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lemonthyme 04-06-2018 01:50 PM

11 Regainers regaining control and relosing!
Here is a new thread - all are welcome to jump in if you like on your weight loss journey! We hit 500 on the last one - Lil that makes you like the 5000th post if I read this all correctly! :broc:

Link to the old post here.

Slashnl 04-06-2018 02:04 PM


Lemon: Thank you for starting the new post. I was freaking out a little as I got to the bottom of the last one. I didn't want to have to start a new one, no idea why... :)

The only problem is that I can't go back and respond to everyone. So, no personals for me. For those that said I should get new batteries for my scale, I think I will change them. I changed them not so long ago, but maybe those weren't fresh batteries. Oh well!

Actually, today had another good weigh in, down a little bit. That helps for me to see that! I ended up going to Body Pump after work. It was pretty hard, and I do think it is harder later in the day. But I'm glad I went. This morning I went to spin. I felt a little stiff, so I think the spin helped loosen me up a little bit. Spin tomorrow, and then I was hoping for a hike on Sunday, but it is looking like it might rain. If not, we'll go.

Have a good weekend everyone!

lemonthyme 04-06-2018 02:10 PM

Have you ever found went you went to change your laundry 45 minutes later and put the dried clothes in a basket to grab the wet ones and discover YOU NEVER WASHED THEM?!

That's my day today.

I should have stayed in bed.

My eating is for the birds - I am stressing over nonsense I am sure and eating my remaining butt of the offending dark chocolate easter bunny. But if I get rid of it today it won't bother me this weekend. DH wants to stop at a microbrew this weekend and partake in some festivity - I'd say sure but there go my calories again. I know - I know - I am the one that says live life as you do this journey. But at the same time I am tired of the 220s as much as I was tired of the 30s.

Lil: You crack me up! Yep - this lady is itching for the snow to go COMPLETELY away. However, though it's melting on the southside of my house (thanks for sending the sun up!) it's to snow this weekend another 6" - frankly the Canadians may keep their snow!:dizzy: Are you and DH going to Johnnys? If so - the garlic sauce on the steak is heavenly (or was it in my mashed potatoes?) - I am just saying. I only have been once - but dang it was good and worth all the calories in the world. Happy anniversary to you two! Enjoy your togetherness - even the train to wine country sounds fun. I did something similar for one of ours - but no train - just local.

Jen: I make lists all the time - I am not sure the want and can get there will work for my own. maybe if I sit to really do it and think it through it will make sense to me. I tend like to list goals - but of late most of my goals for monetary gain; less winning the lottery, would involve me rejoining the work force. And I am not sure I want to do that just yet. The family size we had hoped for never materialized and I still do a good deal of running with mine as it is - and then I remember not enjoying life/anything when I was working from home, running the house as usual - ie laundry started right before my work day did and I'd change loads as a 5 min break or meal prep in those times, nurse the kid, change the kid, play with the kid, put the kid to nap, meet deadlines etc. I remember being stressed to the moon and back trying to figure it all out (DH is of the old school in some respect when it comes to chores "I work all day and I've done my part" - yes he'll help w/prodding or a boot in the butt) and so it always felt I was always on, weekends, evenings, bathroom breaks. I know lots of women make it work - in my head it still doesn't for myself. Is that greedy of me? I don't know.

I will keep quiet on that right now.

Hope your DHs family is not driving you too bonkers!

Hello all!

So I read on yucca root - supposedly IT must be peeled as the skin contains cyanide. Really? We eat this stuff? Evidently as I also read it's used to make tapioca pearls. I do like a good tapioca pudding, warm, right off the stove - but I digress imagine the 9 zillion calories I have just conjured up!

