Getting Out Of the 230 and 220s

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  • Slash: it was even dark this morning while waiting outside for the schoolbus. But i did go last night but only for 20 mins as there was a gal on the machine I like to use and the bike was bothering my hip. This morning I got there at 5 and went for about 50 minutes. There was a man running on the tread sweating profusely as in everything was wet including the remote he handed me. Kind of gross, maybe he was running in a sauna suit?

    My weight is back up. I guess I have to keep the calorie counting going and be very tight about it. I think I do well when I'm not and the scale tells me your nuts. I wish there was a switch we had that would kick everything into gear and keep weight off. I haven't found it yet. I did look in the mirror today and my belly continues to look like a landslide. Between the boobs and top of waist I'm not holding as much weight, it all slid right on down and is floppy from the belly button where I can pinch more than an inch try a handful. I wish on my wishlist you could also just tell your body your problem areas and it'd be focused there until it was trim and how I'd like it to be.

    I have too many wishes. Anyone else?

    I do hope this day perks up. I'm just disappointed with what I'm seeing and doing.
  • Lemonthyme: Glad you got some bike time in. What is with the super sweaty guys, not recognizing that they are super sweaty? Ever heard of a towel??? There is a guy that runs sometimes at the same time I do and he is just dripping. It seems to me that he treats it as a badge of honor. Even when he finishes, he doesn't wipe off. My gym has little towels available that you can use, so why not use them??? I take one and wipe my face every so often. There are times when I get really sweaty too, but I wipe it off. Ugh! Anyway.... sorry you're having a disappointing day. I know how that is. You have to stay so diligent ALL THE TIME!

    For me, I am up a little on weight, just above 230 again. It has a lock on me unlike any other weight. I think I am retaining some water from getting back to workouts and running, but I hate to see that number. I am pretty sore today, so I'm not going to panic just yet. I went running last night and usually, I can expect to see a loss the next day. But, not this time. I do feel a little bloated, so that might be the issue. Who knows? I've done ok with food, but probably need to tighten it up a little bit.

    But, the way I see it is that we just need to keep plugging along. There isn't an option to quit!! Some days may be better than others, but if we can make the good days the majority, we'll succeed!
  • AM: Got to gym at 430, moved for 45 mins and I need to remember the scale isn't the only thing that can tell me if I am doing a good job. When I lost the weight last summer two areas I noticed differences was the flab above my knees and that my belly slid like a mudslide down further. I had lost in inches and that was more for spurring me on. I can't find my notebook where I'd measure I can kind of guess where I'd been (drat my LO for putting it in a good hiding place). So today while moving I noticed that the pronounced chub when you bend at the knees in the inside of knee - well it's quite a bit flatter so I must be doing something even if the scale doesn't tell me I am. That slight observation was nice. Now for the cottage cheese lumpy appearance on this front of my upper legs -not even on the thigh that space from top of knee and up 8-10". Ugh. I didn't have the heart to look at the back of my thighs. Probably the same and full of fatty dimples I'm sure.

    Slash: thanks for the cheering on. It can be a rough journey that's for sure! So glad you came back from hunting on a high note. That's got to keep you going. Late fall and winter are always so hard to remain focused. I tend to like a flavored creamer in my coffee as it gets colder. I can't do sugar free and I confess I like the fat in my coffee so fat free doesn't do it either. I've been doing pretty well w just sticking to skim milk. Not my favorite but there are a lot of calories as you use the creamer so that's one more fight for me in the cold and dark we have surrounding us. Keeping the warm up as trim as I can.

    Littlekat: how have you been doing w/ the calorie reduction? Some days it doesn't bother me others I feel horribly cheated! I try to mix up my diet to help that feeling stay low. Hope winter hasn't hit you yet either. How is the wii going for movement?

    Davisag: how's the greenhouse filling up? I love the smell of an acuve greenhouse in early spring. After a long winter it reminds me to enjoy the world warming on up again and bringing forth green life. I have a few months to wait for that feeling again!

