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Bookmark 01-17-2016 12:17 AM

Day Plans
Sometimes planning helps, and doing it somewhere others can see it makes me feel more committed to those plans than when I jot them in my journal, sooooooo... that's what this is for. Sorry if there's another thread like this here...there's a lot to sift through on this site!

So, you can share plans you have to help you get through the day or to motivate yourself. Or just meal plans and exercise plans..whatever you like.

For myself, for tomorrow (Sunday)


Breakfast - Greek yogurt, 2 satsumas
Lunch - English muffin w/cheese, Eggs (one whole egg, two
egg whites, scrambled), handful of grapes
Dinner - Turkey burger (just the meat), long grain rice, salad
Snacks - 2 of: berries and whipped cream, apple w/peanut butter, 3cups
popcorn, fruit-source + veg bar, carrot sticks, 1 ginger cookie, 2
turkey pepperoni sticks, green smoothie 1cup

Day stuff:
-Get up at 7 (making an effort to get my sleep schedule sorted)
-Spend some time here and reflecting on progress
-Stay in (resist temptation to pop by the store)
-Do some yoga
-Pass cravings/relax/fill time by: reading, knitting, journalling,
writing, updating my budget, playing with my cat, getting some
work done, cleaning, bubble bathing, doing my nails and/or
- Take a short nap after lunch, if needed

Terra1984 01-21-2016 08:41 AM

Sounds good, So how have you been doing on your meal planning and day stuff since you last posted?

1fralick 01-21-2016 01:21 PM

I agree I am more vulnerable when I don't plan. And planning takes time and concentration. I usually eat more calories when I wing it during the day. I am also trying to not shop on auto pilot.

Another new habit I am trying to instill is using my fitbit for cal count before I eat. I found the cal difference between 80%,90% and 96% ground beef is huge.

I need to commit the time to plan!

Great topic!

Bookmark 01-21-2016 09:18 PM

Thanks :)

The day above did not go as planned. It took me a while to get back on track, but I'm still planning and it's helping. I use an app to plan meals and use it as I go through the day, so if I switch things up I still try to keep a good balance of carbs/fats/protiens and within calorie range.

And I plan for foreseen obstacles - like, tomorrow...as it's Friday and I have a WHACK of work to do over the weekend, I know I will struggle to make healthy choices tomorrow night. So...

-I will go to the gym on my way home (I always feel more level and motivating around food after the gym)
- I will make a point of planning a satisfying/enjoyable evening snack within my daily calorie budget and make up for it with healthier foods early in the day.
- I will get to bed at a normal time, because I'll have all day Sat and Sunday to get my work done and sleep is also majorly important to my sanity.


Bookmark 01-22-2016 09:54 PM

ugh. It's like putting my good intentions out into the world like that curses them or something.

Today went well until I got off of work. I did not go to the gym. I went to the store and bought an *** load of junk food and then came home and ate.

Oh welllll, tomorrow is another day. Up and to the gym should help me start it off right.

Neast 01-22-2016 10:04 PM

I hardly ever grocery shop anymore. I send my hubby and threaten him not to deviate off the list ;) That helps me not to buy junk! Tomorrow is a new day!

Bookmark 01-26-2016 11:24 PM

Yeahhh, it's not like I bought junk food while grocery shopping. I went specifically in search of lots of naughty things. Ah well. Still struggling to get my feet under myself.

So...here's another plan.


Breakfast: Croissant, greek yogurt, 2 clementines
Lunch: Spinach salad, 2 turkey pepperonis, 2 mozza cheese strings
Dinner: Chicken breast, carrots, long grain rice
Snack options: green smoothie, popcorn, grapes, almonds, pear slices

Indulgence limits (break in case of emergency type situation): a mini bag of chips OR 10 malteasers

Getting to the gym on the way home from work would be ideal, but I have a late meeting so if I don't make it that's ok. Yoga before bed as an alternative, and check in here to confirm I survived the day.

Early bed.

Some things that will help:
-Getting up in time to do my hair and make-up properly, and dressing nicely so I feel good.
-Making sure I take a proper lunch break, eat mindfully and get a break from work.
-Getting some fresh air
-Doing some things I enjoy at home in the evening

Giddy up.

Bookmark 01-28-2016 06:42 PM

yup. Getting back on track. again. woohoo.

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