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Old 08-14-2003, 01:27 PM   #1
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Default What I'm noticing...

1. Food, healthy, lowfat food REALLY tastes great when you are not stuffed from munching all day. When I am hungry it tastes so good.

2. If I don't eat the junk, I don't want the junk.

What have you noticed??

The Secret is: CONSISTENCY
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on my way down!
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You know what im starting to get that too...i appreciate my food a LOT more!!
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A few things I've noticed....french fries actually smell better than they taste, most desserts look better than they taste, a large glass of soda water with a wedge of lime is much more refreshing on a hot day than a can of Coke and for the first time in many summers I don't feel self-conscious about wearing shorts!
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You said it ladies. All fast food smells far better than it ever tasted and since I gave up soft drinks, I can't go anywhere without my water bottle. And yeast has turned into my enemy, I've been totally yeast free for 3 weeks and I can even walk through a bakery now and turn up my nose at everything, the smell just reminds me how bloated and sick I would feel if I ate it.

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when i eat fruit, i don't crave sweets!

and i'm sure there are a few more... but i have to go back to work now
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I sleep a lot better when I'm not sleeping on a stuffed tummy.
Angi L
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Old 08-14-2003, 11:31 PM   #7
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I've noticed that if I don't drink enough water now, I feel like complete CRAP.

I've noticed how much better I sleep if I exercise.

I've noticed that, hey, omg, there WILL be food in the house tomorrow!!!!
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Good thread, I totaly notice that the more hungry I let myself become the more I love my food - healthy food. Also not to over eat at meal times as it makes me feel bloated and tired. I also notice that if I miss my exercise my mood is down the whole day. Exercise is so good for the spirit as well as the waist line.

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Old 08-15-2003, 06:50 AM   #9
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On the flip side, I've noticed that if I let myself get so hungry - absolutely starving - that I tend to overeat like there's no tomorrow. I have a blood sugar thing. So, I get hungry before I eat (that's a major part of the plan I'm on now), but not TOO hungry.
Angi L
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I noticed the same thing yesterday, Sandi!

In our office, when there's a celebration, we usually order pizza. However, there's a great lebanese mom & pop place down the street with super healthy stuff. So, about a month ago when we were planning for this celebration, I suggested we get the food from there again. Everyone agreed. So, yesterday I ate crap almost all day and when the food came, yeah it was pretty good. But last time I we got food from there I LOVED it and thought it was amazing. Instead, I felt like I ate lard all morning... which I essentially had.
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of all the harsh ways i tried to lose weight all the things i've given up and gone without in my quest for the perfect body the one thing i still really really crave is chocolate!!! you gotta remember i havn't touched a drop of chocolate this YEAR! thats like 8 months. and i still have the urges. sometimes when i go back to my parents house there sat there munching on some really lovely chocolate and the smell drives me wild. its almost to much to bear.
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Om shanti
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I was really worried about "the chocolate situation" when I started losing weight again in 2001. For some reason, it just wasn't a big deal this time. I was able to get my sweet tooth satisfied pretty consistently as I was losing weight. Indeed, I had so much "chocolate this" and "chocolate that" that I kind-of burned out on chocolate.

What I really ended up suffering over was "the Doritos situation".
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Things I am noticing after 2 weeks of dieting:

It's not as hard as I thought it would be!

I really like fruit and vegetables

I feel great after eating a satisfying low fat healthy meal

My skin feels clearer and I don't feel so sluggish

I feel better in myself

It's alot easier when you've got a good source of support

Being in control of my eating feels goooooood!

Here's to the next few weeks !

Amanda xx

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