Suddenly September: September 2020 Check-in & Accountability Thread

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  • Good afternoon, no weigh in since I am not at home but I am doing great with steps workouts and eating this week! Still feeling really strong

    Martine- my DH loves to pop popcorn at night and the smell about drives me crazy but I haven had so much as a single kernel since last November

    Shaybelle, what other language do you have besides English and a bit of French? We lived overseas for 25 years. I learned enough spoken Chinese to survive, a bit of Russian and when we moved to Poland I spoke Russian (the Poles all had to learn it in school before they broke the yoke of Russian rule) and apologized for doing so and telling them I was American and didnt speak Polish!!! Oddly enough it was my high school Frnech that popped into my head every time we moved to a new country. The weights will come in time, you need to get your ducks in a row. I am back after a couple years of ignoring them but once I get in the swing of things, it changes my body a lot and I feel so mucj more confident and strong.

    William, you got us!! We quilters are sneaky folks, LOL I am sort of an ADD high energy type. I find quilting slows me down and centers me. Until I screw up then I swear and get frustrated, LOL Congrats on one year of the changes down and 84 pounds --thats great progress. Huge kudos to you on your losses (and gains in other ways)

    Curvy- they are all ages and levels and some of them are truly amazing at it. Most are very generous with advice and time too
  • Gzgrl22 - I speak English lol and Spanish. I lived in Japan for 3 years and picked up a bit of that but I didnt keep it up because it wasnt that common when I returned to north america. I didnt know anyone who spoke Japanese when i returned. My son just left Poland. He's in Germany right now. I want to get back solid with my Japanese, learn Korean and I thought about Scotts Gaelic as DHs family is Scottish Irish Welsh and I'm the same but with African thrown in of course. I also want to learn Hindi and if I dream big Mandarin. But I dropped Hindi class because I learn by ear and can learn to speak these language but reading and writing is an entirely different challenge and part of Japanese, all of Mandarin, and the writing part of Hindi kicked my but and I put it down. Basically I am learning the languages of all the cuisines I love to eat. LOL There I said it!
  • Good afternoon

    gzgrl, Martine, and Shaybelle: I'm so impressed with all the second language acquisition skills you all have! Languages are not my strong suit but I know having them opens you up to the world in so many substantial ways. What a gift you've given yourselves. I don't know if you are familiar with the author/humorist David Sedaris but he wrote a book some years back titled "Me Talk Pretty One Day" and a portion of it was his very detailed experience of trying to learn French before he moved to France. funny!

    Shaybelle: What a great avatar photo! Just lovely! I've been scrolling through past posts but I think I missed what you teach. What's your specialization?

    William47: Your description of the campers in Oregon is so vivid. It scared me for two reasons--the threat of fire and all the crowds of people. Honestly, in a crowd of people anywhere is the last place I'd want to be. Here in California it seems like just when they get some of these fires contained, another one breaks out. Folks have already had so much to bear with the pandemic and now this.

    Martine: I've never worked with Teams but like your company, we have a secure S Drive. However, folks also like the Google platform (for things much less private) and Box. I like their real time sharing and editing functions but now with everything virtual and so many different documents floating about it's a challenge to remember where things are stored. It is a major downside of utilizing multiple platforms.

    What did you put in your calzones? I've actually have never had one so next time I get the chance, I will.
    Another smoky day here. The last two mornings the sky has looked like it was about to open up but it's an illusion as it is all ash and assorted particulate matter.

    I had a minor scare this morning when I went to look for a draft performance appraisal for one of my staff and couldn't find it. Then I started second guessing myself if I had even written it. I was upset and disappointed because aside from a few minor tweaks it was done and ready for my director to review. Just as I opened a new Word document to start all over (I draft in Word first) it showed up in my que. I had filed it someplace different than where I had originally thought. Crisis averted.

    On another bright note, I did get some decent sleep last night. First I fell asleep while watching television and then took myself to bed for some proper sleep. My old bad habit was to fall asleep (I referred to it as "resting my eyes") in front of the television but I had broken this habit months ago. I need to be careful not to slip back into it.