The day is not progressing in any really great manner. I started the new thread less the powers at be take off my posting hands and say NO! In the soup****'s voice of course. And I needed a place to vent whatever it is in my mind currently. I am sick of snow, bills and general cold. I have not won said lottery - and why is it a coastie is always a winner and very few and far between the middle states? Just sayin - makes me suspicious as only a conspiracy theorist would be on a day like today. :D

So I am trying to find a bit of humor as I go along - it's not working super well. I have 1/4 of my littles dump, I mean bedroom, cleaned. Good lordy - kids should have automatic put away tendancies built into them at birth. This kid is all about dragging crap from basement to top floor and leaving it all about - did I mention legos? Don't even get me started. And I have to help one of the others tomorrow with their room.

Will spring really and OFFICIALLY come forward?

I need to get outside - seriously bad.

Happy afternoon all - I am off to go roll my eyes and then eat more rabbit butt.

lemonthyme 04-06-2018 02:45 PM

Can I just ask who are the 10,339 people viewing the last thread? That always gets me, like when you post a NSV thread or a question and get like no answers and then you see about 50+ people have viewed it. These things I don’t understand. ;) but then maybe it’s people thinking they’d like to join in - if so to quote NIKE - JUST DO IT! ok, now I show my age. But seriously where do these numbers come from?

I’m avoiding cleaning but good. Yuck. Legos - triple yuck.

I’m off to make cookies - my youngest is asking and I’m an obliging mama when cookies are of concern.

Anyone have fun plans for the weekend? I’ll live vicariously through you all. I have to lay low moneywise this weekend when all I want to do is spend. Hah - maybe some day.

I should also just do broth all weekend long. Maybe I’ll go make a veg soup for tonight. Im off to think while making cookies.

toastedsmoke 04-06-2018 02:57 PM

Hi guys!!! Yayyyy new thread!!! So I weighed in today at 188.5 which is 1.5 down from Wednesday's 190 but 2.5 up from last Wednesday 186 but it's okay. Today is my older brother's birthday and only upsides will be regarded. So far today I've eaten a bagel and 2 mini scotch eggs. It's 6.35pm right now and I'm saving myself for birthday dinner. I have not and will not be counting calories today but back at it again tomorrow. I only have one brother/sibling and he only has one birthday a year, I let myself get hype, probably more so than he does. I want to check in and then leave so I get to his birthday dinner on time.

Lemon: Re: fruit, I get the kind of fruit allergies that are more digestive discomfort-based like cramping, bloating, burning. It's not a huge loss as I'm not a huge fan of fruit anyway. I love hearing about your grocery hauls. In addition to "what I eat in a day videos," I also quite like grocery store hauls and more embarrassingly, those impossibly perfect fridge-fies (you know like fridge selfies, if a self-satisfied perfectly organized and clean fridge could take it's own selfie... you know the kind filled with mason jars and gleaming glass storage, veggies in the pink of freshness, small batch brand yoghurt etc). My fridge has never and will never look like those but I like knowing what people have in their fridges. I LOVE the skin of fried (or any) chicken. It's 100% THE BEST part. When I see people peel it off, I have sad tears. It's like when people scrape off the buttercream icing from cake. Yucca is a staple where I'm from except we call it cassava. We usually peel it and ferment it to get rid of the cyanide, and then you can boil, fry, grill, roast, mash, dry and mill into a flour etc etc. I'm sending you lots of hugs and hoping your day brightens, the weather warmens (? lol), and that joy invades your heart and lifts your spirits.

Sakai: Your meals sound LIT! I love cauliflower and could do some damage to some cauliflowe mash especially sitting on top of shepherd's pie sauce. When I was reading about the lumps on your husband's back, I thought "lipoma" immediately as well. How weird that the docs can't ID it and seem so unbothered- I'd be anxious too. I need to do better with working out as well. I'm good till I fall off track for one day, then it's hard to get back on track.

Diane: I used to love Quest bars but then started getting digestive woes from tem. My favourite was the Smores one. What's yours? My meals are organized because I think about food ALL the time, literally ALWAYS thinking (and looking forward to) my next meal even when eating my current one. Most of my social media is consumed with food influencers, so it's a thing for me. Yay good weigh ins! A new decade is right around the corner for you.

