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Mari26 03-31-2015 11:54 AM

Getting out of the 190's!!!
I found a similar thread from 2011 so, I figured I'd remake it.

So, if you are close to the 190's or already in them you are more than welcome to join!

vchan000 03-31-2015 11:58 AM

Hah you beat me to it by a week or so. I've been flirting with 200 since Saturday but the lady is shy.

Mari26 04-01-2015 01:41 PM

:D! I have been around for 200 like a week and a half! SO frustrating!! Hehehe but today I finally hit under! 199.1 today :D!

Hope people join us! :P

vchan000 04-01-2015 09:05 PM

Still haven't dipped back below, but I'm not surprised. I'll get there eventually! And I'll likely bounce back up above at least twice more before it settles, but I've gotten used to that now.

Mari26 04-02-2015 11:08 AM

Yup, I got SO close and then back up again. I even made it under for 2 days. But I HOPE this time is for good! :D

My weight seems to Yo-Yo, almost feels like it's trolling me. Hehehehe

198.9 today :D

vchan000 04-03-2015 09:52 AM

199 today finally! If I'm true to form one more bounce up before my official weigh in on Monday and then *knock on wood* smooth sailing

sluggerbean 04-03-2015 09:26 PM

I have been at 198.4 for two weeks now. I am so glad this thread was re-started!!

My way of eating is the Atkins plan; what are you all doing?

vchan000 04-03-2015 10:57 PM

straight up calorie counting. I started on weight watchers, but switched to simple calorie counts a little over a month ago. 1200-1400 per day depending on exercise.

vchan000 04-06-2015 08:24 PM

Hah! and today its official. Weekly recorded weigh in at less than 200. *dances*

vchan000 04-09-2015 10:01 PM

Bought my 50lbs lost 'toy' today. A fitbit Charge HR. I'm curious about how this thing works/accuracy etc. Yay toys!

Ciao 04-12-2015 10:48 AM


Using this thread to finally break the 200's and the 190's. :)

Ciao 04-13-2015 12:29 PM


Originally Posted by Ciao (Post 5152752)

Using this thread to finally break the 200's and the 190's. :)

206.4 (-.4)

Ciao 04-14-2015 11:17 AM


Originally Posted by Ciao (Post 5153027)
206.4 (-.4)

206.4 (--)

Ciao 04-15-2015 07:22 AM


Originally Posted by Ciao (Post 5153419)
206.4 (--)

204.4 (-2)

Rosepetal 04-15-2015 11:10 PM

202.9 today and I have been bouncing around the low 200s for some months so I really am hoping I can finally break into the 190s soon.

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