Getting out of the 180's

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  • Quote: charliexx I hope you have someone close you can reach out to for help. Depression can be brutal, especially untreated (I was diagnosed when I was 13). My hope for you is that you find happiness, even in the unexpected, this week and always As for your weight loss journey, remember how far you've come. Fluctuations are apart of the process (I say this as someone hardcore fluctuating at the moment lol)

    Denise you're killing it! I wish I had your self-control. I'm not sure what's been up these past few weeks, but I'm struggling to keep away from bad foods/stick to IF.


    189.8 this AM. Wrong direction! I keep having to remind myself I was in the mid-190s a month ago, and I just need to chill, but it's hard... I want to see the 170s so bad.
    Thank you so much for your support. Thankfully I have a really great support system!
  • WZin congratulations on your new low!!

    I'm still at 188.8. I think I'll be in this thread awhile...
  • Hey ladies!! I'm still here with you guys.. :-)

    183.6 this morning! Hoping to see 179 by the end of Dec., maybe?!?! lol

    @charliexx Sending you tons of virtual hugs hun! I know exactly how you feel! I battle with depression and anxiety myself! Glad that you have an amazing support system. It's makes a world of difference. :-)

    @WZin Thank you so much hun! Congrats on the 182 hun.. :-) You are so close to exiting!! lol

    @shellofshelf Girl I feel you hun! My struggle has always been me overeating, so I understand your struggle! I've never been a bad/junk food eater at all. So it's easy for me to stay far away from that. I've been so off and on with IF, it's crazy! lol As you keep transforming, slowly for surely, all of the bad/junk food will start fading away from your diet completely.
  • Denise_Taylor Yay! You're back! HUGE Congratulations!! That kind of weightloss during the holidays is beyond impressive! There's so much food everywhere. Based on your trajectory, you'll see the 170s by the new year!

    WZin Looks like you're currently seeing that elusive 7!! I'm so happy for you! Maybe time to start a 170s thread?

    187.0 this AM. Hopping to be at 185 for the new year!
  • It looks like everyone survived the holidays!! I managed to maintain. That was the goal. Woohoo! Now back to getting out of the 180s!
  • Happy New Year ladies!! :-)

    I didn't make it to the 170's but hey, it's cool!! :-) :-) :-) I most definitely plan to see the 170's by the end of Jan. ::fingerscrossed::

    I weighed in this morning at 181.6.... I survived the holidays for sure... LOL LOL
  • I'm still trailing behind both of you ladies! Here's to not giving up and reaching our 2020 Goals!

    I'm on my third day at/under 185. Hoping that with enough will power, my body will work with me over the next month to get out of the 180s and into (my elusive) 170s territory.
  • Hey ladies!!! My scale is BROKE!!!! :-( I will have a new one by this weekend. I'm still here with you guys until I can weigh in LOL.. I'll just go by my last weigh in for now...

    And I'm proud of all of you, you guys are doing amazing! We should all be going into the 170's thread together, most definitely by the end Jan. :-)
  • Quote: Denise ~ Enjoy the scale hiatus! Mine has been 180.9-181.1 for several days now so it can (IS!) be frustrating when you are working hard for results. Hopefully, when you do weigh, you will be pleasantly surprised!

    Have a great week everyone! Let's Stay Strong and Push Through!

    I'm trying to hun, I'm just so use to stepping on the scale to check in every so often and now I can't.. lol lol and you are so very close to the 170's girl! What ever you do, keep going hun! And I most definitely understand the frustration part, I had an entire month that my weight did not budge despite me working out, fasting etc. So I most definitely understand the frustration! And yes, hopefully when I do weigh in, I will be surprised. My fingers are crossed!!
  • WZin & Denise_Taylor, I would bet that you'll both be firmly in the 170s within the next week. Congratulations in advance!

    At this point, I would take it as a win to just be at 182-183 for several days. I haven't broken past 184.0 yet; still 184.6 this morning.
  • Hey ladies. I did manage to get a new scale over the weekend. I weighed in at 185 so boooo LOL it's cool though! I took a 2 week vacation on working out but I'm most definitely back on track this week!! So here's to getting out of these 180's. :-)
  • Still 184.6 ... Its crazy that the 180s have some weird hold on all of us, especially considering how far we still are from a "normal" BMI!

    Switched to exclusively OMAD this week. Also going back to calorie counting. I think I got too complacent and need to shake things up.
  • 183 again today. Whhaaatttt?! The true test will be what I weigh on Monday We got this ladies! Even if it is slow & steady :P
  • Hey ladies. I've missed you girls lol. I'm still here!! LOL I'm constantly back and forth between 183 & 186. Pretty much stuck hanging out in the 180's for now, hopefully we will all move on the 170's soon. The only good thing I'm happy about is that I'm most definitely not gaining anything. How are you ladies holding up?
  • Glad to hear from you Denise!! We're all still in this together! I've been at 181.0 every freakin day since Monday. I made my husband start daily weighing in to make sure the scale wasnt defective. It's fine; it's just me, I guess

    The hold the 180s have on us is UNREAL!