    Wishing everyone a great evening!
  • Good morning

    Dropping by early to say . I'm working from home today and it's been a pretty quiet morning so far. Don't know how the rest of the day will go so we'll see. I started the day with a long walk in dramatically cooler weather. The winds have also stopped so hopefully this bodes well for those fighting the many fires throughout California. Will check in later if I have the chance.

    Happy Thursday!
  • Curvy - I used to teach secondary school Health. That included Health for grade 9s & 10s and Sexuality Education for grades 11 & 12. I did that for 5 years. Prior to that I was a Cardiovascular Intervention Program Coordinator for a health department.I did that for 3 years. I have been a stay at home mom when my kids entered grade 6 because I truly felt the during the teenage years a parent needed to be home with them and it was decided that I should. Now my youngest, DD, is 19 and in 2nd year of Uni now and I'm trying to get a life. LOLz

    Thanks so much on the compliment. I am a wig queen and that wig was my fav. LOL. I've worn it out now so probably other pics you'll see a different wig. My own hair is short and its easier to care for that way.

    __________________________________________________ _______

    Today is an up day and sadly like all other up days I'm not that hungry but come tomorrow I'll have hunger pains. Its so weird. I'd love this calm peaceful feeling on a down day. So while I'm NOT hungry I'm baking all my medibles. Its best to do it for an entire month so I dont have to smell it during a down day or worry about running out like I did a couple of days ago. So its ginger cookies, orange cranberry cookies, lemon cookies and I have not decided what type the last batch will be. Maybe lemon lime since I dont have lime zest and only lime juice but i have a lemon.

    Going with sausage and rice for supper. After making 7 dozen cookies so far I dont feel like switching gears for supper. So gonna do some Instant Pot quick stuff.

    Hope you guys are all having a Happy Thursday.
  • Shaybelle très heureuse de faire ta connaissance également I think it's wonderful that you want to be a polyglot. Languages are fascinating. I took two semesters of German in college, but since there are no opportunities to practice, I lost almost all of it, a bit like for you with Japanese. Great job on helping your husband stay on track. That's what my husband does for me, reminding me to go work out when he sees I am procrastinating. Can't believe you baked all those cookies! Why do you call the medibles, if I may ask?

    curvynotlumpy happy to hear that you had restful sleep and enjoyed a quiet morning working from home. I too worked from home today and tried a different set-up than last time, which worked better for my hips. I hope the air wasn't too thick with smoke and ash when you went for a walk this morning. I saw some images on the news last night and the sky is orange in some areas, it's scary. Really hope they can get the situation under control soon.

    William47 84 pounds down in a year is simply AMAZING! What's not so amazing is what is happening in Oregon and Washington. Again, very scary stuff. Thank you for trying to help out as much as you can.

    gzgrl22 but popcorn is such a great snack, how can you resist? The healthiest way is to air pop it and put just a tiny bit of oil or butter and seasonings if you like. And now I want popcorn

    Yesterday was a rest day for me, for two reasons: 1- my legs were still very sore from Monday's workout, 2- it was my birthday and I wanted to spend as much time as possible with David after work. And enjoy some absolutely delicious chocolate and dulce de leche cake from Laura Secord. Back on track today with a flexibility workout. And now off to eat some carrot soup and a grilled cheese sandwich for supper. It's a grey, cool, Fall-like day here, so soup is appropriate.

    Enjoy a great evening everyone!

