traded 10 weeks of services for a painting.

Logansandlivsmom - I have never had luck with deadline losing. I think it is because when things go slow, I get frustrated and the pressure and frustration drives eating so I am destined to fail with deadlines. Oddly enough my son was supposed to get married this fall and I started this journey with an attitude of "wherever I get will be fine" and this time I have lost faster and mores steadily than any time in my past. The pressure was off and I just was able to focus on PROCESS and the results followed. Good on you for setting really attainable goals. You got this!!!!

It is a GORGEOUS fall day here. May not have the colors but do have the weather -- low 60s (14-15 c) sunny, dry, and a light breeze. All I need are some dry leaves to crunch under my feet on the walk and a fall sweater. :D Have a good day everyone!

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