    Hello to the rest of you!
  • Lemonthyme: Glad you had some progress, even without the scale cooperation. Those victories are important too, although we all tend to focus on the scale. I never took measurements when I was at my highest and I've never really measured since then either. In a way I wish I would have, but on the other hand, I hate measuring myself!!!

    For me, I'm feeling a little less sore now. I was so stiff and so sore this morning, but then I went to Body Pump and I feel much better. I think I'll go running for a little bit tonight anyway, just to keep on schedule.
  • AM part 1: I am forever stuck between 242-239. I'd love to say I QUIT. Holy heck, it's hard to move it on down right now. I have finally scheduled my physical and I have asked them to do additional bloodwork on me w/my vitamins in the old gal. I am wondering if I am deficient in D and B. I am sure in D, as pretty much most people are, but I'd like to know because I ache just so much for being in my 40s, I think it's too much. Especially when I see others moving just so well. Maybe partly the weight, and I will keep working with it. Today it feels like throwing in the towel type of day. So I am not in the 230s I was 240.8 this am. Sadness, and I had hoped for my birthday I'd be comfortably moving 230s. Hah.

    Slash: Good for you on remaining committed to your daily moving. Some days I find it hard to WANT to fit it in. I sure would like to do other things. Or I get to the gym and argue in my head w/the people on "my" equipment who are using it at their own pace (in my head, it's always too slow!) and once I start doing that I leave because the Irish in me will just keep my thoughts going. May the scale have rewarded you kindly today.

    Hello all!

    AM part 2: It's grown quiet in here, so I hope you all are doing well. As I said above, I feel like I am in a perpetual stuckdom of never getting out of this decade, unless I trim my calories down further and stick to that small number. I will admit, I don't want to go below 1200 and I think mine app-chosen have me at 1235. You can fill that up quickly.

    Anyone having anything fun for halloween no matter your age? I have to get the candy in the big bowl, make up small treat bags for my kids and dh - as we always have a "practice" trick or treat at our door right before they go out. I sometimes hate that it's during a week night, but still, we have fun. Pumpkin carving commences this weekend.

    I have to pullout my flowerbeds this weekend and get all the summer stuff cleaned and into the garage for what I am sure is the LONG winter. I am already grumbling about the cold and it was in the 60s today. Just remind me of that when it's -20.

    Happy halloween to you all! I will use the crazy emojis to send you extra festive vibes to lose weight.
  • : badbat:

    Happy Halloween all!
  • Hi LemonThyme and Slashnl! I hope you both are doing well! I'm sorry to hear of scale troubles. I'm sending you both super good thoughts. I'm losing at a very slow rate. In the past two weeks I lost 1.8 lbs, where I had been losing 2lbs a week. I'm crediting winter. Winter is mean. My group leader in my program also mentioned that they have done studies to show that this week is the lowest weight week for Americans, and the scale doesn't start moving down, on average til April! But dieters are in a different head space, so that doesn't cover us! So I'm thinking we will buck the trends and be lighter at the end of the holiday season! Or not gain during the season! I plan to try, though I see temptation and frustration around every corner. Just trying to hold myself back from the drinking at every party. Geez.
  • Hello new friends. I am just coming into this forum and really happy to be here. I just weighed in at 238 this morning and I am really feeling good about that. I have been waiting to join you. I also look forward to posting enough her to earn the right to have a ticker! I am actually a member of OA, but thought this would be a fun way to track my progress. I look forward to getting to know some of you along the way.
  • Newby: welcome! I do hope your journey goes well and you don't get stuck in this arena for too long and move on down! For me it's been difficult of late I get down to 231 and then go on up. So when you need help with spirits this is the right place to be these ladies all do a good job cheering on.

    Kittens: ugh I loathe winter partly for the reason you mention of weight being stagnant and a bigger challenge. I think it's partly because we seek comfort with all the cold and because of all the holidays we want to feed as a way to show love. With birthdays and the like well it adds some to my challenges. Good luck to you all!

    Slash: how's all the body moving going? I hope successful for you.

    Hello all!