Jenni: I think we have a similar body type as well because those are my sizes around those weights on average as well. What protein shake are you currently liking? I used to drink the whey ones- I tried Quest, Solgar, Optimum Nutrition (my absolute least favourite in taste), Bluebonnet Nutrition, Biotrust, Isopure Zero Carb (probably the best tasting) and then once I couldn't stomach whey anymore, I tried Nuzest. Now I just try to remember to put some collagen peptides in my tea and mashed potatoes and call it a day. What are your favourite shakes? What's your flax flatbread recipe? You should TOTALLY apply for the jobs you want. Life IS too short.

Lilion: All the variety in fruit is wasted on me. I don't really like fruit or juices or smoothies that much and rarely eat them. Eeek the craptastic weather with hot and cold. Farmers and gardeners here only have to worry about rain before planting season, not temperatures. (It's planting season right now technically- farmers in some parts of the country are waiting for the first rains). Happy Anniversary!!!! I hope you have the best meal and the best time together this weekend celebrating. Wishing you many more years.

Okay guys. I have to run. I'm officially late and my dad has called to know if I'm on my way. (I'm not. If anything, I have to save stuff I'm working on so that I can work on it at home this weekend). Wishing you all a fab weekend. I'll try to come on tomorrow to post my meals to force myself back on track.

lemonthyme 04-06-2018 04:21 PM

Toasted: have fun celebrating! I had a laugh you totally described me w frosting and chicken skin. Yep I’m a peeler and a scraper. A very little bit goes a very long way for me. Like as in a teeny tiny taste. Enjoy your beautiful celebration of food and company!

Diane: glad I put it out there sorry you couldn’t access well. Yeah for body pump and ugh for stupid scales. I have found unless I have good batteries as in Duracell or rayovac, the cheapie ones give me the scale wonks! Check too if your floor is uneven w the scale moving. That’s my issue as my house is an old gal over 100 and she has limited totally level surfaces. And before - I asked if you grew up on a farm? Do you Currently have a farmette or farm?

Lil: are you wearing something stylin for your date night? Heck girl - splurge on something that makes you smile! I don’t care that you are a work in progress celebrate! - then get a scarf or necklace to show off what you have lost! Just saying something new always helps the spirit.

Jen: your post earlier is causing me to stop and think a bit more. I’ll have to give you my thoughts w a clearer head. So if you are thinking of a job switch, what file may you segue to if I can ask? How are your girls doing?

Hello all!

I gave up being good today - my cookies are good. I’m looking online for sewing ideas and saying bah to bedroom cleaning and will do that after bit. I did dishes after the baking and my laundry is going. My house is still a mess as is my noggin. I’ve started a half dozen projects and haven’t finished any it seems. Oh it’s a fabulous day in my world.

I still plan to make a soup much to my family’s chagrine - my dd tends to wonder why I make so many. I like them! And they are usually diet friendly. And they warm a belly but good.

Ok, before avoiding any more to my day (can you tell I need to converse today?) I best get busy.

lemonthyme 04-07-2018 09:39 AM

No w/I water or walk

I’m doing splendid. Not really. I ended up eating too many of the cookies. I just had a hard day in spirit yesterday. I don’t really know why it hit me as it did. I know why part of it is there - family and all. I have loads of siblings and right now not one of them is talking to me. I have a few that can be really katty and sway the others in thoughts to think the same thing (their assumed beliefs on me and what I do without having spoken with me - just what they have managed to cobble together from talking to my mom). Anyway, as I age I find I don’t have time for this nonsense. I have tried to keep a line of communication open but never hear anything back so I’m to the point of saying why bother.

And that in a nutshell is part of my necessity to eat and wallow yesterday.