    WEEK 1:
    1: 28 minutes flexibility workout WATER GOAL: done
    2: 2.3km walk WATER GOAL: done
    3: 43 minutes kickboxing and upper body strength training workout WATERGOAL: done
    4: 3.2km walk WATER GOAL: done
    5: 5.2km walk WALKING GOAL: 10.7km/10 WATER GOAL: done
    WEEK 2:
    6: 2.3km walk WATER GOAL: done
    7: 43 minutes lower body strength training + 3.2km walk WATER GOAL: done
    8: 34 minutes upper body strength training WATER GOAL: done
    9: rest dayWATER GOAL: done
    10: 28 minutes flexibility workout WATER GOAL: done
  • So I had to look it up...DARLING husband, not dumb*ss. hehe haha hoho. oh man. Super crazy here. The sky is burning. for seven years I straight lived in this "smoke soup". I would leave home April 1st and return in November, if there were no hurricanes. I would work, eat, sleep in the smoke. It all crashed down when I caught pneumonia, that was it. I couldn't do it no more. Great money while it lasted. I will have to share some adventure stories this winter. Portland had the worst air quality in the WORLD yesterday. Jees!

    Curv...How u doin home girl? So im sure you know, but, the best we can do is close up our homes tightly, try to limit outdoor exposure. an air filter in your bedroom is great, as long as it doesn't blow to hard. be safe!!!

    Martine. Just when I think I couldn't be more impressed, you spill the linguistical banks. Vos es los? Nicht is los? I studied linguistics and in fact our native inhabitants are grouped by linguistical similarities. We have Athabaskin, that is the west coast to alaska. Algonkion, thats east coast, and Salish, who are coastal, think totem poles and what not. It always interested me, and recently I had a revelation. I have shared my hypothesis with archaeological associates. basically the effect our children have on our spoken language. from the mouth of babes, what. For example...One year my 5 year old nephew said, "Wait, wait, wait, u guys are freakin me up" instead of freakin me out. Since then NO ONE in my family says freakin out, its ALWAYS freakin up. Also, how often they name things, incredibly intuitive, Same neph named a duck Poopy Lucky. I will go Poopy lucky hunting this fall. Anyway, i think you get the drift. And remember, we are talking about Small family groups, often isolate for much of the year.

    Martine, what a lucky man your DH is, make sure he knows it lol!

    GZ, I know u know what im talking about. Do you have any funny linguistic stories from the grandkids. I know u do, hehe Remember popcorn balls, oh lord. I used to love popcorn and apples. I got some light popcorn, but it sucked butt. I got a sugar free cake today, i know better. Its not worth the fight.

    Shay, I know exactly what medibles are. Ya, thats how we roll in WA. Rice? Sausage? I haven't had either in a year. I should really re-evaluate my diet. The world is ending, the apocalypse is neigh, and im on a diet? This sh*t is freakin me up!

    Oh man. I so enjoy our conversations. I love u guys!

    9/11 315.4
  • Martine - I call them medibles because they have medical cannabis in them. I have arthritis in my spine and cannabis is the only thing that lets me live life with practically no pain. Otherwise, I am a mean and angry person that nobody wants to deal with. My weight went up the less activities I could perform. Now I'm back to my happy self. I'm pain free unless it wears off. So I microdose (take a little bit every 4 hours) so that it never wears off. I have asthma so I cant smoke it or vape it. So I eat it or drink it in tea. Interesting thing is I dont really have a sweet tooth so having a crazy amount of baked goods in my freezer doesnt tempt me. Sometimes I dont want something sweet but have to eat it because its my medicine. Now I have smartened up, I leave half my prescription in coconut oil and just put it under the tongue and its only 9 cals that way versus 77 per cookie.

    William - You are funny. That is exactly how we roll. However my tolerance is such that at the doses I'm on now I dont even notice I'm taking it because I dont get any side effects the ONLY reason I know its working is because I have no pain and I do indicas or indica dominants. I tried the cbd but sativas get my heart to racing. Its funny when I start getting cranky the DH comes running with cookies or something. I'm like "Dang is it like that?" LOL But I accept it. I dont even notice sometimes that my med is wearing off because I forget that underneath the THC is a world of pain. And yes sausage and rice! LOL I know its crazy. I am just over deprivation. I have enough challenges in my life to also deprive myself. So if eating 500 cals (women, 600 cals men) every other day is the price I have to pay to be able to eat what I want within reason every other day and still lose weight. Then sold! I'm ok with that deal.


