Suddenly September: September 2020 Check-in & Accountability Thread

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  • Good evening

    Shaybelle: I'm glad your DD is doing well on her campus. That is music to my ears! Keeping my that all her campus mates keep a level head and adhere to all safety protocols so she, her friends, and all the students can remain, learn, and have a great year!

    William47: There are a few wonderful things that announce the arrival of fall: cooler temps, shorter days, the changing color of leaves and apples! Fresh pressed apple juice and apple cider is so refreshing. I saw that Portland has been receiving rain. That must be refreshing as well. Helps with the fires and clears the air.

    Martine: Keep us posted about your work with the difficult DM. Personnel decisions can be very tough and not necessarily understandable. I do think your theory about why the workload was divvied up as it was is on point. Your DM is keyed into your management style and what you can handle.

    gzgrl22: !
    It has been a week! Martine, I can relate to being mentally and physically tired. The quarter begins on Monday and classes on Friday so even though there are few people on campus, I feel like there is a mad rush to put finishing touches on things. Of course we're working with a whole new group of incoming students who have no idea what to expect so my staff has been busy these past couple of weeks responding to frenzied email and phone messages. We moved the furniture out of the main area of the veterans center into our conference/study room to remove anything remotely comfortable and tempting to visitors. It's human nature to see an empty chair and sit when you're waiting to be attended to. I'm ready for some rest and the weekend.

    Happy Friday everyone!
  • Hi Every one.

    Checking in. Not much going on besides DH starting in the factory today. I'm trying to stay positive and reassure myself that management in that factory really wants to keep people safe. I'll get the low down from DH when he gets home.

    I am still clunking away at French. Its not hard ...its just....tedious.

    Other than that I am good. Trying to find the time to meal plan. I cant wait until I have a couple of months of menus under my belt.

    Ok. Have to go clean up a pile of trash my dog decided to pull crap out of. He's a trash picker if he can get it. DH left him unleashed when he left. If he is unsupervised then we leash him so we dont have a pile of trash or whatever else to clean up cuz he ate trash. Man's best friend.....I dont accept this behaviour in my best friends.
  • Back from babysitting - got thousands of steps in - but weight is still sitting on the same few numbers, probably because my weight work was off this week a bit. Glad to hear the NW got rain, and some fresh air! Shaybelle- enjoyed hearing your adventures with French class. Had an off weekend - nothing horrible but off on food and weights. Hoping to correct that this week.

    Looking forward to some cooler weather toward the end of the week.
  • Good afternoon

    I hope everyone is having a good week. I'm working for home today on what should be a beautiful fall day, but is instead a day with a murky sun and heavy with smoke and debris from the fires that continue to burn. It seems that the fire fighters barely get control of one or two of the fires and then another breaks out. On Sunday, the Glass Fire started as a small brush fire and has now burned over +40,000 acres. Where I live we are fairly distant from all of these fires but all around us is devastation. It is heartbreaking.

    Classes begin tomorrow and we'll see more students on campus than we've seen since the beginning of March. There will be around 30 small classes held in person, with all other classes remote. The influx of students we'll see is a result of many of them fulfilling their leases that they committed to prior to the campus shutting down. Our library re-opened last week and our student union this past Monday. The veterans center is as ready as it will ever but we're very aware that adjustments will need to be made. Our particular county moved down a tier in terms of severity of the virus so more businesses will be able to reopen to limited capacity. I'm hopeful that we learned something from the last time our county re-opened (way too quickly) and we will continue to do things cautiously. Fingers . I'll keep you posted.

    Happy Tuesday!
  • Wow! It's been 4 days already since I last posted, I'm off my game...

    curvynotlumpy I saw that the situation in California with regards to fires has deteriorated again, sadly. Do you think it will affect classes on campus? A big day ahead tomorrow when students will be coming in. Here too university classes are a mix of in-person (for those classes where you have no choice but to be there, like chemistry labs) and distance learning. You've been on campus all the way through the COVID-19 ordeal, so you've had time to adjust to new procedures in place and work that you, but it will surely be an adjustment for everyone else. Have a wonderful first day of the semester!

    gzgrl22 Fall colours are just starting to barely creep in my area. But our tree out front has turned this amazing orange colour. Love it!

    shaybelle sorry to hear French is being a PITA. Question: have you tried watching French tv shows? I know that helped me tremendously in learning English way back when. Glad your daughter is enjoying time on campus. Hope things are going well for your husband at his place of work.

    So I've been on plan these past few days, getting over that hump. Just updating my stats here.

    Have a wonderful evening everyone!

    WEEK 1:
    1: 28 minutes flexibility workout WATER GOAL: done
    2: 2.3km walk WATER GOAL: done
    3: 43 minutes kickboxing and upper body strength training workout WATERGOAL: done
    4: 3.2km walk WATER GOAL: done
    5: 5.2km walk WALKING GOAL: 10.7km/10 WATER GOAL: done
    WEEK 2:
    6: 2.3km walk WATER GOAL: done
    7: 43 minutes lower body strength training + 3.2km walk WATER GOAL: done
    8: 34 minutes upper body strength training WATER GOAL: done
    9: rest day WATER GOAL: done
    10: 28 minutes flexibility workout WATER GOAL: done
    11: rest day WATER GOAL: not reached
    12: 5.4km walk WALKING GOAL: 10.9km/10 WATER GOAL: not reached
    WEEK 3:
    13: 2.4km walk WATER GOAL: not reached
    14: 50 minutes kickboxing and core workout WATER GOAL: not reached
    15: 31 minutes cardio workout WATER GOAL: done
    16: 50 minutes kickboxing and lower body strength training workout WATER GOAL: done
    17: rest day WATER GOAL: not reached
    18: rest day WATER GOAL: not reached
    19: rest day WALKING GOAL: 2.3km/10 WATER GOAL: not reached
    WEEK 4
    20: 51 minutes upper body strength training WATER GOAL: done
    21: 40 minutes HIIT workout WATER GOAL: done
    22: 33 minutes flexibility workout WATER GOAL: done
    23: rest day WATER GOAL: done
    24: rest day WATER GOAL: not reached
    25: 53 minutes upper body strength training WATER GOAL: done
    26: rest day WATER GOAL: not reached
    WEEK 5:

    27: 50 minutes upper body strength training WATER GOAL: done
    28: 27 minutes foam rolling WATER GOAL: done
    29:`31 minutes upper body strength training WATER GOAL: done

  • Happy end of September! I hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday. The October thread can be found here . Please join me!
  • I know it's a day late, but leaving my month's stats at the end of the September thread:

    August 31st Weigh-In: 251.2
    Month Goal Weight: 243.2
    September 30th Weigh-In: 240.0
    Total Month Weight Loss: 11.2 lbs

    It's been a rough month in general, but I was able to stay on plan for most of it aside from a couple birthday days, so I'm proud of myself this I surpassed my initial goal by a bit, so September was a win for me in that regard! Hoping we all have a strong October as well, and I'm sorry for not checking in more!!