Today I didn’t bother to hop on the scale. It’s a Saturday and I’m tired and cranky and why add to a mood that may or may not come.

So I will see how today goes and try my best as it goes along. I will try the same tomorrow and maybe it will warm up and DH and I can get out and walk a bit. But it’s suppose to storm again as in snow. Blck.

And before I give up my grumbles - there are two trains down the street that have been idling since 630 last night. I don’t know if any of you have been privy to idling trains but they are low and thuddy and almost have a constant bass type repetive noise. To the point it drives me bonkers.

I’d say I’d love to go back to bed and wake up to all sunshine and roses in thoughts. It’s not. I’m sure I’m back to 225 and today my outlook on diet is I want to toss it right on out the window. Someplace in there I’ll try to persevere and refocus but for today and the moment I’m thumbing my nose at it.

I hope everyone else is in great spirits!

Toasted: how was birthday celebration? I hope you had a blast cake and all!

Diane: enjoy that hike and your cycle and being with your family!

Uber: you should be heading home soon - welcome back!

Sakai: has your man had his surgery? I hope it’s smooth sailing and no worries!

Laurie: I hope your world has settled and a clearer picture has emerged!

Jen: hope you and DH will have a lived filled weekend with the kiddos. Go kite flying! I want to but there is 8” of snow to contend with and flying kites in boots sucks.

Lil: happy anniversary! Enjoy your day of celebration!

The farm gal (hey! I mean well - I’m just not looking back up the old thread currently as I’m on my phone I apologize!): how are your grand babes and working their activity into your own?

Hello all! I know I’m missing people and I don’t mean too!

Ok I’m trying to find happy! Enjoy your weekends! Debby downer is signing out for the moment! Love your families today!

Sakai 04-07-2018 01:19 PM

Woot! Fresh thread!

Lemon- Not yet, he get's the surgery on the 1st of May. It's hard to keep up with diets when you're frustrated or otherwise in emotional stress or turmoil. I know under the slightest pressure I just want to fall into my comfort food. This too will blow over, Taking a day to vent is healthy ever so often. You'll be right back on track in no time!

Toasted - Partay! hope you had a great time!

Slashnl-Were you able to go? Or did the rain hit?

Yesterday was a weird day for me. I met up with some friends after work at Denny's. I hadn't seen these good friends in over a year, but I didn't want to derail my progress now that it was picking back up again. So ahead of time, I went online and searched their menu for something on the lower end of the carb scale. I figured I would get their chicken strips. 81g carbs. @[email protected] It's chicken! How much breading has to be on something to give it 81 carbs!?
But I found the Avocado chicken salad. only 28 net carbs. Which put me over my carb limit by 10g but I was still under calorie. And the scale still moved down this morning.
We ended up sitting there and catching up for three and a half hours. It was so much fun. I hope we make this more of a habit instead of a once a year thing.
Today the goal is to go for a walk. my Fitbit always reads low steps on Saturday. It's normally my one lazy day of the week. My goal is at least 5k steps on my lazy day, instead of my normal 1k.

Slashnl 04-07-2018 06:00 PM


Lemon: Yeah, I'm with you on wishing for a new decade. So tired of the 250's. I don't know if I'll be able to make it out this week, but it would be nice!!! As for your question on the farm world, no I didn't grow up on a farm or in the country. I was definitely a city girl. We would go to the mountains for the day, we did fishing - but in a boat, camping was always in a cabin. My husband is the one who was country/cowboy. I learned it all from him! We live on about 5 acres, so not an active farm. More of a hobby farm. Hope your weekend is going better now!!

Toasted: Quest bars are certainly not the best in flavor but they're good enough that I can live with it. I just like the protein they provide. My favorites are White Chocolate Raspberry and this new one is something like "Birthday Cake". It is kind of sweet, but I like the texture. Anyway, I hope you have a great time at your brother's birthday!!

