Getting Out of The 280s & 270s

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  • Starting my weight loss efforts again today
    I weigh 285.9
    Hope to lose 5lbs this week
  • I'm starting trying to loose weight again too...
    Hello Susie,

    Congratulations on you new weight loss venture. How is your progress coming along? What is your strategy? Good luck with your week!

    I also just started my weight loss efforts last week. I've been posting here at 3FCs for motivation, using MyFitness pal to track my eating and trying to go to the gym at least 4 days per week. The scale says that I lost 5 lbs last week, but I think most of that is water gain. I am horrible at drinking water so I think my body retains quite a bit. I would love to loose another 4 or 5 this week. I had a tough weekend trying to stay on task. Friday night was date night and Sunday I had a baby shower to go to -- both occasions where I normally overeat. I did pretty okay though. For date night I split the entree with my husband and for the baby shower I had only one mini cupcake and a few crackers & cheese. I can see future weekends being a big obstacle in my journey. My schedule is always so varied and I could see getting the gym more difficult. We are going to the OR coast this next weekend. Fingers crossed I can keep on track.
  • Hi everyone I haven't been around here in a long time, but I think I need some support and the general motivation that comes from seeing I'm not alone. In 2013 I lost 60 pounds. In 2014 I gained back 20ish. I'm still down 40, but I definitely want to re-lose the 20, and then some. For the past few months I've been losing and regaining the same 10 pounds or so. I originally lost weight using the Lose It app, but this week I signed up for Weight Watchers again, hoping something new will help get me back on track.
  • @Kate 79 Congrats on starting WW! I've done WW a couple of times and also had pretty good results. The support groups and leaders really make the difference. Good luck!
  • I'm ready to get out of the 270's as well. I was closer yesterday than I am today. But, I keep telling myself this is all about the final numbers, and I know it will vary. I just do not remember the last time I was in the 260s, so I would love to get there for the mental Oomph of it.
  • Hello Ladies! Kate79, our stories are similar. Glad to see you here. Good for you for connecting with support. My support comes from this forum, my sister and my obnoxious daily tracking to see exactly what I am doing and keep me from falling asleep and hitting the pause button on my path to wellness again. No time to do that .

    I was 230, regained to 299 and now am at 289. I am really ashamed to own those numbers (not for anyone else, just for me because of the hard work it took to get the weight off and the record speed it seemed to creep back) and really mad at myself for slipping back but the science behind obesity shows that this is the body's natural tendency. So, now what I am doing is for life and I am committed to that. A little health crisis that could become a big health crisis has broadsided me and further enhanced my commitment to love myself enough to make lasting change.

    I hope to be a support to you all and myself through this forum.
  • Hi Salus! Regaining can be so frustrating.

    Today was my first weigh in day for WW and my weight is the same as last week. Hopefully next week will be better. I'm planning to join a gym this weekend
  • Off to a bad start. I weighed 288.2 this morning.Just can't seem to get going.
    I live along a very rural road and have been pretty much housebound from snow for a month. Not to mention I just finished a major kitchen remodel....
    Think I'll spend today planning my meals for the week and working on some type of indoor exercise program or routine. Where I live there's at least 1 more month of hard winter until I can start walking regularly. Any suggestions?
  • My re-start yesterday went well. I was 284.4 this morning. Sure it's water weight because I'm carb sensitive - but I'll take it!
    My strategy is still in progress.
    The basics are a 1400 - 1800 calories with exercise. No sweets or personal binge foods - 1 day at a time. OA has always been my support go to, but unfortunately there are no face to face meetings where I live any more. May try phone meetings for awhile.
    Hope everyone has a great day!
  • Day one
    I have been lurking here for years. Lost weight and gained it back more times than I would like to even think about.
    46 years old and ready to give it another shot.
    Downfall is I have a bad back and exercise will be a hard slow process.
    I am not really doing any diet plan. Other than making better choices and counting calories. Also giving up the diet drinks. Might be a LONG first week haha
  • Quote: Might be a LONG first week haha
    Yep! Know just what you mean.
  • Day 3
    I tell you one thing.. Weight loss after 40 is hard. 46 here and beating a pound off is hard. Day 3 with no diet soda. It has not been really that hard. However I am struggling to drink enough water. My goal each day is to drink more water than the day before. Looks like I will be in this 280s & 270s a LONG time.
    Have a blessed day !
  • susiemartin Someone on this thread or another suggested "jessicasmithtv" on youtube. The videos are great! I've started doing some of her routines as well as some others. Its a great way to pick and choose your work out depending on what area you want/need to target. Sorry to hear you are snowed in!
  • Quote: susiemartin Someone on this thread or another suggested "jessicasmithtv" on youtube. The videos are great! I've started doing some of her routines as well as some others. Its a great way to pick and choose your work out depending on what area you want/need to target. Sorry to hear you are snowed in!
    Thanks! We're not just snowed in it's sub-zero temps! Winter is evil!!!
  • Down 1.5 since last friday! I joined the gym and I've gone 3 times so far. It's pretty nice. I like where I used to go better but since I moved a few hundred miles away, that one isn't an option anymore