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Join Date: Jan 2014
Location: Au
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S/C/G: 104/ticker/81

Height: 180


April 1 - 82.1kg

Last two weeks have been lazy busy (too busy to exercise and eat properly).
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Lovemylife001 - thank you! I do, I am trying to stick to mostly whole foods and am using my fitness pal. I am trying to get out and move my body at least a little, like walking. At 261lbs my feet hurt so bad that walking is probably the best I can do at this point. I also broke my ankle last November so that adds a twist to the exercise equation. I just want to try and be consistent and not give in to the mental back and forth like I have in the past. I try to rationalize poor choices and end up back sliding.
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S/C/G: 180/see ticker/135

Height: 5'7


Sheavon I think that you are off to a great start by sticking with whole foods. I love walking as a form of exercise. I have a fitbit and get over 10,000 steps per day. Walking is very effective and easy on the joints and body. Keep up the great work and you'll see results.

I think that most of us struggle with consistency, but the important thing is if you fall down get right back up and get back on track. I never log off of this site lol. I stay logged in so when I feel the urge to get off track, I'll read the messages on the forum. When I read what everyone is posting, it inspires me and lets me know that I'm not in this lifestyle change journey alone.
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Location: Colorado
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S/C/G: Pending

Height: 5'8"


April goal: 276

4/1- 283
4/2- 283
4/3- 283
4/4- 283 ( Hope to break this number this week )
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Alicia :)
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Location: Georgia
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S/C/G: 268/Ticker/135

Height: 5'2"


SW: 246.0

April GW: 232.0
May GW: 215.0
June GW: 199.0

01: 246.0
02: 245.4
03: 247.6
04: 248.0
05: 246.0
08: 248.8
09: 248.4
10: 248.8
11: 249.4
12: 248.4
13: 247.6
16: 248.8
18: 249.8
21: 249.8
22: 250.4
23: 250.4
25: 247.8
26: 251.8
27: 250.4

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go ticker go!
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Location: St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
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S/C/G: 291/245.4/195

Height: 5'10"


WELCOME Sheavon!!

1: 245.4
2: 246.2 (+0.8)
3: 247.8 (+1.6)
4: 248.0 (+0.2) ERRRRRR lol
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Posts: 864

S/C/G: 180/see ticker/135

Height: 5'7


Good Morning Everyone

It's going to be a weird week weather wise lol. We are expected to have cold temps, rain, snow and high winds , but it's Michigan, I shouldn't be so surprised lol. Anyway, I did manage to walk Hazel this morning. The winds were terrible.

S-good 7.5 hours
E-10,000 steps
S-apple, banana
L-High Fiber PB sandwich
D-4oz chicken breast, high fiber bean soup

Have a great day everyone
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Alicia :)
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Join Date: Dec 2008
Location: Georgia
Posts: 423

S/C/G: 268/Ticker/135

Height: 5'2"


Happy Spring everyone!! Hope the snow/cold moves out soon and everyone can enjoy the sun and the south's version of yellow snow - pollen. Should probably buy stock in Benadryl, it's been AWFUL here in Georgia. Relatively dry March plus warmer than normal = thick coat of yellow dust everywhereeee.

Not much of an update on my journey - I'm doing good by not gaining - BUT I need to be moving downwards which takes effort on my part, right?? It's good to know I can handle maintenance mode, lol, but I need to practice the weight loss phase first. Sheesh, I never stop surprising myself!

Hi to all my friends (old and new!) - Rennie, kukkie, lovemylife, Martine, Joe
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bigjoe there will be a breakthrough, keep going.

akelly728 nice to see you. Maintaining is always a positive thing, no matter at what weight. Sorry to hear about all that pollen though. Always positives and negatives to any season.

loveofmylife001 you guys are having tough weather down there. I'll take the cold as long as there's not much snow.

FieryCupcake don't you love the feeling of getting through that workout? Keep that in mind, it's a great motivator.

I had a drop this morning. Probably due to all that sleeping I did over the weekend. I am feeling better today. After I do some laundry I'll get in a workout. I'm trying a Fitness Blender 8-week program. I think I need structure to keep exercising. This might just work.

01: 236.0
02: 235.8
03: 235.4
04: 234.0
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Location: In the present...always!
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S/C/G: 220/205/190

Height: 5'


Good morning all

Weight still at 209.4 and my congestion is breaking up which has made me feel a whole lot better.

@Martine: Your symptoms sounded exactly like mine. I found myself sleeping a lot too and good proved to be excellent medicine. Glad you were able to get some extended rest! And very impressed that you willed your body into activity. I'm sure it wasn't enjoyable but there is something about letting your body know you will not let it push you around.

Sheavon! So happy to have you here! As I mention to all newcomers, don't be a stranger and post often. I can't imagine how this group could be more supportive

@lovemylife001: Your description of Michigan weather brought back my Nebraska memories. I've lived on the West Coast since 1997 but Nebraska will always be home and I remember so well the ginormous swings of weather patterns. Shorts and flip-flops one day, snow-fall the next As Midwesterner's are fond of saying, "don't like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change."

@akelly728: "Doing good by not gaining..." That is a HUGE accomplishment!

@bigjoe: You've got this! Your body seems to like mini-plateaus but you break them pretty quickly. Oh, how I envy that

@FieryCupcake: on getting your workout in! You and Martine are wonderful examples of perseverance and no excuses!