Sakai: It looks like the rain might stay away, so it looks like my daughter and I can go tomorrow. We're going to have pedicures after the hike!! Should be fun. Sounds like you had a great time yesterday! That's great that you could get together with friends. Always nice to catch up!

As for me, I was able to go to spin this morning and then did some upper body lifting. It was a really good workout. I got my grocery shopping done and laundry started. I am heading out soon to pull some weeds. Our irrigation water is coming in, so we'll be able to water soon. I'll have some green grass soon, I think! I need to get ready for it.

Hoping for a hike tomorrow. I would love to see a drop in weight on Monday. I did replace the batteries on my scale, too. We'll see if there is any difference.

ubergirl 04-07-2018 09:03 PM

Hey everybody! I'm back from my trip to Paris!!!!

I've got a lot of thread reading/catching up to do, so I'll skip personals for now, but just popping in to say I had a fabulous time on the trip! Must have walked a million miles, and the biggie was that I walked UP THE STAIRS to the Eiffel Tower with my son! I was really really proud of myself because I wasn't sure I was fit enough to do it, and then I did. True, I did have to stop and rest on almost every landing once I was about ten floors from the top, but I am 100% sure that I couldn't have done it at 297 or 280! So woot!

Lots of good eating while I was away, and hopped on the scale to see 243 this morning, so down another 3 lbs since I left, and I always retain fluid on long flights, so I'm guessing that I'm going to lose another pound or two in the next couple of days!

Just in general, I really felt relieved to be traveling at this lower weight, the last couple years have been awful for me-- bringing along a seat belt extender and just never feeling I fit anywhere. So this time was MUCH easier all the way around. Still I've got a ways to go!!! But I'm feeling good!

Hope ya'll had fund while I was gone and I'll be back with some personals soon!

lemonthyme 04-07-2018 09:49 PM

So I went to the local to me kohl (still an hour away) and checked their clearance bras and low and behold - found 2 in my behemoth size each for $4 a piece, regularly $40. So, I grabbed them! Then I went and bought a lottery because this morning I had thrown out to the world it would be nice to find 2 bras and that should keep me filled until I shrink some more. Hah! Wouldn't that be fun. Good things come in threes - oh wait - thats things in threes for people dying - well I will take the three good things!

And then - I have to share this because it's still stuck in my head and I seriously need it out. The town I go shop at is a college town - not a huge one - but still a college town - so it's normal to see a lot of young 20s when out. Well here was one girl, maybe a size 22 all dolled up w/their boyfriend in tow. She had on a a-line mini dress. Fine - good age for etc. Except today the wind was strong and when you wear a looser skirt, you need to be mindful of wind and kind of keep a hand tugging down as you run into the store. However, this gal must not be in the know - and sadly - said girl fell victim to the wind as she was only in a thong underneath and it was a show, not once but twice. I felt bad for her because behind her were a couple of young guys. Oh lordy - the pitfalls of trying to look nice and having the wind cause a gust.

Ok - weight - totally stinks! I feel totally bloated and nothing truly fit me at the goodwill that I liked today but one shirt on clearance but it tends to smell a bit funky - but a good soak in oxi should clean that on up.

sakai: Its good to visit w/people and at least denny's let you sit there that long. I have been places like that only to have the waitstaff keep coming by to give you the hairy eyeball. I am glad you had a good visit! I miss having friends close by to do things with.

diane: Heck - I enjoy those country boys. My DH is originally from Chicago - and came to this area when he was a teen. So he is a quasi type - but tends to be more city than I am. Hah!

uber: good for you on weight loss and plane success! Can't wait to hear your stories and YEAH for sprinting up those stairs at the tower. That is such a NSV you can shout that from the top! And who all went on this trip?

Hello all!

well you saw above. It was an ok day, i ended it with a big salad but it's the stuff in-between that will probably trip me up. Oh well, I will work on such next week. I am invited to dinner with my ILS tomorrow and that can sometimes be a challenge as they like creamy sauces and oversauced veg. but it's one less meal I have to plan or make.