    AM: I'm floating around to 239-240. I can't let myself get saddened by it. I'll just keep working with it. I don't think things healthwise are where they were a year ago and I wonder how much this contributes to it all. My appointment is in December so I will begin my list. Sure I don't want to come out of the doctors office with a new phrase to describe me I have too many as is, some not so complimentary to ones spirit and mind. Really the medical world should look at terms and phraseology how they term their patients. It would make a world of difference then Feeling like you have another area that you are failing because of some dumb words. Argh.

    DH noticed today I have moved some flab around I have a few new thinner areas. I'm really proud of the flab leaving the inside knee area. I am surprised that pulled in so quickly. I just hope the rest will follow and be pleasing to this old gal.

    Happy weekend all. I aim to keep the faith with this and continue on. We can all do this! I just wish the pace was quicker, I'm sure you'll all second me on this.
  • I'm thrilled to say "GOODBYE 230's!!!" I met my weight loss goal this week and my first mini-goal!

    I tired myself out at the gym and have started lifting weights.

    We can do this, ladies! Yeah!!!
  • Lemonthyme: Sorry to be so quiet, but we left on Friday to go hunting for the last time over the weekend, and there is no internet coverage there. But, now that's all done and I'm back. I understand what you mean about being perpetually stuck at a number. Mine seems to be 230. I was below it after hunting season, and today I was back above it. I think part of being so far down after hunting season is that I tend to get a little dehydrated, and now I'm not.

    kittens: I don't think I'd be too upset about losing 1.8!! That's great!! As long as it keeps trending downward, that's the key. I'm planning to keep working hard and I would very much hope to be lower after the holidays this year. I will take a couple of days of freedom, on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, but I don't think that I need to have two months of poor choices, so we'll keep each other accountable!!!

    Newby: Congrats and welcome!! Can't wait for you to get your ticker!

    JellyBelly: Well done! Glad you are making your goals!!

    For me, as I said above, I went up a little bit. I kind of expected that, so it wasn't a total shock. But, now it needs to go back down and be real weight loss!!! I didn't go to the gym this morning, since I was so tired from the weekend, but I will be back there tomorrow!

  • Today I struggle greatly. I am in a bit of pain - and usually the standard OTC crap doesn't help. It's just a perpetual ick feeling all over. I am downing my water in hopes that helps settle it a bit. I am just discouraged today - yes I can be upbeat and happy but then usually once a month I have a swing greatly down in my mood and outlook to it all. Today is that day.

    Halloween went well for my kids and the ones stopping by my house. The best question I got asked was if my house was haunted. Hah. Yes it's old and yes I haven't pulled out the front bed dead flowers (maybe today while LO is napping). And my scary music, but no, my house is not haunted.

    Anyone have any suggestions for helping with the pain? I don't know what contributes to it. I just always feel inflamed to varying degrees. The only time I don't feel that way has been when I was on blood thinners. Go figure. I didn't even bother with the scale, I am sure it will say I am up.
  • Lemonthyme: I don't know what would help you with the pain. You may not have the luxury of long, hot bath, but that might help. Sometimes we just have to survive the bad days. I hope you get through yours ok!

    For me, I didn't go to the gym again today. I did something to my neck/back over the weekend and it is just stiff and sore. So, taking another day to see if I can get it to feel better. It was a lifting day, and I just didn't think I could handle it.

    Weight was up just a little. Hopefully I can turn that train around.
  • Anyone have suggestions for waking up whens it's pitch black and cold out at 5am to go exercise? STRUGGLING WITH THIS! Something about getting dressed and going out into the cold just isn't jiving with my thought process this week.

    Hope all is well for you all! May you all be loosing, however I think you are sending my your lost poundage. I am on scale hiatus since halloween need to hop on tomorrow morning and see the damage.
  • Lemonthyme: Maybe after the time change on Sunday, it will be better for awhile. I agree though, it definitely makes it harder!! Honestly, though, just don't make it optional. It is just what you do, like going to a job. That's the only way I could look at it to make it a habit.

    For me, another day without the gym. It is getting better, but I am giving my back/neck time to heal. Makes me feel like poop not going though....