    Today was same as usual. I unpacked a few boxes. Mopped the kitchen. Did laundry. Cooked supper. Reviewed some French and now I'm on my way to bed to get up and do it all over again save the laundry. lolz. Hope you guys had a good day. Tonight for supper we had leftovers. Eating the proper portion sizes of things leaves leftovers where there never used to be leftovers in our lives. So tonight we had soup, rice and green beans with bacon. Mine came in at 495 cals even with infusion. I couldnt finish it left most of the rice. I just felt so full. tomorrow. Is another down day.
  • Good morning. Saw a 2 pound drop and hit the scales at 195.2 today so the plateau has ended and the scale is moving again!. I have had a lot of soreness this week with the change up in workouts so I plan to do just arms today and maybe take a rest day tomorrow. We'll see.

    William - my funniest linguistic story is in English. My 2 year old was learning to say dump truck only it always came out "dumb f*ck". My Mother in Law was mortiified, but when we visited great grandma (a little 88 year old Italian nona) she took great pleasure in pointing to his toy truck and asking him"what's that?" My own stories usually involve me flubbing the language pretty bad. Once I went to order 15 pounds of pork to make sausage. In Chinese you say 10-5 for 15. I did it backwards and the pig man got all excited, hacking away at the meat. Then I realized I had said 5-10 which meant 50 pounds. No wonder he was excited.

    Martine - After trying pretty much everything, I have figured out my body just does not like starches and sugars of any kind so popcorn, sadly, will never be part of my eating. It just triggers huge cravings and bloats me up so abstinence is easier. We haven't had a cool day yet down here but I am looking forward to some soup weather.

    Curvy - Hoping the change in the wind helps things setlte down out there. Glad you found your document. I have had my hard drive crash with a 100 page document in it for an Education final project. It was when I first started using computers and I wasnt saving frequently yet. I literally jumped into the car and headed right to my kids' school to the Computer science lab and the teacher there was able to retrieve it. Such a sinking feeling to lose something you work hard on and know you are under a deadline.

    Shaybelle, I so agree on the foods. I love Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Greek, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Polish --- I will take it all, LOL. I never learned much written Chinese either. Just bus destinations, basic words and numbers, and bathroom signs. The necessities. I did much better with French and Russian. Polish was tough because they tend not to have many vowels in their words so the pronunciation was always a mystery. We lived on Lowcza Street. It was pronounced Woofcha. See what I mean? William theres another language story for you, LOL. My DH used to keep a running list of Polish words without vowels. He ran across one with 14 consonants and no vowels. Strange language. Sounded like speaking Russian if you were really drunk. Lots of slurred sounds. and shchsh type sounds. It is funny how Italian and French sound beautiful, Polish sounds sloppy to the ear, German is harsh at times, Chinese was almost musical. Makes me wonder what English sounds like to non English natives.

  • Hi everyone!

    Wow how the summer has flown by! I think the last time I logged in was some time in July toward the end of my interview process for my new job. I got all set up, moved into my office, and am settling into a new work-life balance. It's been a period of adjustment, but it is so nice to rejoin the portion of the workforce that has weekends off! I haven't been weighing myself everyday for a few reasons, one of which being my sanity, but I am happy to report that I'm hovering within the same five pound range as the last time I checked in with you all.

    I'm working my way through reading everyone's posts for the month so far, but it looks like some great work is happening here (and it's so nice to see some familiar faces, and new ones as well!)!

    Best of luck to everyone for the rest of the month as we work toward our goals!

    September Goals:
    Hydration: 4L
    Nutrition: No take-out for the month; meal prep weekly. 1600kcal (100g protein/<100-125g fat/<25g net carbs)

    Exercise: Yoga 3 times per week, walk 30-60 minutes daily

    SW: 225.6
    CW: 222.0
    GW: 218.0

    9/1: 225.6
    9/9: 224.3 (-1.3)
    9/10: 222.1 (-2.2)
    9/12: 222.0 (-0.1)
  • Good morning

    Martine: I'm glad you had a great day! Count me in as a dulce de leche cake lover!