My plants are doing ok - and I am still seriously itching to play in the dirt. I almost killed 8 baby plants - evidently they either got too dry or cold. I lean toward dry - as I watered the heck out of them this am and tonight they were standing back up. Thank goodness. to do this work and have them die of lack of water - shameful on my end.

My goals for next week - water, walk and sewing. Diet - well yeah, that too. I hope the stress part dissipates and I can get on w/a good and clean fast and eating window and leave the sugar alone. good golly - that is always a big trip me up.

Snow is still here, more tomorrow and Monday. Who sent me this and can I return to sender? Anyone else interested in it? I'd also love to turn my heat off but when the low at night is 7°, that's out of the question.:D

Happy evening all - I am glad you posted today - I tend to do better (a bit) when I can pop on over here and say hello and hold myself accountable for something, even if it is saying bah humbug to weighing myself!

:broc: :broc: :broc:

lemonthyme 04-08-2018 07:08 AM

No anything I’m on a weekend hiatus to get my mind back into it next week.

I figured that was best. Just do what I think is right or ok and well Monday comes soon enough.

You know when you wake and everything hurts and finally getting into an upright position it feels like every joint and piece of cartlige just laughs at you? Yep that’s me this morning ;) came too early early because if I rolled over again I think I was going to cry. So now I sit here with my cuppajoe with standards on the tv music selection. I had a small piece of new to me coffeecake and have been perusing other people’s sewing ideas. I just ordered some notions via amazon. I could get 50 yards for $13.99 total vs paying local big chain sewing store $6.99 a YARD! I need 4 yards. And yes I’ll be able to use it for other projects as I go along, it may take a while but in the end that’d be what? 12.5 dresses or skirts I can make.

I have my dress and kimono jacket to do this week and a dress for my girl. I haven’t measured recently but I do hope maybe I will be fitting within the pattern confines vs adding to and making loads of adjustments.

So I hope Sunday finds you all in good places. I look forward to your posts! Keeps me feeling like I’m part of something and like we meet up for coffee and go on our day.

Best wishes all for melting fat!

lemonthyme 04-09-2018 08:09 AM

I’m not weighing in today as it’s bill paying day that’s enough grumbling.

Morning all!

I’m awake and moving but not fast nor super well. I’m going to try and get that walk in today and start anew. I think in some respect I’m not 100%gung ho for the old heave ho. I think I’m in that I’m not trying super well and remain focused to diet. But I will try not to derail that badly because I like feeling better and looking a tad trimmer but I’d sure be happy if it was just easier for me to lose weight.

I think I’m finally feeling more even keel with the new prescription of dosing for the synthroid. That’s always a bit of a bump to get over. But I’m no longer feeling the jitters or the super not sleeping problems I was having.

All a work in progress.

Happy start to your weeks all! I’ll pop over later and try to catch your hellos.

Adding: it’s now mid morning and I’ve about an hour before my fasting is done. Im trying to pay bills and balance checkbook and haven’t gottne the walk in. I’m thinking I’m going to need to wake early and do that before everyone is awake as I find my day fills too much. And there is always tomorrow but if I want out of this decade I’m going to have to make it a today type priority.

Lilion 04-09-2018 12:11 PM

Morning all and Happy Monday. :carrot:

Not really, I’m exhausted. :tired: I just did not sleep well this whole weekend. I bought new pillows Saturday and I think it just doesn’t suit me. I wake up on and off all night uncomfortable. It was a weird weekend. Stayed up too late Friday. Saturday we got up late and really just kind of sat around having breakfast and coffee until Hubby went to work. He’d volunteered for a 3 – 11 p.m. shift so I was home alone. I should have done something productive, but went shopping for food and such; not for anything fun. Ran into an old friend and chatted for about 20 minutes in Walmart, which was nice. By the time I got home it was 6:30 and I had to do dishes and take care of the animals, etc. Did I mention that I bought a food dehydrator? I got trays of apples and bananas on to dry (my first ever!) and then Hubs came home and for some Godawful reason we stayed up until almost 2 a.m., I then got up at 6 to check the dehydrator! Went back to bed, but still!