@noshoes: I completely understand where you're coming from Lately, busy has automatically driven me to lazy. For me, it's a difficult pattern to break
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S/C/G: 200/193/140

Height: 5'5


Hi everyone!!!!

So happy that exam is over! Now I can get back to being really focused on this journey. We've got about 6 weeks to vacation, which has to translate into 12-15 lbs gone for me. Weighed in at 208.3 this morning, slightly up from the weekend, but it's okay. I've got this. I ordered a new water bottle (with a lot of other stuff from Amazon), but it's a Nalgene bottle that I can't seem to find in stores here, and it has served me so well in the past. I know that I've been struggling to get my water in lately, and it's because I'm a chugger, and I hate bottles with straws. Spend too much time on trying to get the actual fluid. Anyway, I'm hoping the new, but old, bottle helps me again. It should be here on Wednesday. Yay for online shopping, nay for my credit card.

Hope everyone is doing well
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Location: Sebastian, FL
Posts: 125

S/C/G: 241/223.4/150

Height: 5'4"


Down another .6 to 223.4! I love seeing that number go down! Gonna get another workout in here in a little bit, hoping to be out of the 220's by the end of the week!!!
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curvynotlumpy so glad that your congestion is clearing up.

Kukkie84 yay to being done with exams! That frees up some time to take care of yourself even more. As for water, good for you for identifying what you needed, always a good way to start. I'll be cheering you on to get down to your goal weight before your vacation

I did a 25-minute cardio workout this morning and 20 minutes of abs work this afternoon. I was supposed to do them back-to-back but I was dead after the cardio. I'm finding it easy to exercise on my days off or when I start at 1pm, but I still can't get up at 5am to exercise before work when I start early. I'll figure it out eventually.
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Location: Sebastian, FL
Posts: 125

S/C/G: 241/223.4/150

Height: 5'4"


Got another workout under my belt! 2 miles from the WATP 3 Mile Express. Fit bit counted 3,587 steps. 1.5 miles and 345 calories burned. My hamstrings are still a little sore (had strained them over the weekend) but they are getting better after a nice stretch! Tomorrow is my off day but I will still check in. Getting my meals planned for the week, still doing the meal replacement shakes for 2 meals a day, healthy snacks and 1 500-600 calorie healthy meal. I feel great, I'm not hungry all the time and I actually find it hard to eat all my calories! Been drinking 80oz of water a day as well, I'm hoping after my body adjusts the constant bathroom breaks will decrease!
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It's mine for the taking
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S/C/G: 238 / see ticker / 188

Height: 5'6"


Time to catch up!

A good weigh in for me today. I've had a cold/sinus thing going on for the last week, and just got TOM, so to lose under those conditions is just short of a miracle. Last week when I was in the grocery store I had the most overwhelming craving for was like a wave of wanting washing over me - it hit me, and I started pushing the cart in that direction and rationalizing to myself why it was okay, but thankfully my sanity returned and I resisted. I didn't like it one bit, but I reminded myself how awful I feel when I cheat, and that if I'm going to cheat it should be planned and for a very special occasion...not wasted on a Friday night at home alone. I also tried to conjure up the fantastic feeling of wearing my new dress to work last week, and to picture other cute outfits I'd like to wear some day. Anyway, I made it through, which is a new thing for the past I would have caved for sure, so I'm kind of proud of myself.

Thanks to everyone who had something nice to say about my new dress and the NSV that it represented, it really did feel so great for it to happen and for you all to be so sweet about it.

Curvy -- I love Allison Janney, so I'll take that as a great compliment! I need to update my profile picture, I'm back to blonde now...I only made a short stop as a brunette. Congratulations on your loss, I think my cold may be helping me a bit too...I went to bed early a few times, and sometimes I just ate the minimum because food was not appealing. I wish that could happen now and then when I'm not sick.

FieryCupcake -- I wouldn't worry about the meal replacements...just do what works for you. I know whole food is better, but a protein bar or shake is better than a burger and fries that you end up grabbing because you didn't have time to cook something at home. My new go-to breakfast is a grapefruit and a protein easy to throw into my purse as I leave the house.

Carbes -- Good luck with your plan for the next three weeks!

Kukkie -- Good job on your 1.4 loss!

Bookmark -- Good luck on recommitting!

K9Owner -- Sorry these last weeks have been so tough on you. It's really hard to pull yourself out of those funky downward spirals...your mood is off, so your eating and exercise go off, and you know that exercise and good food will help, but it's hard to just make yourself do it...been there. I hope you find the motivation you need to get back to the things that make you feel great!

Lovemylife -- We got a serious blanket of snow this past weekend too...brrr!

Bigjoe -- Crossing my fingers that you bust through that number tomorrow.

Nick -- You're so right, sometimes I hate the way the scale seems to dictate my moods. If I don't lose it's very easy for me to fall into a funk for the day...although I try not to, and when I lose, I'm elated! Yes, another reason to look forward to all non-plus-size clothes is that I won't need as much drawer space because they will all be smaller!

Martine -- I had the same symptoms a week ago, I hope you manage to avoid a full blown cold. Good job on doing your exercise anyway, way to go! Nice drop today too, April is a good month for you so far!

Sheavon -- to the group! You sound like you are ready! You'll find lots of encouragement and tip sharing here. I've lost 25lbs so far (this time and one thing I noticed is that my feet don't get tired/sore quite as quickly...I can't wait to see how much better it will be when I lose more.

Akelly -- How are your travels going?

March 28 - 232.2
April 1 - 231.0
April 4 - 229.2

April Goal: 220

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