    Shaybelle: What a great teaching resume and diverse skill set!

    I'm happy you found something that eliminates your pain with no side effects. Until folks experience chronic pain one has no idea how it can impact a life. I have a friend who will soon be having his fourth back surgery in 10 years, and he's hoping that this time surgery will work. In his youth, he spent four years as an elite Army Ranger and while he never experienced combat, he made countless jumps out of planes as part of his training. He's working with a very smart and innovative surgeon who's noticing things about his back and past surgeries others have missed. I'm optimistic for him!

    gzgrl22: Congrats on the scale drop! It must have been exciting to see a new low. Quick thinking to get in your car and get yourself to the lab! Computers/technology--blessing and curse.

    RunningRedHead: Great to see you check in, Kayla! I'm thrilled that your new job is proving to be the fit you wanted. Enjoy your weekend.

    William47: I've been thinking about you up there in Oregon. I woke up to the news that Seattle, San Francisco, and Portland currently have he worst air quality in the world! Keep safe up there!
    Yesterday made up for all the meetings I didn't have earlier in the week. I'm actually in the office today but not really working on work stuff. My new staff person starts on Monday and there were a few things I wanted to finish doing so his office was ready when he arrived. Nothing big but I'll feel more at ease when they're complete.

    I ventured to the Farmer's Market this morning and picked up some strawberries, mini-avocados, and mini-butternut squash. I don't know if you can have an impulse purchase buying produce but that's exactly what the mini-squash was. I've never had it, thought it was cute and so I bought four (they are not big at all). I've been doing some reading online and the consistent description I'm finding is that their skin is a bit thinner and the flavor more intense. I'll let you know.

    Have a great Saturday!
  • Curvy - I'm trying to avoid back surgery. Its hard to explain pain that never goes away to someone. How it affects you mentally and physically beyond just the back. Man, all that yummy produce! I impulse buy produce alll the time. LOL. I love Farmer's Markets.
  • Curvy: I can't wait to hear how your mini-squash turned out! Now that I have weekends off, I can't wait to get over to my local farmer's market! There's a fairly large one in my area that I've been meaning to get to for some time and now finally have the time to do so I'm glad to hear you feel more at ease now that the office is ready for your new staff member. Is this the person you mentioned needing to hire a few months ago?

    Shaybelle: Hi there! It's nice to meet you In reading some of your comments I've noticed you using the phrases "up" and "down" days. What are you referring to when you say this, if you don't mind my asking? I'm so sorry to hear you have so much back pain. I've had a few back injuries myself (the most recent one never quite getting completely better), so I can empathize with you. I think it's so great that you're able to somewhat manage your pain with medibles. One of the things I found to help the most was hot, gentle yoga, but with the pandemic, the studios were closed for such a long time and now that they are reopened, they're not quite hot enough (I imagine so that people don't pass out while wearing their masks ). Do you find any exercises or activity to help your back?

    A little whoosh today as shark week comes to an end and the extra bloat and water leaves. I've been OP for meals the past few days and I was half a liter over my goal yesterday. It was so beautiful yesterday, (nice and sunny, but not too warm!) and I was able to get outside with Loki to take her for several walks. Happy Sunday, y'all, I hope you're able to enjoy what's left of your weekend!

    SW: 225.6
    CW: 222.0
    GW: 218.0

    9/1: 225.6
    9/9: 224.3 (-1.3)
    9/10: 222.1 (-2.2)
    9/12: 222.0 (-0.1)
    9/13: 219.7 (-2.3)
  • Hi everyone! I hope this Sunday finds you all in good spirits and good health

    RunningRedHead it’s nice to see you checking-in again. I’m surr your new job has required a lot of adjustments. How are you liking it so far? It’s great that you basically maintained through all of these major changes in your life. It means you have a solid foundation to rely on and move forward.

    curvynotlumpy thank you so much for the wishes And now I want to know all about the baby squash! I bought a butternut squash to make a rigatoni bake, with spinach and leeks this week, but I have never seen little squash.