Sunday, anniversary day, we slept very late – like 10:30, had a fattening breakfast – I got bacon and eggs for the anniversary breakfast for Hubs and really, we didn’t do much else all day. At about 5 we went to a wonderful but really expensive restaurant for dinner. Really, expensive, like I ordered one of the cheaper dishes, and mine was $30 – Hubby’s was closer to $50. We NEVER eat at places like that; we’re more like $30 is the bill for both of us. With two glasses of wine and two entrees, no apps or desserts, we dropped well over $100.00 on one meal! But it was FANSTASTIC. The food was amazing. The service was exemplary. As best I could tell, servers have only 3 tables each that they cover. I have heard this place requires all their wait staff to start out in back of the house in the kitchen and literally have to work their way up to bus boy and then server. I mean, it takes like 2-3 years to become a waiter there! But when you figure a small tip at this place is going to run $20 per table, they make really, really good money in the end and they deserve it. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been to such a nice place with such a good staff. Yet, it’s considered a steakhouse! There were people in dresses and suits and people in jeans. So…even though the ever-so-frugal (cheap) side of me rebelled at the prices :eek: – I think we’ll go back. Maybe next anniversary. I don’t think my cheapskate heart can take more than once a year. :D

So…then we went to Perkin’s and had pie. :rofl: We were too full for dessert at the nice place, but the ½ hour drive made us want some pie. Then we went home, did laundry, watched The Walking Dead, and made venison Jerky. Yeah…everything after the swanky dinner was more “us”. :lol:

Long fattening weekend over – too soon – so now we’re back to the real world.

I’m SO sorry I’m not going to do personals, except one:

Lemon – It occurred to me the other day, with all the sewing you do have you ever considered making your own bras? I’ve considered modifying mine…taking them in as my boobage shrinks…but I don’t have the skill or experience sewing knits and stretch fabrics. Most of what I do is the medieval costuming and those are all sturdy woven fabrics. But you sound like a person who could do swimwear and such and lingerie is just one step from that. Just a thought.

For everyone else, sorry I’m just giving you a Big old :wave: and spreading out some :dust: on you! I hope you all had a good weekend and are ready for the week ahead!

lemonthyme 04-09-2018 01:37 PM

Lil: sounds like you’ve had a marvelous weekend. I’m glad dinner out was so nice! You need those every so often no matter how concious you are about money that’s what makes them nice treats :). As for sewing my own bra. I looked at patterns and the such. Yeah knits aren’t an issue for me but fitting my broad shoulders and back have always been. And by the time I’ve accrued all the pieces and fabric the bra cost has gone up quite a bit. I am also lousy at wanting to sew slowly (there’s that patience thing once again) and channel wires and make sure that they look commercially made vs what I’m sure will happen as I rush about. Argh!

Hello all!

Am: fast completed no issues. And in fact after my breakfast I had a butterscotch candy and found it way too sweet! Oh how the taste buds roam.

I didn’t get my walk in yet. I’m plowing through the houses bills and bookkeeping (I tend not to keep track on paper in a timely manner and that can catch up to you thinking you have less/more so a good balancing is due. Especially when DH goes shopping on his lunch hour and forgets to give you the receipts. Plus I’ve got to save for that upcoming trip late summer. Oh see - this is where winning the lotto would be lovely! Trips and extras and helping others out as we can. However I’ve not won more then $4 in the last number of years. Oh well - one can hope right?!

Happy afternoon all. May you find good in your day. I just read it’s suppose to be high 60s here middle of the week (and then go back to freezing)!

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