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Default New Here and At My Wit's End

Hello - I am new here. I stumbled upon this site from googling "I am sick of being fat, help!"

I have been there, done that when it comes to weight loss and weight loss support groups. I have done Weight Watchers, Body for Life, Transformation (Bill Phillips), Crazy Sexy Diet, One Choice at a Time, Atkins, Paleo and lastly Keto (last year I lost 40 pounds on Keto only to "fall off the wagon" and regain it all (PLUS the proverbial "and then some).

I haven't had an actual support group since 2012, so I guess I am surprised to see the concept still exists. Is it active in here? I know I need support. Accountability. I have proven I just can't do it alone and Facebook doesn't offer that support nor does family. I live in farming community with access to "bigger-ish" towns but still nothing in person really floats my boat either as far as weight loss support because I don't want to do Weight Watchers again and I don't want to do Over eaters or anything like that.

I know I am at my wit's end and need to do something. I HATE feeling like this!!! I hate feeling like crap in every outfit I try on. I hate seeing this tired, puffy face in the mirror. I hate turning to food over and over to try to feel good, when life is pretty good as it is. I hate feeling like a failure at work, unmotivated, just BLAH.

But on the same token, I am fearful I will fail.. yet again.

So here I am dipping my toe.... trying to figure out what direction I will take to get moving in a more healthy direction again. I know this isn't "me" -- I am short tempered, angry, moody, feel like a failure, feel unhealthy to where even walking around the block scares me, etc.

So far, I see some positive movement here. I wish everyone the best.
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Welcome! Hello from across the river. I too am in a podunk with limited resources without making a haul to a larger city - so I understand the frustration or time eating that traveling to town does in order to workout or find support. I have found a friendly place in one of the threads. The chicks are supportive and helpful and itís not all diet focused - find where you feel you might fit - say hello and see how it goes. I find posting daily is a help for me. We all have up and down days and sometimes airing our frustrations of the journey and our small victories help. I think when you find a group that you enjoy reading or maybe their stories are similar to what you are feeling jump in, Ive found help w the regainers in the 100# threads.

It reads like you are open to trying again - you havenít failed at all - itís called life.

Welcome again and get posting!
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I am not new to the thread but have been away from both the thread and any semblance of a healthy diet, exercise routine or lifestyle that I am beginning again as well! I live on a very small cattle farm in TN and I may not be a total loss for support here but I am just not comfortable with going to things like WW. I do like following their diet though.
I also just posted in the thread that lemonthyme referenced. I wish you all the success in the world as you begin again and look forward to hearing your first new success story!!!
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Your story is very close to mine. Tried all the diets out there, At one point I dropped 60 pounds and got very close to my lowest ever weight and then for some reason...I gave up and gained it back plus 10 more. I struggled for about a year and a half to drop this return weight but now I'm getting serious again, and came back here, which I find helps keep me focused and inspired.
I'm trying Keto this time as every other person I know is doing it and they are dropping ridiculous amounts of weight. I've only been on it for a week, But I seem to be doing well on it.
Good luck! I hope to see more of you around!
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Hi. I'm new too. Sort of. Many moons ago, I lost 100 pounds with the help of this group. And here I am again, needing to loose loo pounds again. It's embarasing to say that all that work I did just went up in smoke, and honestly, I don't know if I can do it again But im going to try. One day at a time and I'm hoping to make friends along the way.
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