    Shaybelle I’m sorry to read that you are dealing with chronic pain. I’m just glad that cannabis is now legal in Canada, as I know it helps a lot of people deal with this kind of pain. I hear you on eating proper portions and having leftovers. I live for leftovers, for lunches of for when we don’t feel like cooking another meal at supper time.

    gzgrl22 woohoo on the scale moving again! Very funny and sweet story about your 2-year-old using colourful language

    William47 very interesting theory on language. I love anything to do with languages, it’s a fascinating subject. For example, I speak “Québec French”, not “French French”, and our version of French is often viewed as not “pure” French. But my father had this amazing old-world dictionnary when I was growing up and I learned that Québec French is a lot closer to old-world French than what is now spoken in France. It makes sense because explorers who settled here were isolated from the mother nation and therefore language did not evolve the same way as in Europe.

    So I seem to have lost my way a little in terms of working out. Or at least lost my consistency. As much as I love kickboxing, I think this 2-week challenge, that is now taking forever, was just too demanding and I’ve kept putting off the last two workouts. I think that my birthday this week did not help, with cake making me feel heavy and lethergic. It’s crazy just how much the body is affected by certain foods. At least I have gone walking a bit and have trached my 10km goal again this past week.

    Here’s hoping for a positive week for everyone.

    WEEK 1:
    1: 28 minutes flexibility workout WATER GOAL: done
    2: 2.3km walk WATER GOAL: done
    3: 43 minutes kickboxing and upper body strength training workout WATERGOAL: done
    4: 3.2km walk WATER GOAL: done
    5: 5.2km walk WALKING GOAL: 10.7km/10 WATER GOAL: done
    WEEK 2:
    6: 2.3km walk WATER GOAL: done
    7: 43 minutes lower body strength training + 3.2km walk WATER GOAL: done
    8: 34 minutes upper body strength training WATER GOAL: done
    9: rest day WATER GOAL: done
    10: 28 minutes flexibility workout WATER GOAL: done
    11: rest day WATER GOAL: not reached
    12: 5.4km walk WALKING GOAL: 10.9km/10 WATER GOAL: not reached
    WEEK 3:
    13: 2.4km walk WATER GOAL: not reached
  • Martine: Hi there! Consistency with working out is such a challenge for me. I hear you on those 2-week challenges; they can be incredibly demanding, but good on you making it so far and continuing to walk, even with the post-cake food coma! Happy belated birthday! So far I’m loving the new job! Everyone is so nice and they’re being so great about trying to not overwhelm me as I settle in. They actually have one of the best mentor-protégé programs in the area for new faculty, so I’m very impressed. Thank you for pointing out how a foundation allows for maintenance during times of stress! I think I’m ready to start moving on my weight loss journey again and am setting a goal of ONEderland by new years!

    No change between yesterday and today, but last night I starved a craving. I was done eating around 4pm (met all macros/kcal goals and was finished inside my IF window) but around 7-8pm I had this craving for some sort of sweet, fatty, chocolate dessert. Instead I made some lavender lemon tea and ignored it by watching The Office over the phone with my boyfriend (he’s out of town for work a lot, we have a finely honed system ) Anywho, happy Monday everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful start to your week!

    SW: 225.6
    9/14: 219.7
    GW: 217

    Week 1:

    9/1: 225.6
    9/2: NWI
    9/3: NWI
    9/4: NWI
    9/5: NWI
    9/6: NWI
    9/7: NWI
    Total for Week 1: ---
    Total for September: ---

    Week 2:
    9/8: NWI
    9/9: 224.3 (-1.3)
    9/10: 222.1 (-2.2)
    9/11: NWI
    9/12: 222.0 (-0.1)
    9/13: 219.7 (-2.3)
    9/14: 219.7 (+/-0)
    Total for Week 2: -5.9
    Total for September: -5.9